Mobile App Ideas to Fuel Your Startups

The mobile app becomes compulsory these days. Smartphones have become a fundamental piece of human lives. Having a web presence of your business isn’t sufficient to stay serious in the market. In the event that you don’t use a mobile app, you will pass up a lot of chances to expand your income. Measurably, 57% of digital media utilization originates from mobile apps.

Individuals favor utilizing applications for mobile research. It is normal that the client base will be multiplied by 2021 and the application economy will develop by millions. Aren’t these details enough to let you comprehend the significance of mobile applications in this day and age? For this purpose, you need to consult the best mobile app development companies in India to get the best mobile apps for your business.

Since innovation has a blast and has its enormous effect on human life. The advanced tech-gadgets has been incorporated into our lives no time ever previously. As per the specialists, practically 72% of the total populace possesses wireless gadgets and almost 90% of the client utilizes these tech creatures to get data. The cutting edge revelation of the 21st century look like remote cellphone gadgets, we are hoping for something else and more from these cellphones and the mobile phone applications then again have gotten progressively famous. Thus, the mobile application utilization is expanding overwhelmingly across cell phone clients.

Mobile Applications

No doubt, mobile, and the internet have become the basic needs of human life.  Whenever people talk about these two things, no one can forget about mobile apps. Nowadays 80% of people are using mobile phones to access the internet. It is also true that people are not browsing the internet on mobile phones. Now, they are using mobile apps for any purpose. Thus, people are more likely to depend on mobile apps for their day-to-day routine.  Thus, it is easy to book travel packages, hotels, tickets, and any other events with the help of mobile apps. Everything can be easily managed through an app, which means you can use any service by just tapping on a mobile screen.

mobile app

The facts and data depict that total mobile apps have been used in 2017 were 178 Billion and till 2018, it has been reached to 194 billion.  At the starting of 2019, people download approx. 2.6 million Android apps and 2.2 million iOS apps.  Hence, it shows that 57% of digital media usage directly comes from mobile apps only.

Moreover, this figure is also going to increase day by day. As a result, the top mobile app development companies in India are getting a huge amount of profit due to these apps.  People found these apps more reliable and useful as they can manage it easily.  Moreover, the apps are light-weighted, their size is in MB.

And this figure is going to increase in future years also. Because people find it more reliable, convenient, and easy to use as they can manage all the things through an app of size in MBs. And the basic need to use an app is smartphone and internet, and in this modern era, everyone has own smartphone with a good internet package.

There are numerous apps available in the marketplace according to the needs and demands of the people. Zomato, Swiggy, and Uber are apps that are mostly used by people these days. Most popular social networking sites are Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc, these are the most popular apps for connecting with people socially.

Some Promising Mobile App Ideas for 2020

An app for startups is one of the best ideas.  Apps help to promote your business to the next level.  What types of the app is highly in demand, what people are looking for, are some questions that come to every businessman’s mind. It is the most crucial and difficult part of the process that you have to overcome.

Let’s discuss these ideas one by one:

1. Social Connect Mobile App

If you are eyeing to hit the social media landscape, networking is the first thing that you need to focus on and can be your next innovative web application idea. Right from catering to Facebook and Instagram audience for  taking care of business networks, such as LinkedIn covers.

Thus, coming up with a single-point app that allows the user to connect on all sorts of platforms is a boon for any startup, especially when the company is more inclined towards customer interaction. The mobile app developer knows the demand of the people, thus they make apps according to their needs.

2. For Real-world Connection AR apps

Augmented Reality has a vast scope and in the case of mobile apps and developers have already started to make the most out of it. AR superimposes computer-generated images on top of the view of reality, resulting in a composite view that augments the real world.

AR apps involve virtual showrooms and interactive map overlays for interactive map overlays. If you look at the app stores, iOS have  ARKit apps and Amikasa, while Google users can avail Google Photos, WallaMe, Holo, and a lot more. Virtual Interior Design App includes Mall navigation app, Outfit app, Makeup trial app  etc.

 3. Content Identification Application

 These applications are profoundly sought after nowadays. For example,

Music: We all recognize what Shazam does and it is, in reality, a supportive application. On a solitary tap, you can know the name of the melody playing in your experience. Along these lines, a comparative application with included highlights may work for you also.

Video Streaming Shows: With Netflix and Amazon Prime in the spotlight, there are huge amounts of astounding shows that are getting grateful for their enormous work. In any case, now and then, it’s difficult to remember the show that might be running in an inn or a shopping center. In such cases, an application that can distinguish video spilling shows will be convenient for the clients.

Movie: The motion pictures have their own appeal and people will in general like motion pictures of an assortment of classes. In this way, an application that can distinguish films will likewise be useful for the client.

4. On-demand services applications

No doubt, people are very addicted to these on-demand apps, because these apps are flexible and friendly in nature. Moreover, they are easy-to-use as well.  People like these on-demands apps very much.  These apps are highly useful for apps like plumbing, salon, electrician. As a result, they can book services easily on these apps. This app idea is the best idea in this generation.

On-demand mobile app

5. Doctor appointment apps

As we all know, people are not healthy, and they need a doctor often for a checkup and many other services.   To get a doctor’s appointment and visit him waste a full day.  These apps are helpful to bring the patients and doctors in a single platform. Here, the doctor will add their profile in the app along with their complete information and people can check that list according to their needs.

It will help people to book a doctor’s appointment who wants to consult personally in the hospital. For small things and doubts, people don’t want to go to the hospital. At that time, people will explain or ask their doubts. A doctor will give the solution to their problems. It is a wonderful app idea to create a platform for doctors and patients.

6.  Travel Apps

 People are fond of traveling. There is a number of traveling around the globe.  People are crazy to explore a new destination. Thus, travel apps will help people get a quote related to their traveling.  These apps can offer the, travel packages, new places, ticket booking, hotel and many more.  If you re able to create an app like this, then it is highly beneficial for people and you can easily set up your foot in the industry.

7. Job portal apps

These types of apps will gather both companies and the people who are searching for a job in one platform. Companies will post the job in the app. People will find the job post and apply for the job after reading the job requirements. It will help the people prepare their CV in a good manner to get a good impression from companies to get the job. This is a very good idea to bring the jobless people and companies on one platform.

 8. Education apps

In this modern apps, every student is using education apps.  There are various types of educational apps available in the market. Some apps are helpful to solve the puzzle for the students while some are helpful to provide educational material such as pdfs, online classes, and many more things.  Therefore, students of every age love educational apps.  Education is very important to our society. Moreover, this app idea will surely give to think.

School project mobile app: A school project app will enable students to look out for group members to complete team projects and other academic projects which require students to collaborate.

Book stationery app: This kind of app can help students find the nearest stationery shop and even compare the prices of books before heading out. Hence, It will save both time and money.

9.  Shopping mobile apps

Because of internet shopping mobile app, requests for shopping have been increments up until now. Shopping rage is going to expand step by step now. Web-based business brands like Amazon, eBay, Myntra, Flipkart, and so on are the great players in the market. All things considered, You have to think something else from these applications.

Following are the thoughts of the same application that you can consider:

Aggregate Shopping App: In many cases, purchasing an item in one unit is more costly than purchasing in mass. It likewise happens that numerous sites offer free conveyance in the wake of surpassing a specific sum.

Inexpensive Shopping App: Most of the individuals are paying special mind to limits and arrangements to get their item, in this way dealing with a shopping application is definitely not an impractical notion.

Brand Shopping App: You additionally need to take into account that class of individuals who consistently shop from marked shops.

Pet Food App: An application that is devoted to pet nourishment can possibly succeed.

10. Maps and Navigation Apps

Google Maps is a standout amongst other applications to search for a route. Google Maps isn’t simply restricted to maps; it additionally shows close by places like ATMs, fuel stations, cafés, and any more.

Speed Tracking Apps: In this application you can set a boundary for a specific speed digit, surpassing that assists with killing start.

Stopping Business App Idea: It’s an assignment to discover stopping in a jam-stuffed area, so an application that can sift through this will be valuable for the clients. Additionally, expressing the separation and the status of the stopping accessibility will enhance your application.

Vehicle Live Report: Many of us face the issue of unexpected hiccups while driving and this is because of delayed oversight of the vehicle’s condition. In this manner, an application that can follow the vehicle’s well-being at ordinary interims can end up being an aid for the entirety of the vehicle proprietors.

11.Plan your Day Routines Apps

 In this stressful world, it is very difficult to remember all of your daily tasks and manage all of them at the given time. Sometimes, we also miss our meals and medications in between all this juggle.

So, a productivity app that can plan your day will sort all this mess and can save you time in organizing your daily activities right from your first alarm to your last goodbye text to your loved ones. Also, pushing reminders at regular intervals about set activities will take off the extra burden from the user.

The following are some of the apps you can refer to:

To-do list: Calendar, Reminders & Planner

Planner Pro: Personal Organizer

Microsoft Planner: Plan it out

12. Taxi/Bike Booking Apps

These types of apps are highly in demand these days. As we all know, Uber and Ola’s apps are one of the famous and most-used apps.  These types of apps help people to travel from one place to another. People will book a taxi or bike as per their convenience. All the users need to do is fill the pickup and destination place. You will get driver full information along with car details in advance once, you will book your ride.

And, user also had an option to share the ride details to their friends or family members through social networking apps. It is a wonderful app that wants to start a business on taxis, bikes, or trucks. It is true that people prefer Uber and Ola the most. Still, if you want a good audience, try to offer something different and unique from these apps.  For instance, these apps surge their price during rain or fog. Here you can get the benefit if you offer a good or discounted price at that time along with normal days as well.

13. Food Delivery Apps

These types of apps will be used to order food and groceries online. For food delivery apps, User will see all their nearby restaurants, offers, and their food menu. They can order the food by just adding their delivery address and adding the food item to the cart. Thus, Users can also track the food item and have an option to rate the food item. And user can pay the bill either online or COD. For grocery apps also, the model is the same.

Users can add the grocery items into the cart and schedule the delivery when they are available to receive the order. It is a wonderful app idea who doesn’t want to get the food from their favorite restaurant at cheaper rates?

14.  Language Learning Apps

Many apps offer to teach new languages and even learn particular words of a language. But, if an idea related to language learning is fiddling in your mind, you can devise an app that interacts with the user in whichever language he wants.

Furthermore,It will help the user with more freedom and confidence while speaking the new language and can also suggest the word pronunciation in a much clearer and better way. By making these kinds of app, you can promote your mother tongue as well.

15.  Cooking Guide Apps for  Smart Moms or homemakers

Many people have cooking as their favorite hobby and such a hobby getting complimented by an app that can instruct the user with various recipes and ingredients can do wonders. Therefore, investing in such an app will be quite fruitful. Make sure to add a USP to your app so that it can have its own standing.

Final Thoughts

Once you have finalized your latest and unique app idea, you need to hire the app developer who can work for you.  Marketing is also important once your app is ready to launch. If you do not pay close attention to the marketing of your app, then it lost somewhere  similar to the 6000 apps that are released each damn day.

You can also hire the top mobile app development companies in India, which will do everything for you from development to marketing.   Moreover, these companies also suggest some more unique ideas to get better results.

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