Must Have Features of Ecommerce Mobile App In 2022

eCommerce mobile apps have become a need of the hour for businesses, whether you are a local small-scale company or a multinational organization. If you wish to reach your customers more effectively in this era, you have to opt for eCommerce mobile app development. These apps will help your business increase its sales, build a loyal customer base, and provide a competitive edge over your competition.

Here we have created a list of top Features of eCommerce Mobile App to consider that are a must-have integration for your next eCommerce application development. These features will ensure your business goal’s achievement while providing your customers with an enjoyable user experience.

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Have a look at these stats that explain the growth of eCommerce sales from 2014 to 2024

 ecommerce sales global growth from 2014 to 2024

How Can The Incorporation of The Latest eCommerce App Features Benefit Your Business?

The integration of different features in your eCommerce app facilitates the buyer’s journey by providing an excellent user experience. It also ensures that a user’s entire purchase journey with your eCommerce app is entirely smooth and flawless.

The ultimate goal behind integrating entire features in your ecommerce app is to meet its fundamental goal- to increase overall sales, develop a more loyal customer base, and offer your business a competitive edge that it will require to outshine. If you want to learn more about what exactly eCommerce is and how it can benefit your business in the long run, you can try reading this article on eCommerce by us.

Top Features To Consider In Your eCommerce App 2022

Creating an eCommerce app accessible from any place should be a necessity and considered a valuable asset in this era as it effectively increases the proficiency and performance of any business. As we all know, most retail is happening online via mobile apps these days, so creating an eCommerce mobile for your business can add immense value to it. The best way to introduce your retail business in the eCommerce industry is by opting for an MVP app development that includes only the most vital e-commerce app features. It will allow you to obtain an opportunity to test your business app in the digital market and gather valuable insights on user experience, let’s proceed with further development using even a more insightful and profound strategy.

ecommerce mobile app

1. Easy Onboarding

The beginning of using an app is to sign up for it by filling out a simplified registration form. So the most important feature of apps is easy onboarding if we must say it. It makes it most crucial for you to streamline logging into your eCommerce app via simply inputting their email address or via external accounts such as Facebook or Google. You can also allow users to sign up using their mobile numbers by verifying them with a one-time password. Easy onboarding feature integration will always return higher conversion rates and increased sales.

User Advantages: Users will not have to enter many details to start using your app. Such a feature will make your app much more accessible and user-friendly.

Here are a few examples of easy Sign-Up features over some of the most famous eCommerce apps:

SignUp with Myntra
Amazon App SignUp Page

2. Easy Sorting And Filtering of Products

If you are dealing in the sale of multiple types of products, then this feature will become a crucial necessity to integrate within your eCommerce app. The sorting and filtering options allow customers to reduce the time and effort they usually take to find a product they want to purchase. If the purchase experience is made flawless and effortless for customers, they will certainly visit your platform again and again. As a result, you will see a rise in sales and overall business growth with an enhanced user experience. Eventually, leading to the development of a loyal customer base for your eCommerce brand.

User Advantages: This feature allows users to easily find the exact product they look for by sorting it and filtering it as per their preferences, such as size, price, color, and more. Users don’t have to go through the entire app to find one product, so this feature will ease their entire shopping experience.

Here is an example of these features:

Filter and sorting feature of an eCommerce app

3. Product Descriptions In Detail

It may seem pointless to include long, thorough product descriptions in e-Commerce mobile apps. Aren’t customers more eager to see the images of the items? Who, after all, has time to read large lines of text on their smartphone? Product descriptions matter, whether on a mobile or desktop device. You can lessen the danger of product returns, impulsive purchasing decisions, and client unhappiness by giving them detailed product information.

User Advantages: Customers considering purchasing a product can look up information like kind, size, weight, color, material, and warranty. They have all of the information they require in one location.

A few examples are here:

Product Description
Products Description Over an eCommerce App

4. Product Gallery

No product page can be considered complete without an adequate product gallery. A Product gallery should include multiple images of a product for viewers to see. You should consider that some people still hesitate to buy products online as they don’t find the facility to see a product from every angle. So, by adding product images as a gallery, you will be able to show each feature of products in varying contexts. It will inspire such an audience to make purchases for your products.

User Advantages: The credit goes all to the product gallery that allows users to view each product thoroughly, and provides them with a more personalized shopping experience. Your eCommerce mobile app development company can also utilize 3D product visualization feature integration so users can turn the products around at different angles and examine them in a better way.

Here are a few examples of a product gallery: 

 Product Gallery of an eCommerce App
eCommerce AppProduct Gallery

5. Displaying Products With AR ( Augmented Reality)

AR or Augmented Reality is a technology that allows you to display your products to the customers in a real context. Users can visualize how a product will look on them or in their space by using your eCommerce app.

Here you can see how IKEA and LensKart allow their customers to use this technology via their eCommerce apps.

User Advantages: AR technology facilitates users with a virtual try-before-you-buy experience. It allows you to eliminate all those hesitations with customers while picking a product. The reality-based experience allows customers to make decisions based on their consciousness.

6. Shopping Cart

Having a shopping cart within your eCommerce app is certainly one of the most crucial features. No online store is complete without this feature, regardless of the niche. Even if it’s a mobile eCommerce app, there will be no exceptions.

User Advantages: A shopping cart will accommodate users with a positive user experience, and they will appreciate your efforts to enhance their shopping experience. Remember, personalizing your app experience as per user preferences is a consideration for your eCommerce business success.

A few examples of shopping carts:

Shopping Cart eCommerce App
eCommerce App Shopping Cart

7. Shipping Options

You may create a great customer experience in your eCommerce mobile app by allowing users to choose from many shipping services and adding the shipping address quickly.

User Benefits: This feature tells a user about the various shipping alternatives and can display the cost of each option, which is nice to have. Also, users will learn about the projected delivery time for each option. If you decide to develop an MVP for your app, you can start easy by ordering an item from one of your physical locations. With each product iteration, you can improve this feature and add new features.

Here are some examples:

 Shipping Options eCommerce App
Delivery/ Shipping Options

8. Summary of Orders

Before proceeding to the payment screen, many online retailers give users a brief order summary. By providing users with an order summary that they can check before paying, you reduce the possibility of returns or order errors, which require time and money to fix and severely impact the user experience.

User Advantages: The user can double-check that their order contains all of the requested products and none that they don’t. They will also see the total amount due, including the shipping fees selected in previous rounds.

9. In-App Payments That Are Safe And Simple

In-app payments are now commonplace in eCommerce mobile apps. You speed the process of completing the transaction and provide a wonderful user experience by providing the customer with various safe payment alternatives.

User Advantages: Customers can use this service to swiftly and securely pay for their orders. Payment gateways provide a variety of payment alternatives, including internet transfers, credit card payments, and payments using mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Samsung Pay, among others.

See these examples: 

Payment Options within an eCommerce App
eCommerce App Payment Modes

10. Creating An Invoice And Entering Company Information

You’ll be handling the needs of a specific segment by allowing your customers to fill in their company details and receive an invoice easily. It will help you establish customer loyalty and provide the best checkout experience.

User Advantages: Users can quickly enter their company information and order an invoice.

11. Keeping A Check On Returns

In considering online shopping, we know that it can be quite tricky sometimes. As a result, this might be why the deployment of a smooth return process proves to be an essential factor. So if a clear return procedure is offered and a proper check is being kept over status, you’re going to ensure and enhance the transparency of your store and hence stand out to be a trustworthy business in the customer’s eye.

User Advantages: Users are assured that the return procedure for their products will be easier with this feature. So they will have no sense of fear if they have made a wrong purchase.

Another most important feature of eCommerce apps is checking the item’s availability in specific locations. When operating your online store on a national scale, this feature proves to be useful and much more prominent and hence streamlines the purchasing process depending upon the specific geography.

12. Availability of The Item At Specific Locations

Another most important feature of eCommerce apps is checking the item’s availability in specific locations. When operating your online store on a national scale, this feature proves to be useful and much more prominent and hence streamlines the purchasing process depending upon the specific geography. 

User Advantages: Geolocation is an essential and helpful feature for users looking for the nearest store within their area where they can buy or ship the item they are looking for.  

13. Availability Reminder 

Users can tick this option to stay up-to-date when browsing and shopping over several online stores by receiving quick notifications about when your product will be available again.  

User Advantages: Using this feature, users can quickly set a reminder for the type of product they want and are willing to wait until it gets available again. 

14. Membership Options 

The most effective way is to build a membership that will nurture your relationship with the customer and, as a result, will boost their loyalty to your brand. 

User Advantages: By becoming a store member, a customer can enjoy the best deals and offers over the portal. Also, they get access to exceptional promotions that they didn’t receive, being non-members. 

15. Flash Sales And Discounts

Promotions and sales are very effective in mobile shopping apps. However, adding features like notifying customers about upcoming events results in an improvement of user experience because of which your store sales increases. 

User Advantages: Customers can get notified about the attractive sales or discounts and enjoy shopping over the portal. 

Sales and discounts
Discount offers

Benefits of Employing an eCommerce App For Your Business

eCommerce Apps Benefits

The eCommerce domain has been seeing consistent growth for quite a considerable time now. This sector was witnessing everyday growth even before the pandemic situations of Covid-19 were there. This scenario allowed several business owners to develop more online stores by implementing eCommerce apps. 

Since people are attracted to solutions served to them in the form of an app rather than a website, the necessity of eCommerce app development has risen more for businesses.

By having only a responsive and mobile-friendly website, you won’t be able to run your eCommerce business successfully anymore. The digital world has turned highly competitive, making it more difficult to earn and retain a constant revenue source.

“According to studies, about 90% of US adults shop via mobile apps rather than a website.”

You will not be capable of sustaining your eCommerce store presence in a competitive environment entirely based on eCommerce application development. Since customers are always looking for something extra, eCommerce websites face even more challenges with emerging changes. eCommerce mobile apps are serving as a helping hand to such businesses.

Suppose you understand this affecting change and agree on the importance of mobile apps in the modern business environment. In that case, you should already consider hiring a mobile app development company for your eCommerce app development.

Here are the top benefits that will explain the cruciality of employing eCommerce apps for your business.

Why people prefer apps more

1. Improved Customer Experience

Today’s tech-savvy customers expect you to provide them with an unvarying personalized app experience on their smartphone devices. With the implementation of an eCommerce mobile app, you will be able to optimize your customer experience.. You can achieve this goal by including AI and ML to understand your customer behavior, improvise their experience, and ultimately boost your sales.

2. Serves As A Marketing Tool

As you develop an iOS or Android app, you create a robust representative of your online business. It serves as a marketing tool that allows you to keep your targeted audience updated with your products and services and offers associated with them, such as special sales, promos, coupons, etc. A flawless eCommerce mobile app development with the best shopping app features will allow you to facilitate customers effectively on their smartphone devices. As a result, they will also share your app and help you expand your business reach as they will love their shopping experience with you. Your eCommerce app will serve as an excellent marketing tool for your business.

The easiest marketing tool

3. Gain A Competitive Edge

Suppose you are trying to reach your audience using an eCommerce website only. You will always be at a competitive disadvantage. Even as an individual, we prefer shopping more via mobile apps. This effect of mobile apps will last forever, and you can rest assured about that. Thus as early as you will initiate eCommerce mobile application development for your business, the better competitive edge you will receive in the market. An app can help you stay several steps ahead of any other business models. However, you will be able to accomplish this dream only when choosing a truly reliable eCommerce mobile app development team for your business solution.

4. Build A Brand Image

An eCommerce application integrated with the best trending features, functionalities, technologies, personalized CX, and elegant UI/UX designs will allow your business to build an individual brand image. Thus it will enhance your brand reputation.

5. Rise In Conversions

With an eCommerce app, you will be able to offer flawless and hassle-free product delivery to the customer’s doorsteps with the best payment modes to offer with it. Once you provide customers with such facilities, it will be much easier for customers to shop with your business, and the business conversion will rise automatically with your sales growth.

6. More Operational Efficiency 

By switching from an eCommerce website to an app, you will be able to automate your entire operations so easily. You can bring more effectiveness to your processes, such as managing your customers, stock, marketing, and much more.

7. Increase Customer Loyalty 

You can develop a more lasting bond with your customers with the help of eCommerce app development. eCommerce apps will allow you to know your customers better from their social media presence and activities. AI and ML-based algorithms can help you better understand your customer’s buying perspective. As a result, you can encourage them to buy more products from you by providing more personalized recommendations. You can also provide customers with real-time support for their queries and complaints and ensure the optimum experience is being delivered to them. Consequently, all of it will enhance customer loyalty in the long run.

Wrapping Up 

So here we discuss the most important features of the eCommerce Mobile App. Choosing the features for a mobile shopping app is a critical step in developing a software platform, but still, you need to take it very carefully. The above-mentioned is all you need to learn about all the key features in the eCommerce mobile app in 2022. 

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