Top Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

If you are planning to become a mobile app developer then may be currently you are in confusion that which programming language you need to start with as there are tons of programming languages. To help you with this problem we are coming up with top programming languages for mobile app development. This guide will make you clear that which language you need to go with first.


Let’s first start with one of the most popular programming languages for mobile app development, Python. It is a high-level programming language which is used is app development, web development, computing and analyzing numeric and scientific data, building desktop GUI’s and other software development. The good thing is Python is very easy to learn and understand because it is considered one of the easiest language which helps you to build any kind of mobile app and site with Python.
Famous Sites And Apps Build With Python:

  • Caliber
  • BitTorrent
  • Reddit
  • Instagram
  • OpenStack
  • Worlds of Tanks
  • Quora
  • Spotify
  • YouTube

Java is the first choice for developers for developing mobile apps. In a survey conducted on 2016 Java ranked at number one position with 23.4% share. On the other side, Python was on seconds with 13.7% share. The huge difference is enough to get an idea how powerful is Java. Today Android app industry is on the boom, and every app developer wants to create an Android app. You will be surprised to know that Android OS is built in Java and if you learn Java, then it will be not difficult for you to learn Android.
Famous Application Made with Java

  • ThinkFree cloud office
  • Blu-ray Disc Association
  • NASA word wind
  • UltraMixer

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor which is as open source server-side scripting language. Earlier it was developed for sites development, but these days it is used for various development purposes. Apart from server-side scripting, it is commonly coding application and command line scripting. As most of us aware that PHP is famous for site development, but you can also create Android and iOS apps with it. Using PHAP, you can write full-fledged Android, iOS and Windows app.
Uses of PHP:

  • Ecommerce sites
  • Code project management tools
  • Image processing
  • CMS like WordPress, Drupal
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Create GUI
  • Facebook apps
  • Mobile app development
  • Dynamic websites
  • Creating PDFs

Swift is developed by Apple Inc in late 2014 for iOS and Linux. It is considered one of the future programming languages which can reshape the future. If you are still confused which programming languages you need to learn then we recommend you to start with Swift as it is one of the faster growing programming language for mobile app development. You will feel more encouraged when you know that Swift Developer fetch more salaries in comparison to other app developers.
Famous Apps Made With Swift

  • Lyft
  • Khan Academy
  • Clear
  • Sky Guide
  • LinkedIn
  • Airbnb
  • Eventbrite
  • Hipmunk

C# is famously known as C Sharp. It is a multi-paradigm programming language developed by Microsoft. You can develop anything with this language just name it. From web services to server applications to mobile apps to game, just everything. If you are planning to develop games, then C Sharp is the best option as it is supported Unity3D. According to experts, it getting old and unusable but apart from mobile app development it is widely used for developing apps for enterprises, utilities, productivity tools, business and more.
Applications Made With C#:

  • Stackoverflow
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Visual Studio

Objective-C is derived from C. Before Swift Apple used Objective-C for development of iOS and OS X. As most of the think that Swift completely replace it may be wrong because most of the developers are still using it as a primary language. It will not die soon as the frameworks of the apps still depend on Objective –C.

C++ is a one of the famous programming languages which is pronounced as C Plus Plus. It is a object-oriented programming language which is widely used for its low level memory manipulation feature. With C++ you are not just able to develop mobile apps but can be used for various sectors like finance, banking, games, front office, telecoms, electronics, investment banking, marketing, manufacturing, retail, and many others. C++ is considered one of the most powerful languages because it has many features like, it is simple, syntax based, case sensitive, platform dependent, object-oriented, uses of pointer, huge function library, compiler based, modularity, fast and efficient, powerful and portability.

JavaScript is one of the high level interpreted programming languages which is object-oriented. It is not a primary language which can be used for mobile app development but is a language which controls web pages. It is possible to make mobile app but for this you need to mix it with HTML, Ajax and CSS. Unlike others you need to develop the app once which can be utilized further utilized for Android, iOS and Windows. JavaScript is a simple language which you can quickly learn in few days.

As the name simply indicates HTML5 is the 5th version of Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML. Generally, HTML5 is not used for mobile app development, but for this, you need to take help of other languages. You can easily create Android and iOS on HTML5 with the help of frameworks like PhoneGap. Services like GoogleDocs and Google Drive are developed with the help of HTML5.

Ruby was developed in early 90s by Yukihiro Matz and still one of the widely used programming languages. You will be surprised to know that an average Ruby developer earn up to $112 per project. You can easily create mobile apps for Android, iOS, OS X and Windows using frameworks like Rhodes and RubyMotion. One of the great thing about Ruby language is you can create app in just 10 minutes.
Big Sites Made With Ruby

  • Fiverr
  • Pixlr
  • Basecamp
  • Bloomberg
  • Airbnd
  • Groupon
  • ThemeForest

If you have a next big idea and don’t have time to learn to code, then you need to take help from any mobile app development agency which can help you out to make your dream app. Now if you have any questions then feel free to drop your query in the comment box.

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