How to Develop a Feature-Rich Food Delivery App like Zomato

In this technological era, the idea to develop a feature-rich food delivery app can be a good initiative.  Nowadays, people always look to find a comfort zone for each task as they perform in their daily routine and the nature of dependency on their mobile phones and the internet allows them to live there comfortably.

Therefore, a unique idea to develop a mobile app provides great comforts to people to come.

The current market trend is an ideal opportunity for mobile app developers.  Being a top mobile app development company in India, we have prepared a quality guide for developing an on-demand food delivery mobile app that will help you to develop a great food delivery app.

we have prepared a quality guide for developing food delivery mobile app that can deliver your favorite food at your doorstep.  

As per the study and analysis, there are mainly three categories for online food delivery services. These are:

1. Order-focused platforms

2. Logistic-focused platforms

3. Full-services platforms

During the implementation of these apps, we focus on logistic-focused platforms that are hugely preferred by mobile app developers. It combines all the major aspects that are necessary including orders, delivery partners, and restaurants. It renders a smooth and systematic process with several outstanding features to users.

 1. Make Roadmaps to face the Challenges

Challenges are evident, if you made your mind to implement this process, here we have made some guide to prepare various interfaces to target the wide audience. Moreover, it is a challenging task but other sides are rewarding also.

The mobile app developer is associated with various development companies, you need to be prepared with proper planning, strategies, market research, market mood, trends, competitions, etc.

Your focus should be on pre-planning or pre-arranging the important things that are compulsory otherwise, you may face some serious issues. Hence, preparing a roadmap is very important before getting into the process to develop a feature-reach on-demand food delivery app.

The next question arises that what type of content, graphics, and features should be there in your food delivery app?  

Here, you must go through the mobile application made by big fishes and app development by those who are already in the market such as Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda and many more.

Do qualitative and result-oriented research, comparison, and analysis to find out what they are providing to different audiences. It will help to list out the things you want to add to your food delivery application.

Also, think about what you can provide extra and different to audiences; it will assist to compete with competitors.

 2.  Target Single Area

 In the beginning, you need to focus to launch your application in a city or a few cities, as you are new in this sector.  It will take some time to get people’s attention. Therefore, it is better to target a single region when are new in this industry.

Later on, you can expand your services and get popularity by launching your application in more regions.  It will be better if you hit the target as you set.

For your assistance, we have jotted down some major features and ideas that you can add and provide in your food delivery app.  It will help to make your app more effective ad productive.

Certainly, some mobile app developers will be more aware of the basic features and their related ideas to be available in mobile apps. 

Hence, we prominently focused on those features that will add an extra feather in your app.

3. Order Tracking Through GPS

Most of the companies are using high-tech technologies to beat their competitors so that you do not lag behind them.  You also need to add some unique and valuable features in your app, which offer extra comfort to the audience. 

It will help you to give a strong competition to your competitors. Likewise, order tracking via GPS suits the must-have feature for you.

 First, you need to find out the accurate locations and movements of the users either it is eater, restaurant or delivery partner.  You can use GPS of the user’s mobile phone through your app and regulate the locations.

For this purpose, you need to use the Core Location Framework for iOS version app and Google’s location API for the Android version app to regulate every tiny movement of the users.

 To track the order, Google Maps API and MapKit are the most advanced options available for the best mobile app development companies in India.

Therefore, you can choose to stick with these options. There are certain charges to add these features in the app that you will have to pay to your service providers.

Apart from MapKit and Google Maps API, there are some more options are also available such as TomTom’s Navigation App. MapLibrary APIs and more.  You can perfectly use these features to provide a navigation solution in your application.

Overall, it is a great feature that liberates the eater, delivery partners, restaurants, support team, and officials to smoothly process their work.

 4. Multiple Payment Options

You can also offer a number of payment methods to your customers so that they can use this app smoothly.  Therefore, the payment method is one of the most important aspects, as it will give an extra advantage to the customers. 

You can buy the services of Braintree or Stripe or some other online payment service providers to liberate your customers and permit them to pay through debit, credit cards. 

It also offers options like mobile wallets such as PayPal, Paytm, UPI and BHIM payment options there are more online payment options including Visa Checkout Accounts and Square’s API. You must purchase these online payment services for your food delivery app. It would be very fruitful for both the customers and app developers.

5. Profiles creation  and Rating

 The next most important thing is to provide restaurants and delivery partners’ profiles and ratings and review sections to customers. Certainly, it will add value to your application and allow customers to read the reviews and ratings as well as rate and give reviews after receiving and consuming the services.

You will be able to listen to your customers through reviews and queries that will lead you to make positive changes and fix all the errors and disadvantages. It should be in your mind while developing your food delivery app as it is very fruitful.

For further information, you can check and analyze the applications of Swiggy, Zomato, and others to get the best idea for your food delivery app. They all provide profiles, rating and reviews sections to customers.

It will help you to improve your services by adding new features and updating the old ones. In addition, you will get to know about the services of your partner restaurants and delivery partners after reading the reviews and ratings by customers.

6. Guidance for App

It is also important to provide the app guidance section in your application section as it is necessary for every new customer.  You can teach how to search for the restaurants, make orders, and make payments and live tracks orders through app guidance.

It will allow users to operate the application hassle-free.  You need to provide a separate section to elaborate on every single aspect of your app.

Launch & run a successful online food delivery business

By just creating a clone like Zomato or Swiggy app is not only the reason behind the success of this business app. You need to take care of various technical and marketing aspects to make your website stand apart.

Keep the following points in mind while creating and marketing your food-ordering portal:

1. Invest in a Customize website

 As we discussed above, by implementing the clone script to get started, then you are almost right.  It will get you “started” but to succeed in this sector you need much more.  You need to focus on a unique identity or you will end up soon due to lack of originality. . Give your food venture the advantage of custom design and programming. It is very important to start with a feature-rich, secure website so that people trust you.

2.  Launch it Mobile Application

To make a good position in the market, it is mandatory to the mobile app of your business these days. The online portal is the best solution for this problem. You can utilize native mobile features to add user experience.

According to a survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex, the percentage of total foodies using apps has increased from 20% in 2014 to 34% in 2017 and it is growing. Hence, it is essential to focus on customer-focused experience in the smartphone-driven market.

 3.  SEO and ASO

The website is easy to read by search engines like Google and Yahoo and application stores like Play store and Appstore. They will act as a free source of constant traffic to your website and mobile app.   To expect these types of features by default in the food delivery app is impossible. Only an expert of designers, programmer’s and app developers backed by an experienced SEO and ASO team can develop such a system.

 4.  Database is Must

The database is one of the mandatory elements to complete your mobile app.  You will need to create a comprehensive database of restaurants in your target location with contact details, menu, delivery areas, etc. 

The required team sales team will help your partner with local restaurants who totally agrees with your commissions and wish to generate business with the help of the website. Make sure your website is programmed to handle a huge database.

5. Try to target s smaller area and expand later

It is always advisable to start your business with a focus on a limited area. This will help you:

1. To focus all your energy on a particular market

2. Build a stable brand name.

3. Find out issues and expediently search for solutions.

4.  Estimate the total cost of the project

6. Make Interface User-friendly

People prefer to order online due to its convenience. So, make the order placement process quick and easy. This is possible only if your site has been created with usability in mind. A FoodPanda or  JustEat clone will not have good user experience reviews.

An in-built user interface for mobile applications and websites is a key thing that amplifies the trustworthiness of your business. A practiced UX optimization professional can help you to recover site appointments and conversions as well.

 Check the history, reorder facility, delivery addresses, partial payment details, and other relevant information in the dashboard are a well-organized way to quicken the online order processing. The introduction of eWallets for quicker payments is another.

Basic Features in a Food Delivery App

 Good user experience is a must while talking about the fundamental highlights of the advanced mobile application.  Good user experience is a must while discussing the fundamental highlights of any applications.

In spite of the fact that almost all the applications are betrothed towards fulfilling the necessities of the end clients, the food ordering app accompanies has many particular highlights that should be satisfied, to be fruitful.

The important experience of the fruitful market pioneers out there instructs us that the best arrangements out there as for the food ordering application advancement is the formation of various adaptations of the application according to the client demographic.

In any typical Food Ordering and Delivering Application, it is critical to fulfilling the needs of everybody. Keep these points in mind,

  • The client demands quick and simple access to particular menus while choosing the interface.
  • Dispatches may be keen on the far-reaching of the database to access the requests and in-assembled geo-finding administrations by indicating to them the right method to get just as the drop areas.

Café supervisors might want to see the request rundown and contact the given contractual workers for sorting out the delivery of arranged dinners to the customers.

Advantages of Online Food Delivering Apps

To understand the opportunity and huge boost to the growth prospect that restaurants can gain from food delivery apps and how customers can find such apps extremely helpful to satisfy their food cravings, here we are going to explain the key advantages.

1.  Easy and Smooth Customer Experience

On-demand food delivery apps help the restaurants to deliver an easy and smooth customer experience to enhance the sales to satisfy their food craving to explain the key advantages. The earlier table booking through restaurant apps is already looking backdated considering the great ease of getting food delivered at the doorstep. They also offer doorstep food delivery options here.

2.  Not fixed Target Audience

As a food lover earlier, you could only think of ordering food from nearby restaurants who can afford to deliver food at your doorstep. Now thanks to the food aggregator apps you can actually order your preferred food from other parts of the city. This helped restaurants compete on a level playing field by targeting a larger audience in and around the city. No longer, restaurants just remained limited to a local audience when targeting buyers.

3.  Boost Customer Retention

Customer Retention is not only important for steady sales and growth but is a delicate aspect of branding and reputation management. On-demand food delivery apps can actually help restaurants to retain their customers in multiple ways.

 From giving customers a discount on food to boost their brand loyalty with incentives and special offers, food delivery apps can help restaurants in a number of ways to retain customers.

4. Benefits for Remote Location

This app is the best solution for those people who are living in the outskirts of the cities or in the countryside that often used to think online to order, food and it can be availed by the upmarket and urban population. These on-demand food apps are capable to deliver food and faraway places beyond the city limits.

5. Cashless Mobile Commerce Experience

The earlier restaurant apps used to experience the obstacle of handling cash when delivering food at the doorstep of the customers. With food ordering apps allowing customers to pay through multiple payment gateways and channels, customers now get a completely cashless mobile commerce experience besides always opting for the Cash on Delivery option.

6. A Win-Win Situation for Everyone

These food delivery apps actually create a win-win situation for everyone in the food chain. From restaurants to the delivery agents along with some customers and food aggregator businesses, everyone enjoys a share of this vibrant industry.

While restaurants can enjoy better exposure, branding and sales opportunity, customers can enjoy highly personalized food delivery services for a positive effect on the busy lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Technology can inevitably solve many of the problems by streamlining the entire chain from getting a veggie in the kitchen until the time it is cooked and delivered to the customer. On-demand food ordering apps almost became an integral part of the urban lifestyle with many positive implications.

Do not buy a food ordering marketplace solution first and think about its customization later.  Join hands with the top mobile app development companies that can help you with design, development and as well as online marketing services.

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