How Node.js Can Benefit Your Online Business in 2019

Today NodeJS has become one of the most favorable choices amongst the developers. NodeJS-JavaScript runtime environment facilitates fast, cost-effective and extremely scalable web server for web applications. NodeJS development is widely used by developing companies in order to accelerate the growth of their online businesses. To get the best services, consult the best mobile app development company in India.

One question that every business person has on their mind today is – how NodeJS development can benefit your online business in 2019? Well, it is not because they doubt it well, but because they want to know the extent of it. NodeJS – JavaScript facilitates cost-effective, fast, and an extremely scalable web server for web applications. It is considered one of the most preferred JS frameworks for all web developers since it provides a variety of security and web benefits in the web development process.

If you are also curious to know to what extent Node.js web development company can help to benefit your online business, then check out the below points!!.


In most of the cases, a developer needs to have the knowledge of one or more programming languages in order to code, but NodeJS is an exception. The benefit of cross-stage development can take your NodeJS android development to the next level.


The event-driven design of the Node.js application framework helps it to easily infuse adaptability into the web applications. Direct modules can be added to make it work efficiently with the websites along with the benefit of adding new modules to make it even more scalable. Well, it provides the little and direct modules that work perfectly with the websites and furthermore, the new modules can be added more efficiently to make it more scalable.

Best Possible Speed

We already realize that Node.JS makes use of the Chrome V8 engine, offering efficient speed while running the web-based applications. Moreover, I likewise have told earlier that I/O model is active; it does not hinder the I/O operations enhancing the seed of the performance.

Considerable support of the community

The e-commerce stage is a complex structure to design with numerous features, functionaries, and design, etc. In this manner, at times, the developers may need consecutive help and help from the network members if they need a specific answer for a problem.

Plugin Advantages

One of the key access of employing Node.js for your next e-commerce application development is that you would get access to ready-made plugins. This is one big way how NodeJS development can benefit your online business in 2019. The free plugins are generally available on the GitHub and free for the downloading process. They help to speed up the process of development without spending any further money.

Consistency in data streaming

The architecture of the Node.JS had worked in such a manner, to the point that any HTTP request and the corresponding outcome travel through a single data stream. Therefore, it becomes a lot easier to process the files, and along these lines, it becomes an aid for the e-commerce website that heaps N numbers of items on the run. The videos are uploaded at rapid, helping customers to make fast purchase decisions.

Easy management and real-time communication

When you are building an e-commerce web or application, one of the essential features that you need to include is real-time interaction with the customers. And, this is how NodeJS development can benefit your online business in 2019. Since Node.js bolsters the front just as the backend development, the correspondence becomes considerably more comfortable where you can interact with the clients right away. Truth be told, Node.JS additionally adequately bolsters the implementation of the talk based stage or tool.

Microservices and orchestrators

Microservices can be seen as an alternative to the serverless movement, as what they bring to the table is similar to the benefits of a serverless approach. Microservices has written in Node.js shine especially in large scale products and proven solutions that want to improve maintainability and eliminate the technical debt of their current stack.

Independent development – multiple teams can work on separate parts of an application simultaneously.


Battle-tested by Facebook and Shopify, GraphQL should start getting more traction in 2019. Once again it’s a technology-agnostic solution, yet some of its features resonate with the current developments in JavaScript in general and Node.js in particular.

Employing GraphQL in your application allows for the use of multiple data sources in an efficient manner. It simplifies the workflow on multiple platforms, and the development of new features – it can provide sample placeholder structures while features are still being developed.

GraphQL is also a great connector for when you want to switch from legacy technology to something more modern, as it does not require the underlying dependencies to be written in one stack.

Real-time Web App Provisioning

Node.js performs especially well under heavy load and is hence a perfect solution for almost any real-time web project. There are a plethora of applications that require real-time communication, from chatbots, instant communication apps, teleconferencing software, and cloud-based personal assistants, all the way to data stream processing, all of which Node will continue to shine in.

Here are five things we believe will be hot in Node.js community in 2019:

Node.js is being used across 85 countries and powers websites in more than 45 languages. Indeed NodeJS is fast, powerful and flexible, but is it right for the online business?

NodeJS is fueling some of the world’s most powerful websites for Target, IBM, PayPal, Pinterest, Sony, Walmart, RedHat and an endless trail of market leaders follows.

NodeJS brings in the advantage of its JavaScript engine making the e-commerce websites fast and efficiently. To developers, preferring Node JS framework over other frameworks it becomes important to know how Node JS is advantageous.

Node Package Manager Advantage

Dependency Management becomes a bottleneck with lots of eCommerce stores, but the ones developed on NodeJS do not suffer the grind. With 60000 modules in Node Package Manager (NPM), surpasses the growth and scalability standards of any other framework.

Productivity of Apps

Working at a scale of enterprise level development of Web Apps, it makes the development process more productive. The front-end and backend work using JavaScript making it easy for developers to work on both ends in a highly efficient manner. This aspect reduces the number of developers required to build an App thus reducing the cost of development without compromising on quality and time to market. PayPal has taken massive advantage of the NodeJS framework.

Proxy Server and security

Node JS development offers a proxy server along with it that makes it easy to collect data from multiple channels like e-commerce Apps and websites. The framework offers extreme customization and bespoke security standards. It is being trusted by a lot of enterprise leaders to fuel the eCommerce stores for its security advantages.

Resolution of Database Queries

Node JS development makes it easy to combine the operations of Node.js and NoSQL databases. As the emerging database queries are also fueled by JavaScript, it becomes easy for developers to make NodeJS work for multiple databases. This is especially important when dealing with real-time web Apps as data conversions are not required.

Monitoring Dashboard

Another common use-case in which Node-with-web-sockets fits perfectly: tracking website visitors and visualizing their interactions in real-time.

You could be gathering real-time stats from your user, or even moving it to the next level by introducing targeted interactions with your visitors by opening a communication channel when they reach a specific point in your funnel.

Imagine how you could improve your business if you know what your visitors were doing in real-time if you could visualize their interactions. With the real-time, two-way sockets of Node.js, now you can.

Examples of Where Node.js Should Be Used

Chat is the most typical real-time, multi-user application. From IRC (back in the day), through many proprietary and open protocols running on non-standard ports, to the ability to implement everything today in Node.js with websockets running over the standard port 80.


There is no doubt that Node will also be a part of the stacks yet to emerge considering its footprint on the global developer community and the rich ecosystem it allowed for, namely the Node Package Manager. Node JS is being trusted by a thriving community of developers as it has matured into a full-fledged development solution. Its flexibility, reliability, and scalability make it a most trusted framework to create an eCommerce store of the performance level of Walmart and eBay.

Offering reduced times of development and lower development costs, developers are favoring the eCommerce development on the Node.JS framework. If you are also looking for  Node.JS services, consult  top mobile app development companies in India and hire them for their best services.

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