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    An app like Snapchat seems to be a game-changer socio platform having millions of downloads in the world of social media apps. Apps like Snapchat have ultimate features and functionalities that constructed tremendous success for the application, and because of this, it has quickly taken the success point in this technological world. Moreover, this popular messaging app brought Augmented Reality to its users through filters and several other interactive lenses. Hence many influencers and companies are looking to create apps like Snapchat so as to flourish their business vis popularity over social media platforms. 

    You can also share multimedia messages that will “self-destruct” in up to 10 seconds.

    self destructing multimedia messages

    Furthermore, about 10 billion videos are watched by Snap chatter worldwide every day. After seeing the whole journey and success story of Snapchat, hundreds of entrepreneurs and users are inspired. With this, they are now looking to invest in a social media mobile app development agency that will understand the degree of how to develop a messaging app like Snapchat.

    Top-Rated Market Players in Snapchat Category

    social media apps of Snapchat category

    One of the biggest reasons brands continue to build apps similar to Snapchat is the app’s list of features. However, a component of disappearing messages in this social media industry was first introduced by Snapchat, and the concept went mainstream very soon. Also, when AR was introduced, it helped customize facial features that got popularized right after Snapchat introduced it.

    However, one of the main reasons for the growth in several businesses inspired by Snapchat is its non-complex app download technical stack. This low complication of the technology stack carries a significant impact on the development cost.

    Snapchat tech stack

    To develop an app like tik tok, or Snapchat, one of the most important things is that you must know the features that go into making the popular social media app and examine or understand the time taken to develop them.

    Let us look into how one can make an app like Snapchat, what features it should have, and the hours taken to develop it.

    Basic Features And Time Taken To Build Them up For Snapchat

    Many of you might be thinking about “what are the features of Snapchat so here is the answer to the question.

    Must have features of snapchat

    1. Registration

    Snapchat application download does not come with a social media login option. You need to create a separate account for the app. Their original reasoning behind this was so simple and easy to operate. You can even avoid adding parents to the snap fiends list.

    2. Integration of contacts

    • When it comes to finding friends on the Snapchat clone app, a user usually gets any of these four options –
    • Searching with the help of a username 
    • Allow Snapchat app to app to import contacts from the phone book 
    • Add touches in the same geographical vicinity 
    • Sharing the Snap code through email, message, or social media platform

    3. Stickers

    Stickers prove to be an essential element of a social media app. They are much helpful in keeping users entertained and engaged within the app. Several sticker extensions exist to download for both Apple and Android. Moreover, it takes nearly 10 to 20 hours to integrate one within your Snapchat clone app.

    4. Story

    Snapchat stories

    The only element that creates a striking likeness between Instagram and Snapchat is Stories. Stories are how you can interact with your audience or make any announcement or feelings that you think can’t be expressed through the post. However, Snapchat is all about stories and messaging, whereas Instagram comprises many more. So through the Stories feature, users can publicly broadcast the content on the app to viewers or their audience, which then remains life for 24 hours and automatically gets deleted after that.

    Moreover, Snapchat added its story feature a while back by adding the Live Story option over its platform. You can even add the element of creating a live real-time video with the help of several media servers like; Wowza Media Server. After that, you can use a content delivery network to embark on the process thoroughly.

    5. Real-Time Messaging

    The option of real-time chat is standard, just like all other social media platforms used actively worldwide. Though, Snapchat also comes with the possibility of real-time chat, making it stand out more in this social media industry. Although to enable the push notification and messaging system in your Snapchat clone app, you need to use the XMPP and HTTP + Push Notification technologies. Using them can be beneficial for making the app work more efficiently with superior features that make it easy for users to use the app.

    In addition to this, you can even ask your mobile app development company to add these features to your Snapchat technology stack list for development.

    6. Disappearing Messages

    “How much does vanishing messages for the Snapchat app cost?” This comes out to be one of the biggest questions throughout the development process. A disappearing message is a feature where the user sends a message to another user, and then this message gets uploaded on Snapchat servers. After when the user receives a message notification, the content automatically gets downloaded over a temporary location on the respective device the App is used in.

    7. Discover

    In general, Snapchat users generally find content shared by numerous Snapchat sponsors. So same as the main story section, stories on the Discover page are also only live for 24 hours and then are wiped out automatically.

    8. Geofilter

    Users can paste custom geographical templates to their images by using this feature. So to enable this feature in your Snapchat clone app, you need to hire a reputable mobile app development agency that is up to date on Geocoding development process. In addition to this, they must keep bringing new to new segments in the app development industry.

    9. Video/Audio Notes

    However, if you want to create a Snapchat-like app, then keep in mind that it should allow users to record and then send 10 seconds of video to other users they want to interact with. Yet it is ideal for creating and sending reaction GIFs or tons of stickers but using this feature; you can even send audio-based messages to another user.

    10. Video/Audio Calls

    So in all, what exactly makes Snapchat a lot similar to Whatsapp and Facebook is the voice and audio call option. Being a social media app, one must think about having video and audio calling options within itself. However, one unique thing about Snapchat calls is that it provides accessibility to the user to be on a call and send pictures simultaneously.

    11. Lenses

    We all know that Lenses are majorly responsible for what Snapchat is today. However, the ability to paste different faces on yours and change what your voice sounds like is what makes the Snapchat app being downloaded more and more every day by people. Users are just in love and hooked up with this social media app.

    However, for integrating the same facial recognition feature in your app, you need to use the Mirror Reality SDK, which proves to be a cost-effective alternative for effectively getting the AR facilitated development process. Even you can use Snapchat’s Lens studio app to create your AR animation.

    12. Location Sharing

    The location-sharing feature in the Snapchat app allows users to share their location with friends or other users. The site they are located in will appear on Snap Map, and you will get to know who’s nearby you. However, being a tracker feature, Snapchat users can also choose who can see their location or update it when they have Snapchat open.

    13. Admin Panel

    To keep a  check over your Snapchat like the app, provide technical support to customers, and hence one can get customer insights that you see on an admin panel. It should be safe and secure and used by your team only.

    Cost of Building App Like Snapchat

    You might be noticing design and even the development hours taken to complete your projects. But most of you might be thinking about how much it costs to build messaging apps like Snapchat. Assuming it, the answer would be— to make an app like Snapchat may cost you around $40,000 to $70,000. 

    However, this is a somewhat rough estimation. Still, several factors can lower or increase the numeric answer depending on how much it costs to develop a messaging app like the Snapchat app.

    Factors Determining The Cost of Snapchat Like App Development

    Some of the most important factors affecting the building cost for the Snapchat app are given below:

    1. App Size

    An essential factor that will be answerable to the question ‘how to create an app like Snapchat’ is the size of the app. However, if you want to keep all the features of Snapchat downloaded in your app, it may protect to be a burden for you for the first time. So, it is highly advisable to concentrate on the core features precisely within the initial version of the app. Moreover, it will help you offer a great customer experience at an affordable price. 

    2. App Platform

    When developing a messaging app like Snapchat, you should keep in mind that the cost or expenditure for developing the app is for which platform, either its iPhone or Android, because both platforms differ. However, there is not much difference between both of them, and if you are a startup having a minimal budget for obvious. So it is better to opt for one platform in the initial stages, and as your business grows up, you can shift or spread it over different platforms. 

    3. Team

    Your app development cost also depends upon the team you choose. To build an app, you require the legal team of a project manager, Android and iOS native apps developers, a UX/UI designer, a QA engineer, a copywriter, and a marketing specialist. To speed up the development process, you could hire more developers. If you want to add some complex features like face recognition algorithms, you need to hire specialists in your team. 

    4. App design

    Having attractive and non-complex designs plays an essential role in the success of your Snapchat-like app. However, the cost for doing so depends upon the requirements for developing your Snapchat app. The right plan will cost more, but it would benefit you in the long run. Every part of your app, like UI/UX design, wireframes, etc., will take time to design depending on your choice of requirements. If you need a more complex structure, you need to invest more money. 

    5. App launch

    If you hope to build a successful app like Snapchat, you need to start a powerful advertising campaign. And you must be aware that it requires a great deal of money, even if you limit yourself to promotion on social networks.

    Now that we know how to create an app like Snapchat let’s wrap up this article with the monetization strategies Snapchat app uses to earn money and how you can also make money.

    How can you make money with an app like Snapchat?

    1. Lenses and filters

    Sponsored lenses and filters

    Lenses are not only what made Snapchat famous, but they also helped it to gain considerable profits in this social media industry. Sponsored Geofilters and lenses are the two other ways the Snapchat app earns money and popularity. Many brands are there making use of sponsored lens features to market their products, and they are even getting profit from that in this technological era.  

    However, Geofilters are fixed filters only available and accessed in specific places or locations. Moreover, Mcdonald’s was the first to use this feature as a marketing strategy, and its branded geo-filters were made available for all of its restaurant chains in the US. However, brands can quickly pay to have special lenses and filters.

    2. In-app purchases

    Apps like Snapchat allow users to purchase additional features like Re-play to a video, feed, or even a photo that the user has already seen before.

    3. Premium access

    If you plan to develop a Snapchat app, contacting our development team with skilled expertise is beneficial for you. 

    premium access for users

    However, those who are regular and even new users of the app can also purchase premium access to the latest mobile features of Snapchat. The only thing you need to do is download and experience unleashed features over the platform, including new lenses, stickers, and a lot more.

    4. Discover

    This is known as another revenue-generating source for the Snapchat app. Here Brands partner with the company to get their products or services featured over the Discover page and pay money.

    5. In-between ads

    Our team has superb expertise in developing messaging apps and social networks. They are going to help you users create an app like Snapchat that will appeal to users and help run a successful business.


    So from this, we came to know that by building a powerful social media and communication app like Snapchat how you can raise your business popularity overnight. However, these social media apps raise global interactions between various cultures, people, and customs. Moreover, this step-by-step information about the development cost and benefits of having messaging apps like Snapchat will help you start your dream project soon.

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