How Hybrid App Development is Beneficial for both Developers & Clients


    If you are into app development or want to develop an app for your business, then know that today most of the people want to develop their app in hybrid platform and that’s not it developer also suggest their client to have an app on hybrid platform. So what is so special in hybrid apps which makes all crazy. Well you need to find it out yourself by reading below article which is focused on both developers and clients.

    Why Developer Choose Hybrid Platform?

      • Hybrid apps are independent and can be easily built, all thanks to its single code base works which effectively works on different platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.
      • The great thing about hybrid apps is it can be easily developed who knows about CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. From a developer point of view, it’s a great advantage. He can simply develop a hybrid app for any platform.
      • Developers can easily add basic features like reminders, notifications, etc. with the help of tools like Phone Gap and Cordova.

    Developer Choose Ionic Framework Because of Below Reasons:

      • Ionic Framework is open source.
      • Exposure to Ionic framework is based on Angular JS.
      • Helps to develop an app for Android, iOS, Windows and more.
      • It has many built-in UI components which perfectly suits with many client requirements. Moreover, it reduces the development process too especially when a client wants to develop an app for the different platform.
      • Ionic framework helps the developer to add native features like reminders, notification etc.
      • Security features can be easily added using White List plugin.
      • It allows saving the offline data using SQLite.
      • It supports gestures like transitions, tap, swipe etc.
      • It has already a big community and forum which is ready to help the needy developer anytime.

    Why You Need to Go with Hybrid App Development?

      • As above mentioned hybrid app takes less time to develop so it could be the best option when you want to launch an app for your brand and business quickly.
      • If you have less budget then the hybrid platform is best for you apart from it, the hybrid is cost-effective too as you don’t need to separately spend on development of other platforms from scratch as the single code works well for all platforms.
      • If you have limited needs which means you don’t need a complicated app which has tons of features, then a hybrid is perfect for you.

    Challenges With Hybrid Apps

      • Performance is one of the biggest issues with Hybrid apps. The iOS webview is far better than Android webview. So there are many parts where iOS works smoothly but Android’s hybrid app lags too much.
      • Animation makes the apps more live. Now as hybrid apps are designed in CSS and JavaScript, animation integrated within not as smooth as in native apps.
      • If your app needs too many gestures then maybe you don’t want to develop your app in a hybrid. It is not that bad, but obviously, it can’t compete with native apps.
        Hybrid apps don’t have native scrolling. Instead, it depends on Ionic scrolling which is not effective.

    How Developer Help You to Deal With Above Problems?

    • Hybrid apps are much like single page apps which run on the device using webview. To maximize the performance hybrid apps need to as simple as they can.
    • When it comes to animation, page transition, etc. developer prefer to stick with default animation and transitions. If you force them to add customized transitions and animations, then you need to pay for the bad user experience.
    • Ionic supports gestures like tap, swipe, hold and click so developers don’t add their creativity as these basic gestures are enough.
    • As mentions, Ionic has default scrolling which is not effective as native one so to deal with it developers try to show the data on the single screen.

    After reading this post if you have planned for hybrid mobile app development then RichestSoft will help you to build an hybrid app which meets your business needs flawlessly. If you still have confusion then feel free to tell us in the comment section.

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