Programming Language Trends in 2021: The Future of Tech

    There`s no doubt that software programming is a great career right now. Time and technology give one guarantee that they never are the same. In the world of programming language, there are many programming languages, so it becomes very difficult to decide which language is the best for a better future or career.

    Through this blog, we are going to share the top programming language trend for your better career. With the help of this guide, you will be able to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the most demanding programming languages.

    All these mentioned future programming languages have great scope and job opportunities. As per the current survey, we made this detailed list of the most demanding programming languages having great scope in the future.


    Nowadays, Python is considered one of the best programming languages and is a great choice for beginners to learn due to its readability. Moreover, it is a free, open-source programming language with wide support modules and community development.

    For machine learning and deep learning, the application python is a good choice. The increasing popularity of Python has become one of the modern trends in programming languages.

    So what makes Python so exclusive these days? Mostly, simple learning, efficiency, and versatility serve as the main factors for its rapid development.

    In addition, this top online web programming language is a great option for machine learning, data science. And the Internet of things that have been gaining motion newly.



    The best thing about python is that it is easy to read and understand syntax. A flat learning curve makes this programming language a good choice for learners.

    A great number of libraries:

    With wide-ranging Python libraries, developers no longer just write the code from scratch. All functions compulsory for performing basic tasks are already there.

    Open-source nature:

    Python is free to use and distribute as it is open source in nature.


    Slow execution speed:

    Since Python code is performed line by line, the entire process is rather slow. It means that this programming language will not work for projects where speed is a fundamental factor.

    Great memory consumption:

    The flexibility of the data types marks Python’s memory consumption as attractive extraordinary.

    Uselessness for mobile development:

    Python is the top web language that typically use for building the server-side of apps. We hardly ever see it on the client-side and mobile apps.

    Implementation area

    • Medicine
    • Pharmacology
    • Neuroscience
    • Psychology
    • Biology
    • Astronomy

    Since Python is among the top languages for web development, there are plenty of well-known websites that help. Lots of internal systems and Google App Engines use this programming language.


    Kotlin is a high-level programming language that is introduced by JetBrains in 2011. Before, the company used Java to build tools for developers and project supervisors. Though many repetitive works became a real experiment for the JetBrains team, so they started searching for different options.

    However, these programming languages could not fulfill all their necessities. So the JetBrains team decided to make their language with all the structures they required.

    As a result of great hard work, Kotlin v 1.0 was officially released in 2016. Modern programming languages trends display it has been the fastest-growing programming language over the latest few years. It is largely due to the fact that Google declared Kotlin the favored technology for Android developers in 2019.


    Good coordination with Java code:

    Kotlin is well-known for its reliability with Java, its frameworks, and its tools. Given that, swapping from one programming language (Java) to another (Kotlin) turns into less painful.

    Fewer bugs:

    The code-base of Kotlin is clear and dense, and it leaves less room for errors.

    Easy maintenance:

    Kotlin is well-known for its support for altered IDEs, plus Android Studio and SDK tools.


    Slow compilation speed:

    Developers describe slow complication speed as an important difficulty of Kotlin. Though, various tests show diversified results. Sometimes, Kotlin leaves behind Java in terms of compiling speed. On the other hand, in some cases, Java is the winner.

    Restricted resources:

    Though the number of developers moving to Kotlin is growing steadily, the public is still pretty small. It means that there are few resources for learning this programming language and determining numerous queries.

    Kotlin is different from Java:

    These programming languages have a lot in collective, still, they have principal changes. So if you want to change your Java-based Android app to Kotlin, your team will require extra training.

    Implementation area

    Kotlin is regarded as one of the best new programming languages which are well suitable for Android software development. Furthermore, according to the new programming languages trends, it can be used efficiently for the following commitments:

    • Building IoT applications
    • iOS application development
    • Web development
    • Data analytics
    • Data science
    • Game development


    JavaScript is a high-level programming language created by Brandan Eich in 1995 while working at Netscape Communications. At that time, this computer services company launched the first famous web browser which is known as Netscape Navigator.

    So Eich’s task was to progress a programming language specifically for this browser. At first JavaScript, nowadays one of the best programming languages was called Mocha. On the other hand, when Netscape united with Sun, the name was changed to JavaScript.

    You can discuss your ideas with Top website development companies. The attractiveness of JavaScript is incontestable. The survey by Stack Overflow showing present trends in programming languages demonstrates this fact. JavaScript is named a programming language that is most usually used by specialized developers.


    Wide acceptance:

    JavaScript is regarded as one of the topmost programming languages for web development. W3Tech states that it is used as a prime front-end programming language for 97% of all websites found on the Internet.

    Server load:

    Being client-side technology, JavaScript decreases the demand on servers. The modest applications may not involve servers at all.


    There is no static typing:

    This disadvantage serves as a reason why it can be hard to build large applications. However, Typescript intersection can be used to make things better.

    Browser support:

    JavaScript is depending on the browser. For this reason, developers want to check their code on several browsers before holding it.

    Insufficient client-side security:

    Users can view JavaScript code and use it for hateful devotions. For example, they can add code odds and ends to a website that settlements the security of its data.

    Implementation area

    JavaScript, being of the top programming languages, can be used for numerous purposes, such as:

    • Mobile app development
    • Web games
    • The front-end of web applications
    • The back-end of web apps
    • Desktop applications


    The simple idea of a new programming language was taken from several technologies. They contain Objective-C, Ruby, and Python, Rust, and C #.Swift, one of the developing programming languages, that designs to substitute Objective-C.

    The latter programming language has not seen any important changes since the 1980s. Therefore, it needed modern functionality. Modern programming languages trends define Objective-C as one of the most feared languages at Stack Excess.



    Swift projects are well-known for their scalability. You can spread the existing functionality by adding new structures when needed.

    Rapid development:

    Swift is amongst the top online web programming languages with a clean and communicative syntax. As a result, developers should mark less code to perform steady tasks compared to Objective-C.

    Enhanced performance:

    Owing to excessive typing and error handling functions, developers can circumvent major code crashes and errors. Besides, if there is an error in a code snippet, programmers notice and fix it directly.


    Insufficient support for older iOS versions:

    You can only use Instant to build mobile applications designed at iOS 7 or later.

    Limited talent pool:

    Since Swift is one of the upcoming programming languages, it has a very restricted communal. It is rising gradually, but it is still small if we relate it to other languages. According to Stack Overflow, only 6% of specialized developers use this technology.


    Developers observed that Swift lacks backward compatibility with the release of each new-fangled version. Sometimes they have to change their projects to stay applicable.


    Go, which is a technical programming language, seemed in 2007. The developer who creates this programming language is Google developers Robe Pike, Ken Thompson, and Robert Griesemer.

    Go was planned to make the software development process in Google more creative and scalable. In 2009, inventors resealed Go as an open-source project.

    HackerRank has released the Developer Skill Report cover the most important programming languages developments.

    According to their outcomes, Go comes under the programming language trend that developers need to learn. Mic Wlodkowski working as a Senior Front-End Developer at Context Flow gives his explanations for the increasing acceptance of this programming language.

    He states that Go is accomplished of multithreading and concurrency. These notions sanction developers to produce fast apps with simple code.


    Easy to learn:

    Go ranks amongst top programming languages due to its clean and easy-to-read syntax. Besides, it does not have various compound functions to learn. That is why this programming language is a decent choice for newbies.

    Great standard library:

    Go comes with a decent ordinary library, which styles the use of third-party libraries for such things as string operation, testing, and HTTP servers less compulsory.

    Robust static analysis tools:

    This instrument formats the written code in conforming to the style recommended by Go. It means that your team gets additional time to focus on the determination of the code.


    Limited packaging:

    Go proposals a smaller number of packages related to other systems such as Ruby or Node.js. The object is that its standard library has all the significant characteristics. Therefore, support from third parties is not necessary.

    Poor error handling:

    Developers want to use a repair error function if they suppose any errors in their code. Also, they have to write numerous blocks to verify this mistake. As a result, inventors catch less clean code.

    Lack of frameworks:

    There is no main Go framework that developers can practice. In this respect, it decreases behind other top languages for web development such as Python, PHP, or Ruby that are well-known for their great frameworks.

    Implementation area

    The newest trends in programming languages assume using Go for the following products:

    • Cloud services
    • Media platforms
    • Google products
    • On-demand services


    This programming language was developed by James Gosling in 1995. At the start, it was aimed at interactive television. Though the technology shows too progressive at that time, so it was used for Internet programming in its place. There are many web development companies in India that are using Java for their business.

    The key features of Java as one of the top programming languages are as follows:

    • Simple
    • Robust
    • Secured
    • Platform-independent
    • Object-Oriented
    • Dynamic



    The term thread is used for describing the smallest unit of development. Consequently, multithreading means that numerous threads can run at the same time.

    Many threads running independently of each other can enhance an app’s presentation and efficiency.

    It is good for distributed computing:

    This idea means that there are a few computers on a network that are working together. It allows developers to build apps on the network that donate to data and apps’ functionality.

    Slower performance:

    If we relate Java to other top programming languages such as C++ or C, we will find that its presentation is much slower.
    There is no backup facility:

    Since Java operates mostly on storage, it never focuses on the backup of the data. This is an important drawback.

    It marks coders switch from Java to additional technologies. This transfer became one of the most obvious trends of current programming languages.

    Implementation area

    Other common uses of this technology contain:

    • Mobile applications
    • Big Data technologies
    • Software tools

    Wrapping up

    As you see, the future of the software development industry depends on the programming language. The latest trends in programming languages indicate that there is a wide-range selection of top programming languages for any software development project.

    If you want to grow your business in the software development industry, you have to follow the strategies of top web development companies in India. Hopefully, this blog will be more informative for you regarding programming language trends.

    If you want to know more about the programming language, drop your message in the comment section.

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