How to Make a Successful New App With a Used App Idea?


    Creating an app is a reflection of ourself and reflection what we feel missing in the world. No doubt generating an app for the first time can be challenging and daunting.  It is difficult to find out the unique ideas among the numbers of the apps. The first idea generation is not a gift given to a few people. Moreover, it is a process by which any of us can explore carefully step by step methods to find the solution for our problem.  The success of your app mainly depends on its mobile app development.

    It is known that Google was not the first search engine. Facebook was not the first social network. Instagram became famous even though the sharing of photos is also possible over Facebook. So if you have a good app idea, but it already exists in the market, don’t let that stop you from doing it anyways. Building a successful app looks for many things along with the idea. It takes vision, execution, and perseverance.  Yes, it is possible. You can enhance your app by adding a unique and useful feature which makes it different from the others. If you also have a unique idea, consult the best mobile app development company which gives wings to your designs.

    Let’s discuss some of the backstories of these popular apps?


    Google has totally changed our lives and makes things much easier for us as they used to be. It is hard to believe that once all the pages were indexed manually and had to be searched by their www address. It is true that webpage pages started in 1990 and first time showed up by 1993. No, It was not the Google. Google came into the limelight in 1998.

    There were probably 20 more search engines at that time. We probably remember Alta Vista, Web Crawler and of course, Yahoo! and AOL. If the one who has got the idea first, will succeed, then we will not get the search engine of the world.

    Now, Google has held the top position, we it did better than others. As the pages on the web pages appear, all these other search engines couldn’t keep it up, while Google developed a ranking system which is comprehensive and consistently brought better search results.


    Facebook was also not a unique idea at that time. Even, it wasn’t  Zuckerberg’s idea.   Facebook wiped out names like myspace, Orkut, and many other famous social network sites as well. Facebook did not taste the success immediately; it gained popularity with the passage of the time and over the years of the evolving. A modern minimalistic design, a super-intuitive news feed which is highly appreciatable and high photo-sharing capabilities, easy accessibility and the Facebook API permit it to connect it with all other sites. Facebook is omnipresent and often the most natural one-click sign-in on a slew of shopping, entertainment, and other websites.


    Instagram let the user share the photos. So what Facebook is also doing the same. No doubt, Hipstamatic nailed the filter in the right way, but one can beat the Instagram excellent filters that make ordinary pictures look great.

    As we all know, service of the flicker has got the many awards in the photography sector. Even Facebook and Twitter are full of shared photos. All Instagram process is so simple and user-friendly. It truly leveraged the mobile-first revolution and made clicking, uploading, clicking and sharing super easy and quick.  It is the main reason behind the sensation of Instagram, by not doing anything new, but doing the old well.

    Uber Eats

    Uber eats was not the first food delivering the app in the market. Zomato, an online restaurant search platform, was founded under the name ‘Foodiebay’ in 2008. The company expanded the features by including food ordering and delivery in the top cities of the world. UberEATS brings convenience attraction and reliability. It also offers the user to schedule their food before time.

    The app lets users track their order through every step of the process so that consumers can monitor his order and ensured that their order is being delivered at their location on time. If you are riding and feeling hungry, order your food and get it on the destination when you reached.  They also offer exciting offers to the audience so that everyone can get the tasty food of their choice.

    To help make things easier for  the audience, we need to discuss a few things you can do to make a used idea work for you and rise above the current rivals:

    Bridge the Gap

    In many ways, working with the plan which already exits has the plus points. You already know the market and its expectations. You know what your prospective users expect, what they already have and what more they’d like. You need to look very closely and find the pain points that consumers experience with the current apps. Now eliminate these pain points with features. You must know what are the loopholes in the existing apps and how you can overcome those. If you find out the solution of these loopholes, no one can stop you from making the best app.

    Better Design

    If you are curious about building an app, with better design and features that will give you more audience. As Instagram did, make it stupidly simple to get things done. The lesser your users have to work, the better they like the app. Eliminate all the clicks you can. Place essential buttons within the thumb’s reach. Stay clean and minimal.

    Target A New Market

    You do not the global market at the initial stage. To be conservative, you should focus on an active niche market by offering something particular that a lot of people value. This will help you develop a strong and loyal brand following quickly. You can push your limits once you have a foot in the door. Expand to newer markets, add new features, and evolve as you grow. But at first, work hard on a focused market.

    Find out the Target Audience

    An essential step in the idea generation process is to make a good relationship with your audience to whom you are going to focus. As their giver, you must be aware of their every need, desire, and complaint. You can learn a lot by listening to them and take a closure look at their issues and how your customers interact with your product and company. Pay careful attention to where they spend most of the time.  Map out the path they follow using your product and through your website. Your customers value their time, and if they choose to give it to you, you are providing some value.

    Consider A New Monetization Strategy

    Maybe users love the current apps but hate in-app advertising. Perhaps you could give them an ad-free experience and come up with a better monetization model. Marketing is the only way within a business that will continue to get growth and generate a good amount of profit. Everything from your sales team, promotions, advertisements, profit models, and partnerships are affected by the decisions you make in your marketing division. Generating ideas require a careful look at your current marketing processes and examining whether there are sections which can be transformed into an app or if the app needs to have certain sections to fill in any holes or complement the customer experience.

    Take a closer look at your business plan

    Your business plan is the roadmap of your business.  It is the main point where your business lies upon. Within your project, focus on revisiting your initial short term and long term goals, future strategies and mission/vision statements. Work through these in conjunction with some of the points raised above to identify any targets that could be achieved, or aided, through the use of apps. The business plan must be solid and effective to get the desired results.

    The Wrap

    If you are crazy about your idea, go for it. That, in a nutshell, is my advice for you. Of course, follow the above points, do your research, and make your app better than the currently available options. And then, it doesn’t matter if a dozen people have already created an app with the same idea. Yours could be much better, and eventually more successful, like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. If you have a new idea, you can enhance the existing app with better features and something unique which is missing in the existing apps.

    By getting better features, design, and idea you can create a better and competitive app. Above all, the main things which matter, design and features of your app. To make user-friendly is a challenging app. If you want to make the best app with all the functionality, consult Richestsoft, the top mobile app development company in India and get the benefit.

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