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    Mobile applications are competitive over the years and businesses are finding it challenging to compete with their competitors. Leveraging a comprehensive app launch strategy is important for launching an app for a successful launch and getting a fruitful position. There has been a noticeable increase in the variety and types of business apps downloaded by the users, with more customers turning to mobile apps to get in touch with the brands. It is assumed that from 2016 to 2020, people have downloaded 284 billion applications. As such, it has increasingly important to have a comprehensive strategy and successful app launch to compete in this competitive marketplace.

    There is a lot of stuff to consider while creating, designing, and launching an app. To help you through this entire trip, we have a list of key steps for each launch stage that a mobile app developer needs to follow to achieve better success. 

    mobile apps launch

    Pre-launch Checklist of Mobile Apps

    Before launching your application you must be careful about some views that can help you in enhancing the features of your application. 

    Perform market research

    Market research is an essential factor in developing an app, as it recognizes whether there is a demand for your product or not. It shows the opportunities for making yourself unique from the competitors. Your concept of the app must be unique and highly presentable. You can get similar apps in the market that can be an advantage for you. If you analyze the apps of your competitors, it will be highly beneficial for you. It is essential to gather the information that who is your competitor in the app space. What they are offering in their apps and how much they are charging for it.

    • Research the apps with similar features How people are faring it in the app stores
    • What mistakes are done by the other developers 
    • How to neglect mistakes and enhance the quality. 
    • Need of these apps
    • Marketing strategy for customers
    • What is the uniqueness of your app

    It is necessary to ensure your concept does not merely copy a competitor’s app. Understand the product and market value of your app and other company’s app. top mobile app development companies in India use to research before launching their app in the market. 

    Testing before launching for potential users

    Testing the app you have made is very important because terms that may seem easy and simple to a developer maybe they were not clear to layman users. It might be possible that the user will not be comfortable with the application as much as you are. This can lower the ratings and reviews of the app. Therefore it is better to test the app before launching. The testers will give you a better idea of how your target users will navigate through the app. A final touch-up can be given to the app after testing. It will tell you the expectations and reality of the app. The plus point of testing is that the users who are going to test your app can be the ambassador of your app and you can convince them to promote it by giving some exclusive offers. 

    Calculate Access to Social Media

    You know, or you have hundreds of apps on your Smartphone, research says, most people only use 9 apps in their daily lives? Social media is a free online advertising channel where sells your app before release. So you have to do it wisely. Here’s what you can do to connect with your customers via social media before launching the app. Increase the success of your app by defining well designed public marketing strategy for app launches. The survey targeted the audience with tools for stealing your rival’s followers by looking at their social accounts. Create a buzz on all social media through paid ads (product awareness campaigns, app launches). Develop unique content throughout social networks, joining niche-specific communities, and in-app promotional forums. Engage your social audience with posts soon, and share success stories, customer feedback to generate authenticity among the target audience.

    Implementation of app analytics

    It is very important to measure and monitor app engagement and usage behavior through In-app analytics can offer invaluable insights into how to improve the user experience and optimize your marketing strategy, and preventing your app from future success. Define a powerful strategy to obtain the relatable information required to measure the performance and success of your app. implementing a comprehensive mobile analytics platform can be an important optimizing tool for a better user experience. 

    Create mobile app videos

    Mobile app demo videos are a very important part of the success of the app. It helps your audience to understand your app. These review guides help new users to get clear, concise, and accurate information about mobile app launch programs. Here’s how to create an app demo –

    Use tools like Camtasia, DU Recorder for screen recording and voice-overs to create short videos featuring your app. You can add an animated GIF demo to provide instant information to users by transferring the most important information first. Try a demo on the shoulder with the aid of showcasing your mobile app by advertising and marketing plan to bring the app release such as Techcrunch, Mobile App Daily, etc.

    Create a dedicated website

    To promote your app on the web, you need a good landing page for mobile and desktop devices. To take advantage of your social media efforts, create a simple landing page with a clear technical statement, strong language, brand names, including success stories, top features of your app, its version and supporting information, etc .; and an explicit call to action to reduce your earnings inactive app installers. Top mobile app development companies in India are using such methods to promote their apps for different promotions. 

    Select the app store

    To start with the app launch, initially, you have to select any one app store. There are two major app stores available, Apple and the Android market/play store. After mock-ups, design, and development, your app is ready to be launched in the app store you want. Once your app is published in a single app store, you can expand it further. Make sure your app complies with all the App Store or play store review guidelines and has no problems. Create your App ID and follow some steps, you can check out the list of the best app stores for 2021.

    Check ASO

    Activating the app checklist should include ASO usage. Discover usage patterns, analyze user performance, and unlock application issues with ASO (App Store Optimization). Make your apps available among the millions by getting your apps ranked high in the app store search. Significantly, more and more people are finding new apps through the app store search, making ASO an essential part of mobile app success.

    ASO (in short) not only brings traffic to your app; but also makes your app visible to potential customers and encourages them to take action on your app page (Download the app).

    Post-launch checklist of Mobile Apps

    mobile apps launch checklists

    Feedbacks and engagements of users 

    During the beta testing, you must add a feedback tool to the app that can be easily accessible. That tool has already eliminated big errors in the app with the feedback and now communication with the customers is open. Clients can share their reviews and feedbacks, seek support, and report crashes or bugs. It is good to monitor the app at the earliest to remove such bugs and release the app in the market as a part of the mobile app launch checklist. The customers can be satisfied with the early updates, if you will provide the updates timely and make your app up to date, for sure the consumers will give you better ratings and positive reviews. 

    Focus on Customer Needs & Lock Road Map

    As mentioned above, it’s mandatory to keep customers as crucial to your app and consider their feedback as a critical point in the app store checklist. It will help to understand:


    You must know the frequency of a hassle faced by users. You will know the number of times a user has faced similar issues and how many have expressed their interest in a particular aspect.


    When will the feature add value to the business? Should you add it immediately or should you wait? Is it urgent to add these features?

    This will help to work on a product roadmap that will move forward over time. You can add items as their importance to the list to improve user experience and attract an audience to the app. This helps to prioritize customer-related distractions and increases quality assurance. 

    Motivation for review and ratings

     By this method, you are giving your customers the power to speak their minds out through rating and reviews in the next step of launching an app checklist. Most of the best mobile app companies, India are giving their users a right to give their reviews and suggestions. Remember that customers are evaluating the app and hence will put their inputs forward to get trustworthy solutions. They check the app on the quality and reliability so it is better to have a warning before that it might not be satisfactory. The rating of an app keeps a lot of importance in the Android and IOS stores due to its fixed threshold. In the Apple app store, it is necessary to have five rating minimum for calculating the average ratings. 

    Ongoing Use

    If your app gets blurred in a new app queue, it will be hard to get new customer acquisitions. Therefore, it can be added to the checklist to launch the mobile app as a vital component because the storage will hold a large amount. It is important to offer a motive to customers to restart the app daily or have interaction. It can be achieved with new personalized content, submissions, and bonus items to keep customers engaged. Some features can show the natural growth of an app which includes:

    Proper sharing – The app ought to have a unique feature that allows customers to share without asking twice. It is a convincing customer experience that forces them to share it with their contacts as a look and get points.

    Easy to share – If sharing the app with others is user hassles then know that it’ll no longer go similarly. Users want everything to be as simple as possible with little effort. Make sure you make the whole process easy to make sure users download the app and others.

    It should be part of your mobile app shipping checklist to ensure no problems arise during sharing. Once that is achieved, consider app notifications as a priority for users. There is no need to spam the user’s mobile phone with a notification after a few minutes again unless it is a messaging app. It is one of the main reasons why users uninstall the app. Therefore, it’s far important to increase the frequency of information ahead of time.

    Why do users uninstall the mobile apps?

    With regular use and analysis, it will be easy to understand these things and get rid of them in your app in the beginning. However, be sure to keep these points in mind for future updates as well. Adding new features does not mean that previous features need to be compromised.

    Final takeout

    These are the major factors that might be considered before and after the launch of an app for app launch checklist. Launching an app on any platform such as the play store and apple app store is a major moment that a mobile app developer waits for throughout the entire development process. Though it is not a fixed time it can be a continuous process that will take time to achieve the optimal goal and reach out to an ideal stage. We hope the given information will be helpful for you. Thanks for giving your time and patience. 

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