Laravel Php Framework’s Popular Features and Benefits

It is completely understandable if it is confusing to select the best php framework for your website. Here, we will list benefits of different PHP Frameworks so that you can decide which to choose. If it is still confusing, just contact, we will recommend the best one as per your business. Today, we will talk about Laravel php framework.

Let’s discuss some of the popular features

1. Automatic Pagination
The automatic pagination feature in laravel php framework takes care of the settings

2. Routing Systems
Laravel php framework offers a choice to the laravel developer to select which route to trigger on the application. Routes in Laravel php framework are defined in app/http/routes/php file. The file is automatically uploaded by the Laravel Framework. The route defining method is pretty simple and expressing that accepts a URL and a closure. The user just has to insert the name of the route and the corrected URL will be automatically inserted.

3. Unit Testing
Code testing made easy by Laravel PHP framework with the artisan command line Utility. Using this feature, developers can easily write their unit tests.

4. Template Engine
Create spectacular layouts using lightweight Laravel Templates with dynamic content seeding. CSS and JS Code structural widgets are also there to assist.

5. Eloquent ORM
ORM stands for Object-relational Mapping which is faster than the other PHP Frameworks.

6. Libraries
Pre-installed Object Oriented libraries are only available in Laravel and in no other PHP Frameworks. The authentication library is easy to implement, and it also has features such as CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, checking active users, Bcrypt hashing, encryption, and password reset.

7. Modular
The 20 different libraries on which Laravel is based on are divided into separate modules that allow the laravel developers to build responsive, modular and handy web apps.

Some of the top rated benefits of Laravel are as follows

1. Intuitive syntax settings save a lot of time.
2. Easy setup and customization process
3. Security offered by its pre-installed tools offer protection from harmful injections.
4. The feature of keeping all the SQL codes in a different modal file ease the maintaining and monitoring of coding.
5. Laravel cashier, socialite, eloquent, elixir etc. ease the overall development process

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