Top 7 References to Learn New Aspects of Android Programming

Whether you have started learning program or having experience, keeping yourself updated with the new trend of that technology is very essential. You can take advantage of your education by utilizing all the resources available to become the master developer. Whether you like to get the education from the discussion forum, online course or a tutorial, all are the great source to learn anything you want. Learning good books are like complimenting your knowledge.

If you are one of Android apps developers in India or any other state, here is the reference of Android books to learn new trends of Android Programming in 2017

1. Java: A Beginner’s Guide
As a beginner, you should start learning from Java Programming Language, as it is the language of Android development. It is a creation of best programming author Herb Schildt that guide you from the basic of compiling, creating and running a java program.

Java: A beginner’s guide also based on advanced features. Here you get to know about generics, multithreaded programming, lambda expressions as well as swing.

2. Learning Java by Building Android Games
This book is for the beginners as well as experienced programmers, to get a solid grasp of the Java language and foundation APIs. Teaching you Java by the process of game development is easy if you have the habit of reading. You would get to know that what the basics of games are, and develop different kind of game application for general as well as personal usages.

3. Thinking in Java

This is an award winning book that claimed to read by most of the android apps developers in India. The theoretical and practical piece explains you the real meaning of “ Thinking in Java.” Along with several steps of programming, you will get to know about object-oriented programming as well as Java syntax.

4. Android Programming for Beginners

This book is based no Java programming via Android that guides through the process of creating an Android Application even if you are the beginner. You will get three real world application as well as several mini codes

5. Hello, Android: Introducing Google’s Mobile Development Platform Book

This is one of the top books to learn android programming as it explains in a great way all the basic Android concepts. Here you also get to know that how to create an animated user interface, add music with different sound effects. You would know the concept of Google Play Store as well.

6. Head First Android Development: A Brain-Friendly Guide

This is the visually approaching book, especially recommendable for those who like to learn with memory and images tricks. This book includes all the features related to design, database and structure. Complete knowledge of Java is required with another guide called Head First Java.

7. The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

This reference is the best for Android App Development course. Many developers have considered this book best for Android Programming, the concepts in it make you familiar with Java.
Here you would get the complete detail of Android boot camp, experienced by the expert developers from the Big Nerd Ranch. Here you would get the good technique for app development to clarify all key concept as well as apps on Android.

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