Key features of Taxi Booking App development solution

Grow your Taxi business online with App development


User-Friendly UI Design

  • We'll develop an taxi booking App that is user-friendly For Registration to book with Frequent Features That Is Easy to Manage and Use.


  • The Taxi App Development services offered are Made-to-order your Specific needs and Objectives with Rational Taxi App Development costs.

Advanced Technology

  • An on-demand taxi app development solution uses modern technology to enhance the performance and give you the best at all.


  • Along with using cutting-edge technology, we ensure our customers that the app developed will be at an efficient cost. We give our customers the opportunity to spend less on getting a user-friendly taxi app.


  • Developing an on-demand app for taxi really help you to save the time which you consume to search for the taxi driver manually.

Real-time Tracking

  • You will be provided with a real-time tracker in your taxi booking app. This app allows the customers to track their own navigating location.

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Admin Panel Application

Manges all users and keep a check over the activities of all of them. Reports of rides, users, and revenues of taxi businesses can be seen by the admin.

  • Configuration of Application
  • Ride and User Management
  • Generation of Reports
  • Announcement management and Push Notifications
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Customer Application

This is designed to have a quick and easy user experience; the customer application helps the end-users in order to book the order in an easy and quick way. Also by looking at the availability of the rides through Google map.

  • Destination and ride options
  • Cancel Ride with reasons
  • Ride payments
  • Ratings for ride
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Driver Application

Helps in getting ride requests and letting the driver see revenues from the rides.

  • Online and Offline requests for ride
  • Directions over Map
  • Subscriptions and payments
  • Status update over Real-Time
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What does Full-Fledge
Taxi Booking Application Provide?

The Taxi or uber Cab booking solutions are responsible solutions to connect the passengers and drivers in a single touch and it enables best in class taxi business management.

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Why RichestSoft

Fulfill your On-demand APP Development Vision


Negligible Recurring Fees

We at richestSoft provide exclusive support throughout your app development and also the deployment processes.


Ownership & IP Rights

We pass over complete ownership rights over to you without keeping any right over intellectual property.


Multi-Platform Compatibility

You are provided to launch your taxi booking app over multiple platforms.


Scalable Server Hosting

We provide scalability solutions for mobile apps in a way by hosting them on high-end servers that are capable of handling a large number of users.


Maintenance Period is Hassle-Free

Instead of just leaving you in a dry and high situation after the development, you are provided with a hassle-free maintenance period.


Future Ready

At RichestSoft we build mobile apps for the future with innovative features in them.

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Best Taxi Booking app Development Company

Nowadays, getting into a commendable mobile app development process is quite confusing as many companies claim to have the best app development solutions within the industry. However, RichestSoft represents the best-in-class taxi app development company services that are much more competent. Our taxi booking app development professionals create a clean code structure to ensure the best performance app’s best performance. To get top-quality app development solutions, recruit our professional taxi app developers. Getting an Uber-like taxi booking app developed by us will help you increase a great demand for your advanced solutions and make them profitable and secure for clients and taxi drivers.

RichestSoft provides comprehensive services for both mobile and web-based platforms for developing taxi booking apps. With their vast experience in offering various online uber cab booking app solutions, our skilled taxi app developers can construct a fully functional, user-friendly taxi booking app that includes a driver interface and admin panel. We use highly innovative, cutting-edge technology to build taxi startups and aggregator sites. Using these solutions, we can serve our clients in real-time, optimize the subject operations, and provide your passengers with a superior tour booking experience. So if you are looking for an inventive taxi booking app development Company in India, then you can trust RichestSoft for a feature-rich solution that helps you achieve your business objectives.

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  • Serving users with top-class Taxi booking app development services
  • Highly inventive and in-trend tools and strategies are used
  • Efficient in both cost and quality aspects
  • Total security of your web data.

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