Ways How App Design Can Hurt Mobile App Development


    Best mobile app development is the key element for the success of every business nowadays. The mobile application now becomes an important part of any business. Every business uses mobile applications for performing business activities right from retaining the customers as well as delivering the products and services. Mobile applications now become a key interface between customers and organizations. Mobile applications are the first entry point for the customers through which they enter and engage with the business. So mobile applications should be flawless, attractive and advanced according to business requirements. Through mobile applications, you are always there with your customers to serve them with better services. Applications are playing an important role in marketing the products among the peoples.

    A mobile application works as built a brand and recognition among the people for the business. As everyone now utilizing the mobile application it is easy to reach different parts of the world up to different customers with your brand and products.

    Mobile applications playing so important role in every business. Top mobile app development companies are developing apps for every business type according to the requirements of the business. Hence it becomes important to have the best mobile application which has all features to serve the better services to the business customers.

    Best mobile app development is now crucial for every business. The design of the mobile application is important and it should have features that fulfil the needs and requirements of customers to serve them better. App design is a much important and bad design of the application that can hurt the app development process. Let us have a look at the ways how app design can hurt app development.

    Impractical Vision

    When we developing the mobile app we generally discussed the bases of references that we have taken from prototypes and samples. These prototypes are still in the development phase. The top mobile app development companies taking references of prototypes which are based on visualization tools.  These platforms cannot show the actual condition of apps which will go to be the actual product.

    Normally this is observed much time when these designs show to customers they just locked themselves within that vision which will not be practically possible in the actual condition. After the final product, they start a comparison of the actual product with the samples shown to them at the development phase. They face disappointment at that time which is harmful to the business. We should avoid those visions which are not possible in practicality.

    Resources Utilization Improper

    With a large part of the time and budget, prototype loses its value when the app is implemented in the code. This improper utilization of resources also includes the resources spends on the designing of features that never go into the end product. This difference showing that for the designers it is always a simple task to show the media contents, animations, and other concepts but all these even not simple to implement in actual through the various codes in an application.

    Time and efforts of designers get wasted in such cases due to new designs and prototypes need to be developed after these observations. So these must be taken care of during the finalizing of designs which will need to be developed according to requirements and needs.

    Issues with designs

    During prototype procedures, designers will show how the app will work for the users by pick up the images, numbers, and names. A designer forgets that every user has their perceptions and ways to add inputs in the application. This activity will cause the app to “look off” or the app becomes entirely useless. However, if the designer is lucky all this can detect during the testing phase with a beta version of the app. But sometime it will detect after the app reached to the app stores of different operating systems. Then to improve all these issues there is a costly and time-consuming update that is generally required. This process will take more time to the right from designers to developers to improve again and again. It will harmful to the process of application development.

    Improper Research

    Improper research also hurts application design. Before application designing research is an important phase which carried out on the base of needs and the requirements of the business. The app design will be more successful which is considering all the aspects of users and clients according to business. Research should include the features as well which are required to add in the application according to the business and business needs. The app should represent the feature that attracts the users again towards the business and fulfils the need of clients to serve them better.

    One objective and two assignments

    During application development, both application creator and designers are moving in the same direction for one objective which is as to make an application that tempts and draw clients. For that planning phase of the project must be strong. The destination site must look great which fulfils the actual needs and requirements of the business. All the app creators and designers must flow towards one direction.

    Careful considerations should be taken out for that process so that the app could be designed according to the requirements and needs of the business.

    Prototype or real

    Generally, testing of the app should carry out by testing it on a smartphone on which the app will install and work. A candidate should go through how they conduct extensive beta tests to rule out the faults. Before accepting the final product a real-time application should be taken under testing. For that development process should lead by design. In addition, any information regarding application updation or features add on should be informed by the design team to the development team.

    The Danger Of Designing Without Real Data

    During the prototyping process, designers tend to cherry-pick numbers, names and images that best illustrate how the final app will respond to user inputs. In the process, they often forget just how widely varied and frankly messy user inputs can actually be some of which can cause an app to “look off” or render it completely useless.

    Build Apps, Not Prototypes

    This also requires a realization that app development is not a linear process and an end to the all-too-common workflow of designing an app and simply handing it over to developers.

    Restricted Perception which is certainly not comprehensive

    These days, three people in a classroom can start a mobile app development company. There are extremely talented programmers to be sure, and they very well may be able to handle building your application. Nevertheless, the truth is that mobile app development requires a diversity of skills that many firms simply do not have.

    Accomplishing using Developers

    Just as developers cannot get the job done without proper design, designers cannot succeed without being part of a proper software development team. This is important because there are many mobile app development firms who present themselves as full-scope developers, but who in fact come from the design world, and don’t know or appreciate the right way to build a robust and reliable commercial software product.

    Two assignments, One Objective

    By the day’s end, both application creators and application designers are moving in the direction of a solitary objective to make an application that tempts and draws in clients. To do this, both the plan and advancement must be sound. A site needs to look great and capacity appropriately. The hues and symbolism need to mirror the brand and the interface needs to urge guests to make a sought move.

    The Major Operating Systems

    As of today, there are three major OS — iOS, Android, and Windows. The most important aspect of going from web to mobile app design is the need to consider the differences between these systems. We have to study and learn how the experience of using each OS is different.


    In today’s competitive era an everyday lot of mobiles are launched in the market along with mobile applications. With the increasing number of smartphone launchings, applications are also in high demand. A lot of hard work required for best mobile app development which fulfils the requirements and needs of a business as well as to attract the customers towards your mobile application. For that clients must be satisfied with the application which is developed. So the needs and requirements of clients should be taken care of well during the development phase and should be tested well against every feature.

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