React vs Angular: Which Framework Will Win in 2023?


    Whenever we think about the JavaScript ecosystem, we automatically think about React vs. Angular, the most popular front-end development framework. But choosing the right front-end framework according to your need is a big confusion. What is the base of your selection project’s specifications or its popularity and ramp-up time?

    For years, there has been an extreme debate between these two prominent front-end frameworks: which one is the best? Every time whenever there is a need for front-end programming required there is a debate about Angular Vs React 2023.

    The answer relies on many facts, varieties of circumstances, and even front-end developers have debated the topic for years. So, we can say that it’s a big confusion and a matter of huge difficulty.

    Let’s find out by analyzing both of them separately by finding out what is the difference between Angular and React.

    What is Angular?

    What is Angular?

    Angular is developed by google and it’s a platform built on typescript. This web framework was maintained by google, it was released in 2010 for the first time under the name AngularJS. Angular is a component-based framework that is appropriate for developing a scalable web app.

    It has capabilities of two-way data binding and dependency injection, and it is also supported by a tech giant. Angular (also known as angular 2.0) was launched in 2016 as a complete redesign of AngularJS.

    Few Quick Facts About Angular

    • Makes the perception of new Angular code easier
    • Faster Angular development
    • A decrement in payload size that boosts download speed
    • Detect development falsities more efficiently

    Some Famous Sites Who Use Angular

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    What is React?

    React is an open-source JavaScript library used by Facebook for front-end development, released in 2013. For developing user interfaces and UI components, React is used.

    Due to its component-based architecture, this framework became popular and it has a number of merits-

    Making components highly reusable and contributing to a faster development time that is modular and coherent. It also enables the developers to reuse the logical section of an app while simply changing the view. Due to self-contained components, maintenance and improvements become easy.

    Quick Facts About React 

    • React is not a framework
    • React has a strong community
    • Virtual Dom is faster than real DOM
    • React is not just a FAD ( functional Analysis and design)

    Some Famous Sites Using React 

    React overtake most of the frameworks that are present in the market at the time including AngularJS. It immediately swept the market which led to the community’s passion for component-based architecture. In 2016, Google also modified its JavaScript framework known as Angular2. Angular versions are modified by Google many times and the latest version of Angular is Angular 14 which was released on June 2, 2022.

    Features of Angular

    Features of angular
    • Built-in support for AJAX, HTTP, and observables are just a few of Angular’s highlights. Angular has widespread support in the community.
    • In line with current communities
    • Time-saving due to typescript.
    • More clear and concise coding 
    • Improved error-handling support
    • Angular CLI allows for seamless updates
    • Validation and forms
    • Local CSS/ shadow DOM
    • Separation of user interface and Business Logic

    Merits of Angular

    Merits of angular

    Here are some benefits of utilizing Angular:

    • Availability of clean code development
    • Improved efficiency
    • Interface inspired by Material Design
    • Switching from one review to another is easy because an angular framework can manage to route
    • Angular CLI for seamless updates.

    Demerits of Angular

    Demerits of angular
    • For newcomers, an angular feature can be very puzzling.
    • Not a clear manual or comprehensive document including all-encompassing documentation
    • The learning curve is outrageous.
    • Difficulty in debugging scopes due to limited routing.
    • Angular may become slow when pages have interactive components.
    • Extremely tough integration with third parties.
    • Upgrading from the previous version to a newer one can cause some complications.

    Features of React

    • Ability to use third-party libraries
    • Time-saving
    • Simplicity and composability
    • Facebook is fully behind you
    • Enhanced user experience and lightning-fast speed.
    • More rapid development
    • Provides code stability with one-directional data binding
    • Component-based architecture

    Merits of React:

    Merits of React
    • Easy to learn due to its straightforward design.
    • The HTML-like syntax enables templating as well as extensive documentation.
    • Developers have no need to worry about framework-specific code and spend more time writing current Java scripts.
    • Enhance the capability of server-side rendering, making it a more robust platform for content-focused apps.
    • It gives permission to its user to migrate between versions.
    • A Facebook feature called “code mod” automates a lot of the process.
    • Skills in React can be transferred to native development.
    • React JS is appropriate for managing huge loads with relative ease when combined with ES6/7.

    Demerits of React

    Here are some disadvantages of using react:

    • It requires a lot of setups when integrating Reacts with a typical MVC framework.
    • Users need a deep understanding of the integration of a user interface with the MVC framework while using React JS.

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    Quick Comparison of React and Angular

    Angular is a JavaScript framework whereas React JS is a JavaScript library. Angular is developed by using Typescript while React JS is developed by using JSX. Angular is appropriate for developing complex enterprise-grade apps like single-page apps and progressive web apps. Angular’s learning curve is outrageous because of its numerous in-built functionalities while

    React has a smaller package size. Some distinct characteristics of angular and React make them fundamentally different from each other. Let’s understand both with the help of a table considering some common factors

    Basis of Distinction AngularReact
    PurposeAngular is a full-featured Framework.React is an open-source javascript library that is only concerned with UI components.
    LanguageTypescript is a statically typed language that is a superset of javascript.Typescript can write JavaScript XML(JSX)although it doesn’t include it by default.
    UI componentsMaterial design component-Angular includes a number of material design components that make UI configuration a breeze.Material- UI library and dependencies Community-developed UI tools provide a wide range of UI components.
    Dependency InjectionDependency injection is supported, allowing for separate life cycles for different storesBecause each component has its own global state, React does not fully enable dependency injection
    DOMIncremental DOM – when a new DOM is created, it compares it to the previous one and applies the differences to the “actual” DOM, only allocating memory if necessaryVirtual DOM-, A new virtual DOM is created, whenever the DOM changes, compared to the previous one, and only the differences are modified in the ‘real ‘DOM.
    Angular vs React

    Which One is Better for Web Development – Angular or React 

    The core concept of Angular is to provide robust support and a toolkit that gives a complete front-end experience in the field. Continuous and constant notifications and the involvement of google genuinely indicate that the framework isn’t losing its importance. For retaining the established community and persuading Angular Developers, and migrating from

    From AngularJS to the newer Angular 2+, technicians from behind are fighting so users can experience better performance and relatively small app sizes. On the other hand, stability increases due to Typescript, which tends to become more critical as you get closer to enterprise-scale systems. whereas a more compact method for developers to get up and running quickly without knowing more is provided by react.

    There are several instruments, such as Redux, that you must gain knowledge in addition; however, the suite of tools and approaches aren’t dictated by the library. If we talk about the performance of both, React and Angular are currently equivalent.

    These elements help developers appeal to a larger audience. Hence, we can say both are equally important for better web development. According to developers, React is easier to use for them. From their perspective, due to React’s virtual DOM implementation and rendering optimizations, migrating to React versions is quite easy. They do not require installing updates one by one, as in the case of Angular.

    Finally, we can say that react provides a myriad of solutions that developers can use.

    Popularity Growth: AngularJS vs ReactJS

    Among the developer’s community angular and react both become popular in the discussion forums. While considering the more popular stats, Angular has 56,586 stars and React JS has 142, 606 stars.

    popularity growth angular vs react

    React JS is a library whereas Angular is a fully-fledged framework but React has more stars in comparison to Angular because it has always maintained an average number in getting stars. The reason behind this early release of React JS.

    call to action react or flutter

    React vs Angular 2023

    You can see clearly with google trends comparison that Reacts is grabbing more popularity in 2023. A powerful library was released by Facebook in 2013. However, React has already gained popularity, and established itself in the industry but Angular is comparatively new to the game. But when it comes to the popularity of both react and angular, both are preferred by major brands. So, we can say that in React vs Angular you can choose anyone in 2023 for your web development.

    Google trends Angular vs React 2022-23


    Q1: How is React different from Angular?

    Ans: React is a JavaScript library whereas Angular is a full-fledged framework. React JS uses virtual DOM and one-way data binding whereas Angular uses real DOM and two-way binding. There is also a speed difference as react is faster than Angular and there is a difference between bundle size also as react is smaller.

    Q2: Is Angular better than React?

    Ans: No! as react outperforms Angular due to its virtual DOM implementation and rendering optimizations. Unlike Angular, switching between React versions is easy and simple. You do not need to install updates one by one. Developers can access a wide range of pre-built solutions while using React.

    Q3: Can I learn Angular if I know React?

    Ans: Yes, if you know React it is beneficial for you to learn angular. You can accomplish almost anything with React that you can do with Angular or we can say you can achieve even more with React. But as a developer, you can learn Angular also if you can learn React so strive to master it.

    Q4: Why is React faster than angular?

    Ans: ReactJS apps use virtual DOM, which enables developers to make Alteration without writing The full HTML. By rendering updates faster it ensures speedier performance.

    Q5: Is React a framework or a library?

    Ans: There is always a question in people’s minds about whether react is a framework or a library. But here we are going to reveal the truth that Reacts is a JavaScript library and it is developed by using JSX. 

    Q6. How do you know when to use Angular or React?

    Ans: If your application is enterprise-grade and you require to incorporate complex functionalities such as progressive, single-page, and native web apps then Angular is better than react for you. On the other hand, React can be used in any application, involving single-page. 

    Q7: Which is easier to use Angular or React?

    Ans: React is easier than Angular. If you are a beginner developer or junior developer react gives you plenty of job opportunities. Another benefit of learning React is that to build mobile apps you can easily and quickly learn to react natively.

    Q8: Why do we choose Angular over React?

    Ans: With two-way data binding, Angular ensures that data is always Sync at all levels, which is better than the one-way data binding of React. However, react has an easier learning curve and offers a cross-platform framework solution than angular but angular provides you with easier code development.

    Q9: Can I use Angular And React together?

    Ans: Server-side rendering is not supported by reacting whereas the supported version of reacting is use the GoodData React components in your angular 2+ environment you need to wrap each component into an Angular component. after you require to render the React component using React Dom.

    Q10: Is Angular a UI framework?

    Ans: Angular Material is built Angular as a comprehensive library of reusable UI components as it is inspired by Google’s Material Design. It has an appropriate and complete solution for all your UI needs.


    When you have several options for the framework to choose from with their unique set of characteristics it will be a difficult task to choose the best one. And when it comes to Angular And React it leads to more difficulties but choosing from both of them depends on personal preference as both work on the same issues and are capable of handling them but in their unique way.

    However, making a choice between the two requires you to keep in mind that React has a simpler easy curve that results in faster development whereas Angular offers more built-in functionality. Both are tremendously powerful, giving advancements to web programming in terms of improving, facilitating, and speeding up development. If you find any difficulty you can take expert advice.

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