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    iOS is the mobile operating system which was originally developed for the iPhone and it has been extended to the other Apple devices such as  Apple TV, iPad, iWatch and iPod touch. Apple is one of the best brands in the technology sector. It has revealed to the world that innovation and reliability are its ultimate motive.  Every year, Apple launched new technology for its users and work out to enhance the usability of the application. iOS app development is the most demanding these days.

    If you are an iOS app developer, you might be questioned about why iOS applications are better than any other apps. You are spending a number of hours in learning how to deliver an excellent app, how to make the app user-friendly and work on the standard practices to follow in app development. But the important thing is usability. Yes, the usability of the app is the reason behind choosing iOS apps over other apps.

    There are basically two main aspects related to iOS app development and design.  You need to pay deliberation in order to provide high usability in an app. In this post, we would like to list some valuable features on usability which you can put in your iOS applications to impress your users. The app store is flooded with a number of apps, but a few of them have the ability to make its users fan of it. The user- experience is the broad term in itself. If you want to develop any mobile app based upon iOS, consult the best mobile app development company.

    Main tips for iOS app development Utilization:

    1. Keep your design simple

    The main task of this app is to make your user completely satisfied. If they are happy, your efforts are worthy. You must set up some goals in your mind. Also, figure out the barrier, those create problems to accomplish your task.

    Moreover, you can relate your target audience and app’s functionalities to make the design accordingly. Users must have an idea about the app and its functionalities. Don’t add unwanted features to divert them from the path. Try minimalistic design terms and create a simple and highly usable approach for you.

    2. Improve Findability

    It is the plus point for any app if the user can search their intended product or service inside the app easily. Your user may become frustrated and leave the app if he is not able to find the right stuff in your app. In this case, he may give negative feedback and downrate the app and this bad review which will cause you a big loss.

    Provide an in-app search engine to improve the findability of all products, services or any content with easy and quick results.

    There are lots of searches you can put in your app to improve its findability like faceted search, suggestive search, filtered search,  etc to provide ease to the users. An improved search makes the user’s journey easy with the app.

    3. Quick launch options

    This is a powerful tip. Users have a collection of apps and folders, they feel hotchpotch in every corner of the screen. You can use this pain point to make your app’s gain point. Allow your users to quickly launch your app on the home screen with ‘quick launch options.

    4. Push Notification

    Pop-ups and push notifications are the best way to engage with their users.  It must be useful to force the user to take action.  Therefore,  you should give you the best to make the push notification interactive. For this purpose, you must use simple buttons so that the users can press and reach to the actions easily. Generally, push notifications are used to show the latest deals like sports update, coupon code, flash sale etc. You can use real-time information to get an immediate response from the users. The users will take significant actions after finding the content of their interest. Take all these advantages by developing interactive push notifications as per the nature of the app.

    4. Make your app compatible with different versions

    To support consumers who have not purchased the most recent iPhone, your iPhone app must support multiple versions of iOS.

    Supporting multiple versions widens the reach of your app, which allows you to gain more users. For example, Facebook Messenger has over 1 billion app downloads and supports multiple iOS versions and Android platform. Messenger always updates with the release of a newer version of iOS to retain its user base.

    5. Create high performing app

    An iPhone app must be high-performing and meet customer requirements of agility, speed, and flexibility. If an app is not high-performing, users will lose interest and eventually delete it.

    WhatsApp is a good example of a high-performing app. It provides communication features without significant lag.

    Users can interact with each other in various modes, such as texts and video calls, and send each other images, videos, documents, and their location.

    6. 3D touch

    To provide 3D touch adds extra functionality in your app. With the help of this 3D touch, users can preview the content piecing in advance before watching it. Therefore, 3D touch is useful to get higher user interaction and more visibility in the app store. You can reach to the maximum users by integrating 3D touch in your app.

    7. Divide screen and Slide over

    It is always frustrating to open a single app at one time. Even if they need to open other apps at the same time, they have to leave one app and use another. As a developer, you can help others by adding this feature in your next app which saves time and efforts of users and allows them to use two apps at the same time on one screen without leaving one for another.

    It is like multitasking on the screen which increases the productivity of applications. This feature is optimized for iPad applications. The three main multitasking functions are – Split view, Slide-Over, and Picture-in-Picture.

    Split view is used to optimize two apps at the same time and provides the ability to adjust the screen distribution as per the viewing needs. By picture-in-picture feature, you can watch the video on one side and optimize other apps on the other side such as checking emails. A brand new feature storyboard is also launched which supports all screen rotations.

    8. Add-on

    Users can create a workflow by outsourcing your task to the other apps so that they can do the tasks in a better way. This feature is called an app extension. This feature is called app extensions. For instance, posting updates on package delivery, embed photo editing tools in your gallery or camera is the app extension feature. Users can choose their desired services for sharing, storage, document provider and file provider using a single app. So, iOS developer must focus on its main feature while developing iOS applications.

    9. TouchID Authentication

    Typing password or using a password manager is a fence that put off anyone. You can use TouchID authentication to allow your users to quickly access the app securely. Before you can set up Touch ID, you need to create a passcode for your device. It is a fingerprint authentication which allows users to authenticate the app using a fingerprint. It is secure and widely adopted in many apps to avoid typing username/password.

    10. App Testing before launching

    If an app fails the first time customers use it, they are unlikely to return to the app; handling various bugs and issues before launch can prevent this.

    A/B testing is a process in which you release two different versions of your app to two different groups. A/B testing helps gauge which version of your app users will prefer.

    Moreover, price plays a crucial part in your iPhone app’s success. While a free app sounds enticing, it may not be good for your business, especially if you are offering a unique, premium service. The best way to determine app price is to gauge the development time, development cost, and features of the app. All these factors drive the cost of the app. If people do not like your app they won’t download and buy it. Therefore, select the feature and price of any app carefully.


    In the nutshell, we can say that there are numbers of the features which are helpful to improve the usability of the mobile app if and only if, it is implemented prudently. Therefore, the top mobile app development companies are continuously focusing to bring improvements in the usability to satisfy their clients. These tips are the result of years of experience dealing with iPhone app development. Keeping these tips in mind can help you create better iPhone apps for your customers and attract potential customers. Make sure that you are well prepared for the upcoming troubles. You have checked your app for any shortcomings like it never gets crashed and it is recommended that you have tested your project before release. Furthermore, register them before uploading to the app store.

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