App Optimization and Boost up App Downloads

    We all know that people spend a lot of time on their mobile phones to fill up their boring gaps. But we don’t realize the fact that a vast majority of time is spent specifically on mobile apps. An individual spends about 85% of the time on smartphones. Mobile sites are a crucial part of uplifting business with the best mobile app development companies in India. Building an effective and popular mobile app is a very sarcastic way to build business loyalty. Also, engage with your target audience. With almost 2 million mobile apps in app stores and play stores. Thus, it is being seen and downloaded by most of the audience are the real challenges that app developers face every time.

    Yes, the competition is high, that’s why app developers look forward to being in the top list and this is what play store and app store optimization are specifically for. For mobile apps optimization, the process is to aim to rank in the top list of search lists for getting a powerful chance for getting your business app on priority downloaded. The more challenging part is grabbing your audience’s attention towards your brand for getting an actual and good number of installations.

    What are the ways to optimize mobile apps?

    Smartphone optimization is the most important factor. Because the world continues to stay and progress with more interconnected via the internet. The more our daily function relies on the effectiveness of the combination of various parts. Therefore, computers that we hold in our very pockets. The comfort that modern mobile phones technologies have afforded customers to interact with your brand through apps and vice versa. Giving out the way for necessitating better and efficient app performance for reaching the right way to reach the top.

    Minimization of app size

    The mobile phones that we use do not have powerful GPUs. Looking over the various market shares, they consume low-end configuration smart devices. Few of them do not support 2G or 3G. Even downloading your large-size application for an instant need would be a nightmare for your app users. The less your app consumes space in such a smartphone, the more are the app users.

    Optimize your networking plans

    Prioritize the text first and the images next. For optimization of networking, try to load the textual data on the app screen first. As an image-based in your application can then be loaded and shown up asynchronously. Avoiding the duplicate network request can make you free from many consequences. Taking up a scenario if your application page sends two requests at the same time. The data could be deleted, misplaced and the app would respond with “no such item exists”. This was just the functionality but duplicate requests can boost the system congestion and drop down the application’s performance. Especially when your brand has millions of users, imagine the increase in requests by 2 folds. It is when you are desperate to optimize these expenses. Think about an app that gets adjusted according to the network quality available.

    Design your APIs effectively

    How clear and optimized your API design is, having a huge impact on your brand application. An incomplete or lazily designed with just writing more lines of code can be a burden to mobile apps. Working around the APIs is a great pressure with the network limitations. While designing an API ensure that you have consistency and completeness. Starting from UI and then moving towards the gate for designing a consistent and proper complete API payload that will surely improve your app’s performance. Just because you can access the data, doesn’t mean send everything from mobile to the API. Only send is what is mostly required.

    Design your APIs effectively

    Image optimization for high performance

    Having images on the various pages of the mobile apps can be made more accurate and specific by using vector images, serving dynamic images sizes, applying colour filters as opposed to using different sets of beautiful colours in images, and using image caching.

    Cache data to optimize offline data

    When your mobile networks become weak, try to display whatever data you have while fetching required data. Try to reduce your server load, the number of your mobiles phones radio usage and improve your battery life. If you do not have a testing team at your disposal, try to switch to aeroplane mode and test your app for the best offline performance.

    Optimize mobile screen size

    Updates in smartphones also lead to the updates in screen sizes. Android raises some massive concerns here as there are thousands of devices having their screen size and resolutions. Application developers should build for small and medium screen sizes and optimize for MDPI and HDPI. implementation of features and adaptive UI also plays a key role in the app.

    Memory usage

    To provide multitasking ability to mobile users, android itself sets limits to how RAM is available to your brand application. These limits are never static and change according to the increase and decrease in mobile usage. Considering RAM limitations or some of the other restrictions throughout the app development cycle, and the apps that are running in the background can stop unnecessary resources. But there are ways you can optimize your app, put on the limitations in the lifespan of services, release UI resources whenever the user moves back to some different UI, try utilizing memory-efficient code construction and try on the reduction of external libraries.

    Other factors

    The most important aspect of running a mobile app is to consider reliability, functionality, and ease-of-use for users. The performance of your brand to reach up high should be fast, comprehensive and show up the information which is related to the app that directly involves the amazing functions. If we look at the way the massive mobile app market has grown in the last few years, optimising your company’s application will end up providing great revenue and satisfaction from your customers. Moreover, the mobile apps in the market are saturated with various options for nearly every need or desire, but there is a very high chance that you can deliver a memorable product and will surely be one of the top mobile app development companies India.

    The user’s first-ever visit to your brand’s mobile app is very crucial and has to be considered. Most of the time users have confronted about some unresponsive apps and uninstalled after a big-time span. Keeping your brand’s first impression more effectively can make your app as a customer experience focused app. Having proper and supportive management, a mobile app can be able to prove an asset to other organizations.

    Tips to boost up app downloads

    Did you ever think about how many apps Google play store and Apple app store has? And how many users use them constantly? Having your brand app in the market is not at all enough. You have to break and pass through to make your brand stand out. However, there are many different strategies to get more audience and few little tactics can also help you to score a home run and reach the top. It rarely matters if you already have a web-based audience you want to persuade to download your app, or if you’re a mobile-only firm, these small tactics can help you increase your app downloads.

    Encouraging more user reviews

    Raising your app to the app store and play store is the initial stage of building up the mobile app development world. Once your app is searched and used by the people sitting on the globe, you just have to tell them about how your app is valuable to them is the specific direction. This way the reviews become handy and convenient. The reviews from the users can give you great information about the functions or features you are lagging in. Reviews also tell you about your brand strength in the market and the quality you provide.

    Ensure your app is crash-free

    If your users find some crash on switching to some different page, this might be a major drawback to your brand and can decrease your app rate. Your app should undergo deep and careful testing so that your developers can identify all potential bugs and resolve them before you make your app accessible to the audience.

    Motivate your users for referrals

    Referrals are another way to demonstrate your brand application quality, reliability and trust, which will lead to a meaningful increase in downloads. You can even turn the existing users of your brand as brand ambassadors by providing them incentives to refer your app to your friends and relatives. Considering a scenario, if you have a cloud storage app for your organization, you can offer a free pack of storage if the user refers your app to others. You can also provide a free ride to your first-time customers in exchange for referrals.

    Invest in content

    Creating attractive and relevant content can promote your app and can help you to reach the target audience or potential users. It might be in the form of online articles, sponsored content, shiny and attractive images, videos, or you can also use infographics, looking towards the potential audience and depending on their consumption habits and desires. Writing about your brand and the functionalities it provides to the spoon full of users and take your brand to the top cliff of the mobile app development companies and gives out a respected stand in the market.

    Engage App through social media

    Getting new customers through social media is an effective way to expand your reach and introduce your brand to new customers. Content powers through social media and maintaining a strong online presence of your brand application. The target audience will automatically spend more time from one platform over another and pay more attention to the user’s demographics. Keep in mind that you need more and more content that has to be advertised or published over different social media platforms, to grab the audience interest.

                                            Engage through Social Media

    Engage through Social Media

    Regularly responding to your audience and asking them to provide feedback. Share their thoughts will also make the audience to know how much you care about them as well. Social media is the only place where people spend a lot of time. It helps to fill up their boring gaps in their daily routine. People wake up in the morning and have mobile phones in their hands instead of toothbrushes. Updating their new things or look on social media is the basic trend that most of us follow. People scroll a lot on social media to find something interesting and of their interest. Your brand can be the best place there to which the people can have a brief of your brand.

    Enticing app icon

    Your app icon is the first thing that your audience will look at. So, choose the best design which would be eye-catching and recognizable. Make sure that your design serves the audience with a clear image of your brand application. The app icon should provide the customer with a clue about what the business is about. They try to install it to know more in detail. Keep your app icon straight forward as much as possible. Try to bring it in more simplicity rather than flashy.

    Don’t clutter and confuse your customers at the very first time. People do look at your app icons first and then move for further downloading it. The companies invest more and more on the icon design to have a unique logo and the one which grabs all of the interests. Working on the development of the logo is also a crucial part to keep the audience eye at your business application.

    Name and description of the application

    A perfect title and descriptions are the ones that a person has to be like “this app should be in my phone”. So, if you want your business application to be in the head of the target audience, the name and the description should be unique, related to your brand and appropriate. Never try to copy or use the same name of your app which already exists, if you try to do so you will surely end up facing a lawyer for this.

    Do try to keep your app name short, sweet, easy to spell and the most important, memorable. Do your best to find out the name that reflects what your brand app audience should not scroll past your app while looking for their needs that fit in your app. As app stores give a limit of 255 characters, you must use just around 25 of them. This will allow your business for better results. So, be sure of what you use.

    Effective marketing

    if you are fortunate enough about your marketing budget, now this is the time where you don’t have to be too much conservative in spending money. Having a perfect marketing plan and moving forward with it can give a spike in downloads for your application in a very short period. Do focus on all your marketing spending into a tiny time frame. It takes a lot of courage and concentration to roll out a marketing campaign all in one straight go. If things go well, you can see some amazing returns. Depending on the overall budget, you should spend the money on just a couple of days or a week at most. Spread your advertisements across all possible channels that will surely lead to more popularity with your target audience.

    Keep a clear focus on the user

    When we talk about running a business and growing at successive rates, the most important to know is when, where and by whom the application is used. The important factor is how will you determine what the users want the most out of your business app and the way you deliver to satisfy their needs. Analytics should inform you about your app behavior from downloading it and removing it from the mobile phone. Providing your customer with the best outputs and helping them whenever they need support can be a leading factor too.

    Wrapping up

    Always keep in mind that your target audience preferences should be on the top for smooth movement to the right cliff to reach the top in mobile app development. Do try to keep these mentioned points in your mind while building an app and promoting it in the globe. If you do all this successfully, you can feel pretty confident knowing you’ll be able to drive some serious app to the market and grab up your audience and never leave them. Boost up your business app by attracting your crowd with a magnet of the best designed and featured app. Give your customers better services through messages or calls that bind with your business model. Looking for a better business model and needs better support to uplift? We are here with the best strategies to help you out to get better results. Visit us!

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