Mobile Apps Contribution to the Business Sector

    The technologies are advancing at a lightning speed. People are getting indulged in the present technologies and are demanding for easy-access features. Use of mobile phones, tablets, and various other devices has climbed up the ladder to the top in just a few years. Mobile apps have changed the plan for working a business.  The high-speed data communication and excellent user experience are the main pointers for business growth and for being the part of the best mobile app development companies in India. Mobile apps are an easier way for the user to get information about the business on their fingertip. This is why most of the businesses use mobile apps to keep up their presence.

    How to build?

    The most important step is to build an app and have a smart business model. Thus, there are many businesses in history who tried building the mobile app but failed at the first attempt and as a result, their app and the business vanished from the market. So, choose the correct developer and designer to attract your target audience. After selecting the right developer, make an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) approved so that your concept of developing is secure. Therefore, do try to understand what exactly you expect from your app and see the prototype before the start of the actual development of the app. Hence,you can keep adding features at the right time when needed.

    Why Do Companies Prefer Mobile Apps Over Websites?

    The old days have gone when websites were used to search for some particular information. As mobile phones are common in the use of each and every person in day to day life. Hence, people prefer to download the app and go through it whenever they need it. The business has understood this and started focusing on building their business mobile apps. Thus, Mobile apps have reduced the exchange of phone numbers with the best customer chat support. So, giving your customers the best offers with the best services is what the smartphone deals with.

    Reasons Why A Business Needs Mobile Apps

    Increase visibility

    A person spends about an average of 162 minutes on his/her mobile devices every day. Moreover,having a pocket full of a wide variety of information is most preferable by the people. Unlike websites, applications are more user-friendly hubs of information and easy ways to find the target information. Thus, considering a scenario, if a person is looking over your business app, and he is less interested in it. This can be due to many reasons like lack of proper information needed, gazing around for a bit of knowledge about the business model but landed on something else, and if the person gets the total knowledge for which he/she was thirsty enough, then this could bring you more customers.

    Cultivate customer loyalty

    Furthermore, An application helps the business to showcase its information on a widely spreading platform. Mobile apps are an easy communication model between the business and the customer. Further, this is a better boosting platform that involves brand loyalty. After having a static position with a good reputation, the business needs to have a good relationship with the customers for better growth. Also, mobile apps are the instant support to the customers when they require talking to the support system of the company to clarify the doubts. Hence, in the case of websites, customer support functionalities are still far away. Handiness is the key part of the mobile apps.

    Recognizing the brand

    When it comes to the best product and customer support, the brand is what every customer recalls. Therefore, having your brand at the top-notch requirements target customer traffic. The mobile apps are a handy and easy way to create brand awareness. This is obvious in every business that provides the most trendy and useful feature that customers love.Hence, The in-app promotion and offer are the parts that attract the customer more. Thus, Mobile apps give a great opportunity to woo their business. Getting your brand name in most trusted brands requires the best customer support. Also, Mobile apps are the weapons to boost up your brands to greater heights for being a recognizable brand.

    Call the shots at the market channel

    You do not need to appoint a salesman anymore to deal with the customer and print company promotion brochures to allure people’s attention. However, A mobile app can do all this with very less human efforts. Filling up a form, grabbing some meaningful information, news feeds etc. Thus, the feature of “push notification” gives an alert or reminds the customer to go through the upcoming content of the business, to read out the interesting information, to showcase the offers or to make them know about your services.

    Growth in profits

    An increase in customer satisfaction will surely increase sales as well. As we all know, people are connected through the internet in the whole world. Indulging people with more sales can bring a lot more customers to you with an increase in the profit rate. Moreover, If the apps or websites are not used in the business prospects, handling a lot of useful information would be difficult to manage. Hence, gaining a positive customer experience can take you to an uplifting in the business profit. Scratch and win is the trendy way to grab the audience.

    Increase accessibility

    It is difficult to reach the target clients or customers in different places. Mobile apps are giving greater exposure to the business to reach out to the customers at the same time. For example, you as a business owner can send any number of push notifications to the target customers with offers or discounts which will alert the user to visit your app and look for the best offers they can select with the best deals. Also, The business should understand the challenges involved in the app development which can be accessed swiftly by the customer.

    Increase Accessibility

    Healthy customer service

    Customer service plays a vital role in building a business. The days have gone when a salesman was there to knock each and every door to sell the products. Mobile apps are here like a game-changer to offer the next level of service to the customers. Wondering to know why? Moreover, mobile phones are in the hands of billions of people now. Telecom companies provide 24/7 service support to the top mobile development companies. This is how users can connect to the support team at any instant. Having a team to provide support can build a good relationship with the customers. For example, the Uber company service helps the customer to find the cab to the root he/she wants to go and with the amount of charge the cab is going to take.

    Furthermore, most of the businesses has realized the use of mobile apps in their business growth and how mobile apps are attracting new target customers. Hence, websites and mobile phones are for useful purposes with some limitations. But the statistics show that businesses prefer mobile phones more than websites. So, talking about mobile phones, it provides push notifications, customer support service easier, and an increase in networking.

    10 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Mobile Apps

    There are 2.2 billion apps present on the app store and 21% of the millennials open their apps 50+ times a day. The app-driven generation spends more time in front of the screen outside on the ground.  Mobile phones are now becoming capable enough to replace laptops and computers. With a rapid increase in functionalities and customer demand, mobile apps have dominated the software world. However, even through mobile apps have become so popular, do you know which is the top-ranked app in the world ? or what kind of apps are present on the AppStore or the Play Store? Or how do people like you can make money out of them?  

    So we will be answering questions like these while letting you know 10 things you probably didn’t know about mobile apps.

    • With 2.2 billion apps on the internet, there have been  400+ Billion downloads all around the world, that is almost 50 apps per person. It is quite a huge number. No Wonder the Smartphone companies are massively upgrading their smartphones with bigger storages. Most of the apps belong to google. Apps like Youtube and Google Maps has had over a billion-plus download.
    • The most downloaded app of all times is FaceBook.Even though top mobile app development companies stage their app on Google’s Android play store, totalling 2.8 million-plus apps, Facebook is the king among them. This shows how important social media is and how powerful Facebook has become in time. Facebook also has many implications for marketers and business on the internet out there. And with 2.2 million-plus apps on the App Store, it is the second-largest platform where again Facebook is the most downloaded app.
    • Since the introduction of smartphones and the gaining popularity of mobile apps, they have significantly contributed to the economy of the world. 18.5 billion USD, when they were first introduced in 2013 and now they have generated more than 77 billion USD. This is a huge increase since the day they become popular in the world. Today app developers earn money form the development of apps as a freelancer and from the royalty on the apps that are on the app store. The developer community has altogether generated 5 billion dollars in revenue since 2008, with the most profitable app of all times “Clash of Clans”. This is how commercially successful app development can be.
    • With India becoming the fastest growing app market in the world it is estimated that 41% of the sales are generated by mobile apps in India ranking India at the 29th position all over the world. Hence, with 47 billion dollars of revenue, the mobile app industry is set to become a  core member in driving the economy of India. Experts say that the change in mobile app development patterns will help India cope up with the rest of the world accelerating in contribution to the revenue generation.
    • Advertising in-app is also one of the largest sources of revenue generation. Moreover, the youth of the country spending majority of there time over these apps which has forced the enterprises to shift from television to in-app advertisements. Thus, It is expected that the in-app advertisement will be generating more than 16.9 billion USD. An interesting example relating to this fact is that there was an app on the App Store that goes by the name  “I am  Rich” which was priced at  $999.99. The app did NOTHING except for displaying a gem with an affirmation and it was downloaded by  8 people before it was relegated by the App tore Moderators.
    •  The app market is turning its tables, relying on qualitative sales rather than qualitative sales.  The Internet is readily available to the majority of the population, circumscribing individuals from all the financial brackets. Further, this has driven mobile app development companies to set a benchmark for lower app prices. Usually, a user pays 1 USD for an app but now the app owners are ready to settle for less margin. But this pattern would not make any change in the numbers for the IOS mobile apps as over 60% of the apps have never been download from Apple’s App Store.
    • Charging only 8 dollars per hour, Indian app developers are the lowest charging developers in the world. In comparison with the developers around the world, the app developers in North America charge the highest per hour, as high as $255. Furthermore, an interesting fact is that the second-largest app market in the world is India, it is quite odd that 68% of users of WhatsApp reside in India. India is also emerging to become one of the representative markets in the app development and IT industry. Thus, Indian app development companies are not far from being listed in the best mobile app development company in the world.
    • Giving you the exact number of mobile users that run their time on social media is about 65% of the total population in India, a typical smartphone user looks at his/her mobile screen 80 times a day ie. on an average n adult spends 70 minutes watching the videos and  50 minutes in opening and scrolling through their collection of mobile apps taking pictures and communicating. Which is around  ⅖ th of the day, generating 2700 strokes per day. That’s more screen than the number of time you look at your loved ones in a day.
    • Gaming App !! Indian crowd spends a lot of money on gaming apps, they have a great retention rate in India. Recently, with two kids spending over 2.5 Lakh rupees on Pubg has proved that the gaming mobile app companies have gained more credibility than lifestyle, health or fitness app. This has also caused fatal injuries and assaults in the country.   We are moving fast towards app culture and the mobile apps have also made it into the Television, fridges and tea kettles. You can find a mobile app to open your garage door, dim your home light or open a door.
    • With apps being more convenient, most of the desktop app development companies are shifting to mobile app development. Therefore, as most of the functionalities that a website has, can be found in the app too and with the increasing workforce in the country, the population prefers on-the-go user-friendly mobile devices.

    Mobile apps have taken over our lives, we demand entertainment, communication, payment and rewards form it, which has resulted in billions of apps cluttered in our mobile devices. Through these mobile app companies, all around the world, are generating billions of dollars just to invest more on another innovative app that may cost another billion. Apps will be here for a long period of time and with the education industries churning out developer as per the increase in demand, it looks like apps are gonna be needed on a daily basis for mundane activities.

    Wrapping up

    This is the era of smartphones, just having an app and running it is not enough. The need for being available on every smart device running through the internet is an important part to climb up many cliffs to reach the peak of the top mobile development companies, India. Dealing with the needs of the customer and fulfilling it is the business strategy. In order to create an amazing app requires a team of experts. Talking about the experts here at Richestsoft offers the best team of professionals in the industry. We talk to our clients and come up with the best affordable option.

    So if you are on the way of developing a new app with the latest technology you need some who is already aware of these facts in-depth and implement your app in a way that can greatly benefit your business. You can contact us to start your new mobile app project or if you are stuck in between and you need mobile app development experts to work your way through. We provide services in both IOS and Android app development, further if you are also looking for someone who can rank your app or website up top in the google search list you can drop us a mail on our official email Id. Do check out our portfolio where you can hear it from our recent partners.

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