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15 Reasons Why You Should Create A Mobile App for Your Business

No doubt, with the advent of technology, business is also growing at a rapid speed. Nowadays, every business needs a mobile app for the growth their business and it has become an integral part of it. The mobile apps industry is growing and has not yet seen full growth. However, the data concerning the Swiss market are already very reassuring: according to Statista, Switzerland is the second largest user of mobile applications after South Korea. Thus, mobile app development companies also grow tremendously due to the high demand of the mobile app for their business.

Another study, conducted by Google, shows that 81% of smartphone users in Switzerland have already used their phone to search for a product or service. This does not convince you to create a mobile application for your SME? Good! The development of mobile applications requires considerable investment both in terms of money and time.

The first tip is: before you look at all the features of the future application, check if your company really needs it. At this stage, nothing better than asking you what goals you want to achieve through the application.

How can your business enjoy a mobile app?

Customer applications are perfect marketing tools that can benefit virtually every industry. However, companies also have an interest in developing applications for their employees, to reinforce the marketing strategy or to simplify internal processes. To get into the details, with a mobile application, you can:

1) Improve the image of your brand

What image of your company do you want to give to your (potential) customers? With a mobile application, you will be perceived as a modern, innovative company that listens to its customers. They will appreciate your efforts to pamper those who prefer to use a smartphone to access services or contact your business.

2) Strengthen customer engagement and facilitate communication

A mobile application can facilitate communication between the company and its customers. For example, you can have a feature that allows customers to contact you at any time, without having to wait for opening hours and spending nothing.

By making it easier for you to make contact, you will be more likely to hear from customers about their experiences. This will allow you to improve your customer service and, by the same token, your business efficiency. You will be able to customize the communication through data collection.

A mobile application can indeed access a lot of information about the phone and its user such as the telephone number, the telephone network used, the location, the e-mail address, the contact list, etc. Business intelligence technology will also allow you to plot the behavior of users to deduce their preferences and tastes. The collected data can serve as a basis for defining your marketing strategy.

Also, think about taking advantage of push notifications. They are far more effective at reaching their recipients than email marketing. The latter is an old method that still works for many companies today, but even if someone subscribes to your mailing list, you have no guarantee that he will notice your email in his box, or that he will read it. In comparison, the user engagement rate with push notifications reaches 40%.

3) Increase the visibility of your company to acquire new customers

And if your customers were prospecting for you? The good old word-of-mouth method is still the most effective, and there is nothing better to implement it than social networks. You may want to consider allowing users to share app content with their network. Your business will gain visibility and, by the same token, attract new customers.

In addition, a web application, that is, a site optimized for mobile will allow all people to find your business by simply typing keywords into a search engine. This is the best solution for start-ups looking to make themselves known.

4) Keep your customers loyal

Developing a mobile app can help you build customer loyalty. It is indeed an effective tool to implement promotional actions. You can, for example, offer discount coupons, send invitations to events or even organize contests.

5) Train employees and strengthen their commitment

With a mobile app, training may not become the favorite activity of your employees, but it will certainly be more engaging. The training app can contain videos, quizzes, gamification items, or dynamic results with charts to track user performance. It has the advantage of replacing many expensive and bulky tools such as manuals and tables.

6) Facilitate the management of appointments with clients

Another option is to create an application that will work as an e-brochure for mobile salespeople. They will be able to access all product information directly on their mobile device.

7)  It helps to boost Sales and Revenues

Globally, mobile app revenue is expected to reach $37 billion by 2017. That’s a huge amount of purchasing power, and your business can benefit from acquiring sponsorships or by utilizing advertisements within your app. Increasingly, consumers are looking to purchase products within an app rather than a website reached on their computer or mobile web browser. Your organization can boost sales and revenue by developing an app your customers will love using.

8) Push Notifications

The ability to notify your customers about important information on their mobile device is invaluable. Your brand becomes front and center on their phones and tablets – making your advertisements visible and relevant. The top mobile development companies always focus on this factor under their business strategy.

9) Stay ahead of your competition

Mobile apps are largely popular with corporations, though many small businesses see value already. In fact, a 2016 study found that 62% already had an app or were developing one. Not only is an app a great way to reach users, but it can also be used as a marketing tool. Surpass your competition by developing your own mobile app today.

10) Showcase Products

Put your products on display so users can easily browse and purchase from the convenience of their mobile device. A mobile app simplifies the shopping experience and makes it easy to view your services.  Always update your mobile app and website with the latest launch products so that people should aware of it and it really helps to enhance sales and revenues for the product.

11) New Audience

According to a study, it is found that millennials are spending nearly 90 hours a month in smartphone apps. Your business can gain a new generation of customers who constantly use mobile devices and actually download apps.

12) Customer prefers mobiles

With the advancement of technology, people use more mobile than laptops as everything is available on the phone these days. Several updates and competitors later, it’s clear that mobile devices are not going anywhere. More than likely, your competition is already aware that mobile is not just trendy it’s a strong, lucrative market they are targeting. Don’t be left behind with the antiquated methods of reaching your customer base.

13) Active in  Social Media Platform

Social networking is deeply connected with smartphones. Mobile apps are an ideal platform to involve social circles of the users through the different features and options. Information management has become a key part of users’ lives. They memorize or store passwords. They manage complex ecosystems of content publication every day just to stay connected with family and friends.Anything businesses can do to create continuity and cohesion for users will undoubtedly engender appreciation. Consider including Facebook or Twitter credentials to allow users to sign in to your solution. When your users are grateful, see the brand loyalty spike.

14) Always follow your Customer

The most important people for your business are your customers. Depending on their reaction to your product, they can be the biggest advocates or most painful adversaries. Regardless, you can’t distance yourself from them. Their needs, challenges, and barriers must play a central role in any innovation you consider. Most of your customers are avid smartphone users. In 2018, there will be 2.53 billion smartphone users worldwide. Mobile apps consume a major portion of their daily routines. Why not take advantage of this channel?

15) Make your business location independent

With a comprehensive mobile app, your business instantly becomes location independent, allowing you, your employees, and your customers to stay in touch across vast distances and time zones. While this may have been enough to attract and retain customers just a few years ago, increasingly consumers expect the services businesses offer to be remote too.This might include monitoring contractors at a job site or even controlling a manufacturing line from hundreds of miles away.

 Final Thoughts

The application does not represent a weight constraint, can be downloaded by customers and, unlike a product catalog, automatically updated without printing costs. It is also possible to enter orders or, for intervention technicians, incident reporting. The application can be used even in disconnected mode and synchronize as soon as the connection is re-established. You can get ahead of your competition by choosing the right mobile app development agency.