List of things that decide mobile app’s success and failure


    The demand for mobile app development has been growing rapidly day by day due to the growing demand for the various sectors. Nowadays, app stores and play stores flood with numbers of mobile apps designed for various functions. This creates huge competition for a newly launched app that faces a lot of difficulties in rising client engagement. You can also take help from the best mobile app development company that contributes their best services to get the optimal results.

    All the users who have a good idea of building a successful mobile application also dream of the idea that a good number of users are needed and have not yet satisfied any. Therefore, many of these people face a great challenge, although they may have a great idea, they don’t know how to proceed to put it into practice.

    So, it is important to develop a full-proof accuracy to increase the quality of your app among various users. When Custom Mobile App Development that can succeed, a wide range of variables, such as optimization, design, promotion or creation, if a detailed study is not carried out and a series of measures are not implemented correctly. A rigorous analysis can be done. It would be difficult to have an application with the basics, the demand for that application.

    It is estimated that consumers world-wide love spending time on their mobile devices. The profit from mobile apps is forecasted to reach $189 billion in 2020.  On the other side of the coin, it is also true that 60% of all the apps have never been downloaded.

    These figures demonstrate that innovative and intuitive mobile app design is more imperative than ever before to stand out from the crowd. So, how can you set your mobile app for success? How do you decide the success or failure of your mobile? Instead of it,  the top mobile app development companies in India focus on the better development process for the success of the mobile app.

    Let’s discuss some of the main factors which decide the success and failure of the mobile app.

    Need Cover

    If you want to create a mobile application, the first thing is to establish what you need you to need a solution to deliver your application to its users. The developers of successful apps succeed because they can solve these problems efficiently in a simple way. .In general, all products and services are designed to meet a need, the world of mobile applications works the same way.

    Set a Goal

    The best thing that a mobile application can do is a position in a market that solves various problems. Before reaching this point, it is essential to define a concise and clear way that what your application is going to do, what are its main objective and what is the specific problem.

    Therefore, it is important to make clear everything about the development of your app. It is important to establish a clear objective for the mobile application, doing so from the beginning will make the application grow faster, it will also help improve your profits.

    Do market research

    It is always beneficial to do the market research if you know that there is a real demand for the mobile application rather than venturing it blindly.  To validate your idea, you can use the Google Keyword Planner tool, which searches for the number of users looking for a solution to a particular problem through keywords.

    Another option is to analyze the App Store, this will allow you to see which applications are succeeding in the market and what is the nature of the problems they are solving.

    Development of application

    Once you clear your idea and sure that your mobile application is in demand, it is the ideal time to looking for the developer to develop your application. You can choose any of the platforms according to your requirements.  It totally depends upon the development of the mobile application and you will choose one platform or another.

    However, we must know that iOS users are more likely to buy the application, in any case, the lesson also depends on the market in which android app development company wants to place the application.

    Draw Sketches

    When creating the sketch, the foundations leads the interface, in this part of the process, it is necessary to be able to conceptualize the design, features, and structure of the application at the visual level. It is helpful to give a broad overview of the application to the developers and other people.

    Create storyboards and wireframes

    The main feature of the application is to clarify functions with the help of storyboards and wireframes, a short wireframes process by which a model is constructed. The android app development company has made available online tools for prototyping applications, the most commonly used are HotGlu, Balasamy or Mokps.

    Set the back end

    The storyboards and wireframes are now the basis of the back-end structure, to complete this step you must prepare a data diagram, a server sketch and the API. This is a very useful reference for the application developer. When more users are adding, you will have a diagram that explains the complete mobile application, so you don’t have to do it from the beginning.

    Proper Testing

    When the designer finishes the previous process, its time to go the next round of tests. This concept must in the real format for the first time in the testing phase of the application when texts and graphs already added.

    Review and correction process

    After the submission of your mobile application successfully, there are many tests for the design of your application and you have gathered more comments from the valuable customers who will use the application and implement new ideas to improve objective and usability time.  During this process of custom mobile app development, the application developer can still make design changes and better changes in the backend.

    Reasons why apps fail

    Well, we have discussed the step which matters for the success of any app.Let’s discuss some of the main reasons for app failure. These are:

    Poor Market Research

    Market research takes your huge time and energy to complete the task in an exceptional way. Market research is important to understand all the market needs according to the user requirement. Having an understanding of your audience may be a huge advantage once selling your app. As a mobile app creator, the correct insight into the target market is vital for you.

    No Market App

    It is one of the common and basic reasons for app failure. If you are also launching an app for your business, you should recognize your goals as well.  You want to identify if there is any demand for this type of app or not.  If your app doesn’t solve a problem or doesn’t able to resolve any issue and doesn’t have a market, it will end up just being another number in the statistics of the app store.

    Avoid Platform nuances

    In various cases of app failure, ignoring the platform is one of the major issues during mobile app development. There are various standard platforms like Android, iOS, and windows and each mobile platform has its interface tips. It is important to create apps that keep platform variations in mind once developing apps for multiple platforms.

    Poor User Experience

    There is a number of things that you should keep in mind while building a smartphone app. Also, giving a crucial user experience is a must. A good UI/UX style is a crucial issue for the success of any app. Most of the applications fail because of poor user experience. This may include long load times, difficult access, unclear functionality, etc.

    Poor Agile Approach

    Speed is one of the serious considerations in terms of how long takes to perform an action. Equally important is the speed of updates. If an app developer waits too long for releasing updates. They are risking customers switching to other apps with a lot of frequent updates, fixes bug and improvements.

    Weak marketing strategy

    Various developers do not promote their app in the market and keep their approach to a limited set of people. To limit your approach means that developers think that customers will come around themselves. But, the fact is that no one is going to discover a new app unless it has good marketing approach. If you do not publicize your application, no one will come to know about it. It will be leading to a lower number of sales and downloads.

    Final Thoughts

    Nowadays, every business needs a mobile app for their business according to their operations. Unfortunately, the reality is that every mobile app may be reliable but to avoid simple mistakes is important.  Therefore, taking into account a few things help businesses to get the optimal results from the mobile apps.

    It is advising to consult the best mobile app development company in India to launch your mobile app successfully.

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