App Promotion: Creative Ways to Market Your App for Free

    If you are working in the best mobile app development company in India, you must have known how many clients are connecting with your company and how much the demand for applications for businesses is high.

    Building apps is a skill that most people learn and, after learning, they provide services. But, only building an app is not sufficient in this competitive environment.

    When you look around you in the business industry, you will see extreme competition around you. So, after building an app, app promotion is also essential since it is the best way to tell your spectators that you have an app for your business.

    So, here we will share some of the best ways that will help you for app promotion –

    Leverage Your Mobile Website

    Your website can be one of the supreme assets to promoting your app if you have an existing website that is mobile-friendly and fully functional. At one point or another, all of your consumers or anybody attentive in your company will find out their approach to your website.

    Significantly, they all know about your app when they do. Including your app in your site can mean dividing off a part of your site exclusively for the app, such as towards the middle of the web page or corner of the screen.

    Whereas this way can bring in more downloads we recommend taking an alternative approach. You should have a pop-up page that displays whenever someone visits your site instead of placing it exclusively on your website.

    Initially, your viewers see your app in this way. The pop-up page on your web page is just an alarm that you have an application and, your consumers are given either a choice to continue to your mobile website or install the app. By doing this you may also be able to market your app promotion.

    Feature the App In an Official Blog

    You should include your app in your frequently scheduled blog post as it is one of the best mobile app promotion approaches you can leverage additionally to comprising your app on your website. Some people may do so by producing a comprehensive blog post exclusively including a call to action at the end of every blog post or about your app to invite your spectators to download the app.

    You need to write a complete description of your app and let your target spectators know the purpose behind it when you write the blog post just about the app.

    People need to tell them how this app can make things easy and help them. Include your app links, videos, and screenshots to assist them to get a decent understanding.

    Feature the App In Your Emails

    Your new app wants to be inscribed into each aspect of your marketing, which contains all of your emails. You will send out limitless emails and, not with your app in every of those is a missed chance as a business.

    Any email that is sent out, whether it be from your newsletter, your tech support, or even the payment approval email must comprise a text with one line app promotion.

    Containing details such as what can be proficient through a link redirecting towards the download page and the application. Emails still have their appeal provided they are used under the right conditions.

    According to a study, nearly 90% of human beings check their email every day. Take advantage by integrating your application links into newsletters; customer service emails, and also makes it a habit to utilize them in email signatures. You can also do ASO (app store optimization) for app promotion.

    Create a Demo Video

    It is essential to create a demo video to promote your app. Several top mobile app development companies in India follow this approach these days. Since the videos are an informal method for you to display everything about your well-built and beautiful app.

    You need to create a simple 30-second long commercial video that will provide basic information about your app with why, how, and what questions. You should assign work to a team to form this video together. The cooperative minds of more than one person will assist you to complete projects with fewer errors and faster.

    Don’t forget that your demo video is not meant to stay the way it is now. Your videos, as well as your all content, ought to be updated monthly or weekly on your website. After finishing building your demo video, you need to control your social media channels and other platforms to promote your application.

    Your demo video should be comprised in your Instagram or Facebook account, blog post, and YouTube channels to get better results.

    Reach Out to Influencers

    Marketing your application can also cover away from your usual field of encouragement and, often, these foreign networks are precisely what your company desires. Authentic, developing honest and jointly valuable relationships with influencers will go a long way in assisting to promote your application. Influencers are persons with the control to impact the purchasing and meeting decisions of a certain group of people.

    Business owners reaching out to bloggers or influencers ought to be wary of only current content that is truly relevant for the influencers and their target spectators. Whereas some marketers frequently provide monetary compensation in exchange for influencer promotion, we recommend you instead of discovering influencers that correctly value your company.

    Your spectators will rapidly catch on that the influencer is being paid to act on your behalf. The last thing you need to know is spectators feeling that you are “faking” how good your business is. Honest supports will help your company much more and build a strong following. Your influencers should know that you have built or are building an application.

    If you can get some time with them to collect some feedback or to discuss the development of the app, you can ask other questions related to the application. Give them their own section within the work or application towards building an app that provides to both your requirements, if you really want to have them on board. Ensure your interest, values, and customers align if you decide to go with either of those choices.

    Consider Alternative App Stores

    Don`t depend only on Google Play and the App store- there are numerous other app stores on the online market where you can upload your app.

    If an app is submitted on other less popular stores, it will increase the predictable downloads approx. 200% more as compared to the google play store. Many great app stores that you need to consider and are growing day by day in the market are given below:
    1. SlideMe
    2. GetJar
    3. AppLib
    4. Amazon Appstore
    5. AppBrain
    6. Opera Mobile Store

    Read the complete guide carefully if you want more information. And don`t forget that the app market is bigger than those two popular stores.

    Apply for Awards

    Participating in app awards is considered the most recommended channel and, you have to take advantage of it. Its ability to give you tons of press, exposure, reviews, and plenty of downloads.

    However, the chances of winning most probably depend on your pitch and app idea if you manage to get things right the first time, also you can expect to enjoy a little recognition.

    Some most famous app awards sites recommended by Top mobile app development companies in India are given below:

    1. Best App Ever Award
    2. Appster’s Awards
    3. The Webby Awards
    4. Best Mobile App Award
    5. OZApp
    6. Appy Award

    Reach Out Like Fantastic

    You don t need to depends only on App stores. Explore Google’s search engine and, it definitely wonders for your app. Let`s suppose your app is related to music- Google the term “best music android apps” and analyze the result that you get.

    Out of these top 10 results, at least 8 of them are high specialist blogs that can be communicated to your app featured.

    Moreover, your app featured offers long-term benefits such as:
    1. Exposure
    2. Targeted Traffic
    3. Powerful Link-building
    4. Rating & Reviews

    Join Developers & Businesspersons Groups on Social Media

    Try to increase your visibility on social media groups & communities, especially LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook, to become popular among businesspersons & app developers go.

    Don`t forget to collect their opinion on your app and give them free promo codes to try it out. You can discuss your business ideas with the best mobile app development company in India Talk about overcurrent features, bug fixes, future updates and value their opinion.

    You can build great bonding with them, which might current the opportunity to cross-promote each other’s apps without spending a cent.

    Take GREAT Screenshots

    While simple does a really poor job of getting across what you’re trying to show that potential user, just taking a screenshot of your app and dropping it in the app store.

    Adding captions and adding more graphic elements to your screenshots is like a boring job management app, into a high download champion. For example, Vine’s app page can put you in a situation where just by looking at the screenshots, you can fully realize the features presented within that app. It makes it a modest choice to download or not to download.

    App Store Optimization

    For search engine optimization, app store optimization is at its core. And app store optimization focuses on keyword relevance, search applicability, and the keyword density in your description like search engine optimization. Your app description is one of the most important things you can focus on in your mobile App Promotion marketing efforts with almost half of iPhone users in the US finding apps through search.

    Build a Great App Landing Page

    If you don’t have a mobile app, a great landing page is a must-have for any business.

    Moreover, having a great landing page is like having a great business card, it’s good to have with you.

    Spendee comes under a great mobile app landing page that has all the elements needed for customer’s attainment and meeting. There is several times larger than the social sharing buttons, good to have for helping visitors to the site share the app.

    Promote Your App Through a Promo Video

    Any app needs to have a good promo video. It’s a fast and easy method for someone to understand the most common use case behind the app and how they could use it too.

    Clear the promo video is considered a great example of how simple and it must get across just enough information to induce a download.

    The video generated over 1.2 million views while this video may seem simple compared to other app promo videos. Another benefit of a promo video is that you can take advantage of video search engine optimization.

    Use Your Social Network

    Although sending the message once is good, sending it multiple times over a month or two is even better. And if you were to take the same message, re-write it 4 to 5 times and send it out once a week. It is a big achievement for a company and any number of things for your customers when you launch something like a mobile app. Moreover, confirms that they are getting the message by re-posting the same content but with a different message.

    Promote Your App In-Store

    The best way to drive ongoing app downloads is to leverage your foot traffic if you run a brick-and-mortar business. You are informing your target audience that you have a mobile app by placing a QR code. Additionally, by having a QR code on your business cards, everyone that acquires a card can have a direct link to download your app in their pocket.

    In closing

    You don`t need to spend a lot of money to promote your app, as there are many creative ways to market your app for free. You need a technique that gets organic downloads without paying for ads. At present, there are various free platforms where you can launch your app promotion, like Top mobile app development companies in India. If you want to know more about it, feel free to contact us in the comment box.

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