Food Delivery App Development Cost – A Complete Guide


    Are you looking forward to introducing a new food delivery app for your restaurant business? If yes, you have reached the right place. Through this blog, you will come to know about the cost of food delivery app development which is a necessary thing to know.

    In the last few years, the world of developing food delivery apps is gaining immense popularity, especially after the pandemic. Due to their busy lives, people like to order food online that saves them time, and they get cooked food within no time. 

    According to the report of 2022, the overall revenue of the online food industry reached around $302,826 million and is still increasing. Moreover, if you talk about on-demand food delivery apps, their total profit by the end of 2023 will be 0.91 trillion US Dollars. Looking at these numbers, no one denies the fact, this sector will boom soon. 

    Additionally, this story does not end here because the estimated revenue through food delivery apps worldwide is attributed to growing at the rate of 12.33% CAGR 2023-2027. On top of that, the total revenue by the end of 2027 will reach around US $1.45 trillion. In short, you can say that these food delivery app development has won the hearts of individuals by offering excellent user-friendly experiences. 

    Examples of Best Food Delivery Apps

    Examples of Best Food Delivery Apps

    Best Food Delivery Apps

    All of the above food delivery apps are performing best in the market, and a maximum number of people are using them to make their life easy and comfortable. In short, it is not fake to say that food delivery apps are contributing to the economy by making the nation proud. 

    But have you wondered, How much app development companies charge to develop a Food delivery app? I believe most people do not know. 

    So, let us discuss the cost of food delivery app development to make your strong presence in the digital world. 

    But before that, let us have a look at the recent stats that show the popularity of food delivery apps.

    Around 63% of people are impressed by these apps in terms of convenience.

    As per the report, almost 60% of US people order food online once a week.

    Approximately 50% of the food prepared in restaurants is delivered or takeout.

    Customers who place online orders will visit that restaurant or hotel around 76% more frequently than those who do not.

    Factors that Affect the Food Delivery App Development Cost

    Factors that Affect the Food Delivery App Development Cost

    The food delivery app development cost depends upon the mobile app’s featured food. That means if the restaurant or hotel owner wants their app to look modern as per the latest trends, its cost will be high compared to the basic layout. 

    Not only this, several other things decide the total cost of food delivery app development. So, let us discuss those factors: –

    ✅ Scope or Category

    There are various types of food delivery apps from which you have to choose the best to sustain in the market. So, whatever category you choose will decide the cost, and every class of food delivery app costs differs depending upon the functionalities.

    ✅ App Security

    Nowadays, almost every business has its own mobile app that is uploaded to Google Play Store and App Store so that users can download it for use. When individuals download the app, they have to add their personal information and financial credentials to get the services.

    This information is highly confidential, and if an app gets hacked, all the data can go into the wrong hands. Keeping these things in mind, the food delivery app you are developing must have an extreme retention method. 

    That means developers use different ways to save the data of the customers that takes time and cost. If you opt for intense security, its price will be high and vice-versa.

    Development Hours

    Adding more advanced features to the food delivery app means more hours and high cost. The reason is the development of each feature of a food delivery app takes time, and certain specifications make it unique and worthy. 

    According to the food delivery app experts, usually, these apps take around 550-800 development hours. 

    ✅ Choice of the Platform

    It is another factor that decides the cost of food delivery app development. It means there are various platforms on which it can be built – Android, iOS, and others. 

    If you opt for iOS, its development charges are more as compared to iOS. On top of that, if you pick out any other platform, their cost will also differ.

    ✅ Development Tools and Technologies

    Development Tools and Technologies

    If you want your food delivery app to offer the best results, it needs a well-built back-end, admin panel, and analytics dashboard. However, to develop it, developers need advanced tools. To understand this conveniently, let us take an example if you want to add Bitcoin payment to your food delivery app, a unique selling proposition needs a platform for conversion. 

    In this case, the food delivery app owner has to pay for conversion deployment. In short, with a food delivery app with the latest technologies, you need to stretch out your development budget. 

    Furthermore, adding third-party databases, location, map tools, cloud services, etc., will add cost to the development process

    ✅ Geographical Area

    Though it sounds awkward, location plays an essential role in the overall development cost of the food delivery app. That means food delivery apps cannot work entirely digitally, and there are many online and offline connections by which customers get their food on time.

    Apart from that, every nation’s developers tend to charge varied prices for the same process. So, before you start the development process, ensure you will do complete research on which you want to introduce the food delivery app. Furthermore, hire the best developers or a company like RichestSoft to avail the maximum benefits.

    ✅ Complexity and Design

    The design of the food delivery app also plays a vital role in the cost of the app. If the business owner opts for a more complex layout with the latest technology, its price will surely be high. But if the design is general, your business food delivery app will be ready within your budget. 

    Here you have to remember one thing: adding new features to the app to make it modern will waste money. The reason is that some attributes are not helpful for your business and customers. So, be wise and think of those features that will make your food delivery app unique. 

    ✅ Side Costs

    There are various side or additional costs you may have to pay during the development process. They are in the form of infrastructure, patent, app marketing, app maintenance, and not the least, success monitoring. 

    Cost to Develop a Food Delivery App

    Cost to Develop a Food Delivery App

    The cost to develop a food delivery app depends upon the above factors. But if you do not want to consider these factors, the food delivery app with some basics and functions can be around $12000-$25000.

    Moreover, if you opt for advanced features along with the latest technologies can make around $52000 and may go beyond. 


    Q1: What is the cost of building a food delivery app?

    Ans: It depends upon numerous factors like complexity and design, technology stack, and countless other factors. But its overall cost wholly depends upon the business requirements. However, for more details, you can discuss all your needs with the best app development company like RichestSoft.

    Q2: Can I develop a food delivery app on a limited budget?

    Ans: The overall cost of developing a food delivery app depends upon certain functions and features. But if you have a limited budget, the development of a food delivery app is possible that will supercharge the business idea and will endeavor towards success. 

    Q3: What factors affect the cost of food delivery app development?

    Ans: Some factors decide the total cost of development of a food delivery app – app security, the complexity of design, the development process, total hours of development, category, and scope.

    Q4: Can any third-party tools help in reducing the cost of food delivery app development?

    Ans: No, third-party tools will not reduce the overall cost of food delivery app development, preferably you have to pay some extra charges for the integration.

    Q5: Are there any ongoing costs for the maintenance of a food delivery app?

    Ans: Yes, on average food delivery app development maintenance cost is around 15-20% of the total app development cost.


    No doubt there are many top players in the market – UberEats, Zomato, Doordash, etc., that already hold a large market. But this does not mean your food delivery app will not get a chance to serve customers. So, introduce your food delivery app and add those features in the app that these big giants are not offering.

    But ensure to hire the best app development company otherwise, all your investment will go in vain. For more information and details, schedule a consultation with a top food delivery app development company like RichestSoft, and make your dreams come true.

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