12 Useful tips to boost your mobile application downloads


    Are you planning to launch a mobile application? If you are reading this, it probably means you are new this field. It could also mean that you have an awesome app idea and you’re wondering how much work you will need to put in, in order to succeed. If you are interested to build any mobile app, you can consult best mobile app development company.

    There are over 800,000 apps available in the app store. The bar for standing out is exceptionally high, which is why it’s fundamental for mobile app developers and entrepreneurs to have a strong mobile app marketing strategy. Here are 11 tips for marketing your app online.

    1. Pick an incredible application name

    Most of your Application Store guests won’t look past their early introduction. Like this, half make up their psyches dependent on this by itself. In addition to other things, the understandable initial introduction is built by the application name. You have to catch client eye through an imaginative name that isn’t just novel. Besides, it is essential and unmistakable of the application’s capacities. It could help your transformation rate by more than thirty percent.

    2. Prioritize app store optimization

    App Store Optimization (ASO) is a simple but crucial way to influence app downloads. Keep in mind that it requires a sustained effort to be successful. While app store rankings depend on metadata like keywords, description, ratings, and reviews. There’s more to ASO than that. You also need to consider how keywords rank in each app category. For instance, casual games are most competitive for keywords, while music and trivia games are much easier to rank for.

    Similarly to traditional SEO, social links are also incredibly important, as is the authority of the app developer. Focus on promoting your app heavily via Google+, Twitter and Facebook and find interesting ways to incentivize real social sharing.

    You can also perform A/B tests to see which store assets most resonate with your audience so you can continue refining your app store page.

    3. Start Building Your Online Presence

    You want more app downloads? Start by increasing your brand awareness. Push your app everywhere you can on the web. First, create a unique website or a landing page for your app. Don’t worry; there’s no need to master web development. You can use free software like WordPress, which makes it very easy to create your own website. Ideally, you’d only have to pay for a brand-able domain name and a hosting space. You can hire the top web development companies in India for this purpose too.

    Building a website or a landing page will help you spread useful content about your app. Having a central point where visitors can learn more about your app is essential. Make sure that your design is creative and personal; you want it to vehicle your app’s identity. Use your app’s color palette and specific fonts.

    Basically, make sure to follow your visual identity. If you don’t have any, it’s time to define one. Along with your website, you can also create a specific blog, which would be part of your website/landing page.

    4. Make Your App Free at Launch

    Another great strategy to get more downloads is to make your app free at launch. This can sound pretty easy, but it will drastically increase your chances of getting more downloads.

    If your app is free but offers paid in-apps, make your IAPs free for a little while. This will increase your number of downloads and encourage people to use your app more. Engagement rate will increase and the App Store/Play Store will reward you by boosting your app rankings.

    Your app will therefore be more visible and therefore you’ll see your app installs increase.

    If it was already live on the store as paid, make it free for a few days or weeks. This will inevitably stir curiosity and drive more downloads.

    5. Engage on social media

    Content powers social media, and maintaining a strong online presence can be an effective way to expand your reach and introduce your app to new customers. However, your target audience will spend time on one platform over another, so paying attention to your user demographics is crucial. Keep in mind that you’ll need to do more than share sales pitches on social media, in order to draw interest. Responding to your followers and asking them to share their thoughts demonstrates that you care about your audience’s opinions.

    For the Facebook marketing you need the following things:

    • Use a combination of page promoted posts & sponsored stories targeted to mobile news feeds.
    • It uses an oCPM for conversions / installs bid type.
    • Page like ads, again with the placement set to mobile news feeds can be used.
    • Use the power editor or a tool like Qwaya to manage and segment your ad demographics.
    •  It uses a combination of high-res images and URL posts.

    6. Ask Your Users to Rate & Review your App

    Another great way to drive more downloads is by getting more positive reviews. Indeed, not only the algorithms will boost your app rankings, but users will be more tempted to download your app if it has a good reputation.

    App users rely on other app users’ opinions before downloading an app. If you have bad reviews or a low number of reviews and ratings, you can be sure that your conversion rate will be very low.

    7. Invest in content

    Creating compelling and relevant content to promote your app can help you reach more potential users. It may be in the form of online articles, sponsored content, videos, or info-graphics, although it depends on your audience’s consumption habits.

    For a gaming app, you can produce walk-through videos to show off your product’s rich visuals and game-play to impress your audience. You can also share user-generated content to help build a sense of community.

    8. Leverage other people’s audiences

    Guest posting can be an incredibly effective way of driving mobile app installs if done in the right places. The more you know about your target audience and which publications they read, the more informed your guest posting strategy can be. In my experience, it’s far better to go after prestige publications such as Mashable, The Next Web, Huffington Post etc. opposed to the more niche publications, unless your app is highly relevant to that audience.

    The traffic and awareness that one post on Mashable can drive is enormous, and probably equivalent to 10-15 guest posts on smaller sites. Aim high.

    9. Re-targeting

    When of the beautiful things about having an app micro-site is that you can use re-targeting to run ads on Facebook, Google, or any websites supporting Google Ads to people who have already visited your app micro-site but not yet downloaded it. These ads typically convert very well – as you’re only advertising to those who already know about your app.

    10. Put Your App in the Spotlight!

    It is essential to try getting other people to mention or talk about your app. This will reinforce your brand awareness and reputation, which will inevitably bring you more downloads.

    Going to the media is a great technique to drive attention. The first thing you should do is to build a complete press kit including some visual and written materials download URL, app icon, screenshots, boilerplate, PDF presentation, etc. Make your assets as attractive and engaging as possible.

    11. Eye catching Screen Captures

    A Few bunches of applications as of now are utilizing application demo recordings. It is one of the procedures that could make your application stand out from others.

    12. Motivate users to make referrals

    Referrals are another way to demonstrate quality, relevance, and trust, which will help increase downloads. You can turn your existing users into brand ambassadors by giving them an incentive to refer your app to their friends. They utilize new clear, stable and turn out solid on the message. You can substitute it with drawing in screen captures exhibiting new components of your application.

    For example, for a ride-sharing app, you can provide free ride credits in exchange for a referral.


    You may have an incredible and all around planning for your application. However, if you don’t put enough exertion into advancing it, you will not get downloads. No matter how great and well-designed your app is, if you don’t put enough effort into promoting it, no one will ever download it. Although everything is always easier with money, you’ve seen that there are some free ways that can help you raise your app’s awareness and hopefully increase your downloads. Still, you have any doubt it by yourself, you can consult best SEO provider for the marketing purpose.

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