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Silvia Berlain

Silviaberlain is an e-commerce website for jewelry shopping. Users will view the jewelry and buy the items/products. Also, the user will be able to add the items to the My Favorites list.

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Pools Magnic App

PoolsMagnic is a social networking site for entrepreneurs and individuals to share their thoughts, post pictures, videos, and promote a site link if they may want.

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Mosh App

Mosh is an online dating and social networking app that helps to find out new friends and life partner in your locality. This Android based app has various unique features like unlimited one text only, poke, no obscene content, verified profiles , advance search filters, and more.

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JCA Food App

JCA Food is an online food delivery app that delivers food at your door step quickly with excellent packaging includes a shipment real-time tracking. Choose meals from your favorite restaurants, pay using multiple payment modes, and much more from our quickest online food delivery platform.

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MeowChowNow is a female dating app that is mainly designed for women who are interested in other women. This app uses innovative location-based technology to connect you to nearby women to have some casual dates. MeowChowNow is for those women who have their own rules for fun and revolutionize their sex life.

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Glitter App

Glitter is an online dating app that offers various extraordinary features compared to the existing social networking or dating app. Everything is available in this app, from going live to video call, updating story status to protect your sharing image.

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E-Canada is an online money transfer and credit transfer platform. The money transfer is exclusively sent to the customers of mobile telephony operators: ORANGE, MTN, MOOVE, etc.

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Argosy QR App

Argosy is a scan and track application where users can scan their items to track them later. At first, a user needs to use the application to scan the box with QR and then fill in the details about the item and what the other items are in the box and can upload pictures of the items.

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Photo On Budget

PhotoOnBudget is an online platform that allows clients to make request for video coverage and photography for their events. This Android based mobile app and their website offers numerous services such as family photos, portraits, photography and video coverage based on their pre-determined budget. The service allows clients to have the flexibility of working within their budget.

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DroneX Pro

DroneX Pro comes with inbuilt pre-programmed camera shots, such as the boomerang and the asteroid shot, so even the least technical can have professional-quality footage at the click of a button. DroneX Pro has all of the features needed to satisfy the pros, but it is extremely simple to fly and control, even for complete beginners.

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