Top Factors to consider while choosing Mobile App Development


    Most of the mobile applications are unique in functioning and nature. Thus, choosing the right mobile app development is the important and crucial step for the success and failure of the application. Mobile apps have become a vital tool for company as they present an appropriate means to attract the attention of the consumer. In 2017, According to a Clutch survey around 42% of small businesses only had an app, and another 30% of them are planning to build it in the future. Every small business dream of having one, but it’s essential to ensure that one does enough research before picking the best mobile app development company to design and develop the app. Therefore, finding the right company is not easy, but still there are some points to be considered before choosing a development company.

    1. Research

    If you have a better idea to develop a high-quality mobile application for your business, the main things you should focus on are market, customer demands and trends. Therefore, you need to do market research first before go to technological touch to your business app. Thus, a market analysis report can give you a very useful insight. You can check the popularity of the similar apps which are easily available in the market and also check your competitor strategies. The top mobile app development companies in India spend enough time in the R&D process before developing a mobile app.

    Customer reviews help to provide you an overview of customer likes and dislikes, choice and favorite and future difficulties. You can take a note of the pain areas and try to sort out issues in your mobile app. Research provides you an opportunity to plan better and permit you to make a robust application from the very beginning.

    2. Identify your Target Audience

    This process is extremely important for the success of a mobile app. Therefore, it is most important to choose the right set of the audience. The future of entire app depends upon on these target sets of the users as they are fundamental elements for the success of any app and for its future growth as well. Questions like who are going to use my application and how it can add value to their lives, should be asked before starting development.

    Moreover, do not forget to focus on the geographic locations as it plays the key role. The choice of the mobile platform purely depends upon the region. For instance, in India 42% people are of Android users and only 7% are of iOS users. On the other hand, in US demand of iOS is higher in the market. Therefore, find your target audience based on location, age groups, etc. before continuing to select any mobile application development platform.

    3. Mobile App Platform Features

    To analyze the features of the mobile app development is one of the most important steps before making a choice of the app development platform. An excellent platform is easy to learn, instinctive and supporting work-flow and easy process of approval. It is helpful for the developers to make a reliable app, having test-driven features, supports hassle-free debugging, deployment and hosting throughout the entire life cycle. Additionally, the mobile app development platform should deliver strong features of verification, push notifications, data storage and easy integration with third-party services.

    4. Right Platform Selection

    It is one of the crucial tasks that you may ask that in which platform you want to deploy your business app. It is good to start with one single platform. Be a master with a single platform, later you can move to the other platforms. The iOS, Android and windows are the most popular mobile app platforms.

    In order to decide the best-suited platform for your mobile application, you need to keep few things in your kind notice like app brand, target audience, app features and most importantly pricing strategy. After finalizing the methodology for your business app: Native, Mobile Web or Hybrid. Native applications have many advantages, but it may be slightly expensive.

    5. Operating System

    Mainly it is the task of developers to determine which mobile operating system they wish to deploy on the app. According to the Statistics of App Usage, the total number of app downloads for Android is more as compared to iOS app downloads. However, the initiatives usually prefer iOS apps, with a small percent surviving on Windows and BlackBerry apps in some areas.

    6. Plan for Action

    It is necessary that you must understand all the process before starting to build your business mobile application. A robust business app takes time and efforts. It also passes through various stages. In addition to it, a business owner must have knowledge about each stage in advance. Therefore, it is a set a plan of action for your app development process. Observing and monitoring is very much important in very stage. Release a beta version of your app first, and do proper testing and review beforehand releasing the full version to the end users.

    7. Budget Friendly

    To develop a business mobile app also requires investment along with knowledge and strategy. Knowing your budget and allocating it in a good manner among every stage of the development is important. There are numerous aspects of the app which needs money to be invested in, app development, maintenance and updating marketing, etc. The budget of your app depends upon the functionalities of your app. It consists of the type of the app you want to create and the type of the content you wish to add in your app.

    8. Out of box Thinking

    Always keep one thing in mind that people really want something different. Why they you should your brand instead of the other available brands in the market. Therefore, you must have something different and unique to offer which makes you different from other brands. The mobile application is the best way to engage with your customers and mainly it is the easiest way to convert a lead into a potential buyer. It is a human nature that they get bored easily from one thing. As there are millions. As there are millions of smart-phone applications available in the market, app users want to be served with something new. Hence, it is recommended to think out of the box strategies or features and don’t let your users choose someone else.

    9. Smooth and Efficient

    The most important factor, your business mobile app must be smooth and efficient. If your app is taking much time to load, it must have some error. Either user will uninstall the app after first use or rarely opens. Therefore, it puts the negative impact on the user’s mind. Make sure that your app does not consume a lot of space and processing time of the device. It is about making something valuable, easy to use and effective for your target audience. Don’t make your app confusing or complicated.

    It is believed that well planned mobile application offering seamless user experience which can translate into several key benefits. The functionalities and content that are delivered to your app must be according to the target audience. The end product must provide superior quality customer service. If you are unable to provide a high-quality mobile application, it may harm your brand image.

    10. Focus on Marketing Strategy

    There is no use of building an app for your business if you are not focusing on, how to market it and make it available to the potential users. Most of the mobile applications gets fail in executing their marketing strategies for their mobile application.

    No doubt, different mobile applications have different targeted users. Similarly, you have to analyze your industry and your potential user base. Different Mobile Applications have numbers of targeted users. Similarly, you have to analyze your industry and your potential user base. After analyzing that only, you can make plans on how to encourage it. Online campaigns are one of the better options for many business owners. But your marketing strategy mainly influenced by largely on your business, contributions, and your possible users.

    11. Testing

    It is most important to test your mobile application before you launch. Before, you are getting an experience, you make sure it can fulfill their requirements. Smooth and efficient are a few of the things you should keep in mind while testing. Testing will allow you to swipe out all the nooks and crannies and make your app a strong business tool which is helpful to connect your business with your customers.


    Today, around 2 million people are using smartphone. It is expected to reach upto 4 billion by 2020. The numbers of mobile devices are more than PCs. It is estimated that 70% of the people, spend time on apps and 80% of the people use mobile applications for purchasing, booking and payment. Irrespective of any industry, mobile applications are proving out to be an essential tool for business growth and reach. The opportunity is huge and market potential is large. So, while developing an app for your business, you should keep the above things in your mind. If you are also looking for a company to build best mobile app for your business, consult Richestsoft, one of the top mobile app development companies in India.

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