Things You Should Consider Before Building a Mobile App


    The software world is highly in demand everywhere. In the past few years, things have been changed at a rapid speed in this sector.  Earlier, there were only some specific ways through which an app had to be developed.  There were not wonderful choices available at that time. With the advancement of technologies, smartphones and mobile phones have totally changed our lives. Therefore, the mobile app development sector is getting huge profit day by day.

    As compared to the past, Today we have plenty of options. There are various frameworks, templates, components, hybrid apps, etc.  are available to consider. Therefore, The question is, how can you check, which is right for you?

    Thus, before you start any app development project, there are some factors that you must be focused on. This is most important for those, who have not any experience with mobile app development. Moreover, it is also important for those, who have a bad experience in the development sector. N this case, consult the top mobile app development companies in India who can help you to provide better solutions.

    Moreover,the points that we are going to discuss are very important for the new startups, and for those as well who have had a bad experience in this sector.

    Let’s discuss some main points that need to be considered while developing a mobile app. These are:

    1.  Platforms to Support A Mobile App

    It is the most important factor that you need to be considered in the beginning. You must know that on which platform you need to focus on the app development. Obvious, Android and iOS are the two most dominant..The research displayed in this chart says it all:

    In the US, it is much closer to a 50/50 split. Well, iOS handles 44.8% of the US market share, according to one survey. In another way, you can develop pp for both.

    However, you’ll also need to deliberate the devices that your apps will be used in the platform to handle everything.

    Each operating system is linked up with smartphones and tablets. Android phones and iPads are different from each other. Furthermore,this information will give you a dynamic of how to build an app since the requirement and conditions of both apps are different. For example, devices having larger screens might not have many complications as the smaller screens have.

    You must be aware of progressive web apps.

    Hence, most of the people are going to access your mobile apps and also web from their smartphones.  PWAs help them to offer a barrier to entry if someone is exploring your product.

    Another, benefit of it is having the ability for the people to reach at your app through Google search.

    If any person browsing on your phone, searching for something on Google, a PWA will make sure them to enter your app directly from the browser.  Moreover, they can engage it with full, partially it totally depends on how it is built. This is definitely something that you can think about and consider.

    2. Mobile App Development Team

    What type of team do you want to build an app? Many people do not feel that they need more team members to get the best output. This is the main reason why software development is expensive.

    As we discuss earlier, we need to build an app for both iOS and Android. These apps will be created in different languages. So, you will need an iOS developer and an Android developer.

    Mobile app development team
    Mobile App Development Team

     You might find any developer who can do both, but actually it does work well. If you have only one person who is working on both the apps, it will take double time. While, if you can have two developers working on the apps simultaneously, it will cost you the same amount of the money, but you can deliver your work much faster as they both work in parallel.

    In addition, you will also need a full stack web developer along with app developers.

    Even if, you are not adopting PWA route,  you need to host your data somewhere else

    Unless, your app is something which is very simple like a  calculator that just need to do a quick function, nothing else, you make sure that your data should be residing in a secure and scalable location in the cloud.

    Unless your app is something super simple, like a calculator that only requires a quick function and nothing else, you’ll need to make sure that your data resides in a secure and scalable location in the cloud.

    How does it work?

    As a calculator or a flashlight app does not have any data that need to be saved anywhere. There is no communication between users or anything like that.  Some apps are more complex as compared to this.

    For example, when your users register where do their usernames and passwords go after downloading? It doesn’t carry on the devices. Everything is stored in a database in the cloud. As a result,when users talk to each other, give you reviews and ratings, and when you release new updates, all of this is hosted in infrastructure in the cloud.

    So, you also need a full-stack developer to make this infrastructure that you need with the API so that your mobile can easily access the data.

    Further, You’ll also need one r more designer in your team to make sure everything looks good.

    An Attractive app or website is the best point of selling something. If your app functional well but its look is not good, no one will access it.Thus, If it really looks good, it will engage with your user-base which is extremely important in this competitive time.

    Moreover, your app also needs a QA person in your team.  Their major responsibility is to make sure that the software is tested properly. Furthermore, they run tests on the multiple browsers, devices, and operating systems Whether it is backend infrastructure or front-end, the QA has to cover all of your bases.

    Last, the project manager is a must-have for every team. You can do this by yourself or hire someone else for his. The project manager ensures that the team is working according to the deadlines, look out the entire project, and handle everything.

    In the end, your team  should consist of  6 people- three developers such as iOS, Android, and web, a designer,  a project manager, and QA person and

    3. Infrastructure

    You also need to focus on the things where your app is going to host. We already discussed that your team needs to build this infrastructure. Well, there are some things that are not available at your office. You need to  update yourself here.

    What you need to do is make a good association with hosting services that help to host your app and its infrastructure. Security, Scalability, and Reliability. These three are the most important components to look for when searching for the right hosting service to meet the needs of your app.

    4. Existing Services

    Why would you build servers if you can just use an existing service to host your app? It makes no sense. Thus, there are various existing services that are currently out. Use those services to get the benefit of them while making a new app.

    For instance, there are some cloud servers out there that you can integrate with. There are some push notifications, analytical servers, authentication servers, and more which are already available. You can just integrate them with your app.

    So, before trying to build these services and solutions from scratch. Make sure that you shop to check if there is a service that already exists. This will help to save your money and time; it’s much easier than reinventing the wheel.

    5. Existing Tools

    In addition to the existing services, you can get the benefit,  there are also existing mobile app development tools. However, make sure you consider all the tools available at your disposal before you start building anything.

    There are various tools available that will help you to build an app from the zero points.  From templates for components and designs, all of this is present there.  You just need to purchase the tools and use them according to your requirements.

    This will help to speed up the app development process and give you some time to focus on the business logic that makes your app different from others on the market.

    Some Ways to Build a Mobile App

    Mainly, you had two options while developing a mobile app. You could build your own app for Android and iOS for others. There are various options that you can explore if you want to learn how to make an app. These ways help you to very technical to not that technical at all. Let’s discuss how to make a mobile app easily and quickly.

    1. Low-level coding

    No doubt, the difficulty is high with a low-level of coding. To make an app with this method, you should have a specified developer. Thus, The flexibility is very much high with a low-level of coding as well.  So, there are always pros and cons to this option.

     For the majority, of the population, the biggest issue is that you should have a good developer who is good enough to develop an app.

     Flexibility is at a maximum during this point. This is one of the best options to develop a reality-based app or game where the frame is down to the millisecond that is the most important point.  No doubt, low-level coding is much more flexible. The other good reason to use this method, you’re dealing with detailed hardware that is not mainstream on the device.

    Hence, low-level coding will be the most time-consuming and one of the expensive ways that you need to build an app, but you should get the control out of it.

    2. Hybrid App Development

    Hybrid app development based on the web technology, called JavaScript.

    This will help you to build once so that you can deploy it on various platforms. So, if you are learning, how to make a hybrid app, just code everything one time and it will work well for both iOS, Android and potentially other platforms as well.

    Hybrid mobile app development
    Hybrid App Development

    Examples of  hybrid app development tools are Titanium from Appcelerator, Cordova on Phone Gap, React Native, and Ionic.

    This method is just perfect when you need one set of developers and you just want to develop everything one time. Because, go to straight to the market with Android and iOS apps.

    Here the difficulty is low to the medium method.  You do not need to have the specialized as a developer with the coding. Web developers who know javascript can build this hybrid app.

    The flexibility level here is still very flexible. Since you’re using Javascript to run the app, there are some performance tips that you need to take in the mind.

    How it works?

    However, Today with the Internet and hardware speeds, that performance metric is lessening melodramatically. There are some popular hybrid apps such as UI intensive are there.  For instance, PBS Kids made on Cordova. It performs extremely well.

     You just need to take care that your metrics are changing every year. The dynamics of the phones and network speeds will be varied over the time.

    Nowadays, everyone is learning how to make apps with the help of low-level coding in the beginning. Thus, they are leaning more towards hybrid app now. The main reason for this is the business side of app development. You can save much time and money going hybrid vs. fully native development.

    3. Rapid App Development

    The third way to create an app is with rapid app development tools—RAD for short.

    There are  some RAD tools such as OutSystems, Kony and Kinvey. These allow you to make a mobile application using an intuitive interface. You won’t have to be as technical as you would  create a hybrid app around the medium level.

    Mainly , rapid app development  helps you to grow in the market faster as it has some pre-build functionality. Apart from technical, do something significant, so that you ate

    There are some drawbacks to rapid the app development as well. Aside from the need to be somewhat technical in order to do anything significant, you’re also limited by the platform you’re using. You can only use whatever that platform has to offer in terms of functionality.

    You’ll need to configure out their tools and options that works for you. It is a good option, if you are  building apps internally for some internal process and any app for your employee.It’s good to use RAD if you can handle it by yourself or paying someone to maintain it for you.

    Mainly, rapid app development platform  claims that you do not have too technical at all to use them.

    4.  Cookie Cutter Apps

    Do you know, what is a cookie-cutter app? You might be familiar with these tools which are trending in the market. GoodBarber and BiznessApps are a popular one. With this platform, it is just one app that you can reconfigure to make it unique and different from others.

    Furthermore,cookie cutter apps built really beautifully. They have a good user interface.  You can customize its setting according to your requirements. Hence, they make it easy for you to swap out images and text with your own content.

    Actually, a cookie cutter app is really just one set of functionality that you’re turning on and off to make the app your own.

    The difficulty level is very low here. Inappropriately, the flexibility is attractively low too. Hence, it is a good option if your app is just a hobby.  You may be want to learn how to make an app that is something to look good as opposed to something that is beneficial for your business.

    Therefore, if you want to get good marketing quickly and keep your budget  really low, this a good solution. You will be able to maintain everything yourself too.

    Although, the disadvantage of using this app development app is that you may reach at the ceiling point when it comes to the functionality of your app.

    Plus, there are some things that you really want to do, but the platform does not allow for it. Thus, you will be waiting for the platform to catch your requirements. Moreover,If you don’t watch your mobile app growing to that point where you’ll enlarge the platform, then these cookies cutter apps must be a good solution for you.

    Benefits of a Mobile App

    Mobile apps have become an essential element of our lives these days. Life is incomplete with these apps, and we usually use them every day in our daily routine. However, there are various benefits of these apps. Let’s discuss them one by one:

    • In today’s world, we are not using mobiles just only for calling or messaging. Thus, there are a variety of applications where people spent most of the time.

    • There is no denying; the applications benefit people as well as businesses. Moreover, people get quickly as per their demands, such as shopping, home services  assistance, entertainment, bookings, and more.

    • On the other side, companies increase their market shares, sales, and  leads to it.

    • The firms analyze that this digital era always prefers online platforms for  every purpose. Then, they include online marketing with their business  plans to engage more traffic towards services or products quickly.

    • Accordingly, companies get involved with mobile application business in geo-targeting marketing.

    • The mobile apps are more interactive, quicker, and easier to navigate than business websites. As a result, that is the essential benefit that makes sales.

    • Apps are the best marketing way for businesses to improve overall brand  visibility and grabs more attention from the targeted audience.

    • A mobile application is a great tool that helps businesses to increase customer engagement. Hence, It makes the business-customer relationship by  building brand loyalty.

    Final Thoughts

    Are you interested to learn how to make a mobile app?  Well, we have discussed all the major points above that helps to build a good mobile app. Choose that method that fits according to your technical skills. It all depends upon how flexible you need to make your mobile app and how technical you are.  For more information, consult a top mobile app development company in India, that can help you with better ideas.

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