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In this digital world, web development is important and required more than ever. With the passage of time, as theWeb gets mature and adaptability of online space quickly nurtures, the way of developing feature-rich application gets more complex.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to impress the customer with the basic presence of online platform as everyone wants to see the updated version as per the latest trends. However, this burden can overcome easily, if you have experienced web developer in the latest web development frameworks.

There are numbers of things that should be important in web development such as the visual look of a website, database development, Web API has and web services etc. To handle these difficulties, highly skilled web developers are required. As there are huge numbers of web development frameworks are available in the market, it is a complicated task to choose the best one among all for the next project. Similarly, to hire the web developers who are highly-skilled and professional also a challenging task. In this blog, we will discuss best and top- rated web development frameworks one by one. These are:

1. React JS : It is an open source, javascript library is handled by the Facebook long with large numbers of developers group. This library, which is also convertable into a web development framework which is used widely for web applications to create user interfaces. The main reason to develop this framework was to build a large application with the data that changes again and again with time frames.React fibre is an interesting future trend which ready to launch soon. It is the re-implementation of the core algorithm of the React JS. It is a hard work of 2 years research by the React team and big surprises of this technology is on the way. Thus, you can hire react developers in advance or your next project.

2. Ruby on Rails : Since 2005, RoR has been completely free of cost and run on open source Linux. From the developer’s point of view, it is an easy and enjoyable platform. The top most web cation framework follows MVC architecture. It is a general purpose website framework. There is no need to pay for anything to use this framework and web developer is absolutely free to add any code from his end.

3. Laravel : Laravel is the best PHP development framework in which you can easily build web and mobile applications for the large and small websites and business.It has various cool features such as Cross-site Request Forgery, Artisan, MVC support, database migration, etc. By using this framework, you can boost our online traffic for your website and this technology is compatible for every browser and device. It doesnot need any special inclusion paths and maintenance. Moreover, you can create numbers of routes with the same name of existing routes.
4. Django : Django is also a popular web development frameworkwhich is written in Python and follow MVC template architecture.Due to this framework, the development of compound data-driven websites has never been so fast and easy. It is fast and secure is the main goal of this framework to make this app quick and fast. This is fully loaded framework which works in that way that it adds some extra features such as site maps, user authentication , content administration and RSS feeds, etc. Therefore, all these things are helpful to carry out the web development process completely

5. Angular JS: Angular is a javascript framework, developed by the Google, which is developed completely for the dynamic web applications. With the help of this framework, you can easily create the front-end of any application without using any plugins. Angular also supports MVC architecture. One of its coolest features is that a developer just requires to split an app into MVC components and all others are expert by Angular.Currently, every bestweb development company uses this platform.

6. CakePHP : It is also an open source framework written inPHP and highly popular in the market since its origin. It builds on the concept of model-controller-view and associate data mapping. It is helpful for the professionals develop web applications in a planned and speedy manner. Its main advantage is that its documentation is easily available with the framework and it is easy to use. If you choose this framework, comparatively you need to write less code for development as all its code is available easily. Through this framework, you can make CakePHP web application development fast by reusing the code of your old projects

7. : A web app development platform is used to build the robust, mobile and desktop works for the HTTP protocols and optimize HTTP commands. Common language runtime is used to build this framework. A large app can be built easily with the least code using this framework. It is easy to write and maintenance is also easy for this framework.

8. Codeigniter : This powerful framework offers a simple and elegant toolkitto build a feature pack web application. Basically, this framework is known for its clear documentation and small footprints among a community of the developers. It is light-weighted and extensive. It is a company driven framework and often comes with irregular releases.Basically, this framework is built for those developers who wants full-featured applications. It supports VC, but doesn’t force it on you to use it.

Final Thoughts

To choose the best platform is the key steps for the success of your website. It also defines the quality of your website. All these above mentioned frameworksare latest and can be used for the front-end or back-end development both. Choice of the framework is totally depends upon your requirements. According to your preferences in programming languages, you may choose which framework will fulfill your requirements as ideally as possible.Top website development companies in India are using one of these frameworks for their work.

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