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    The digital market is growing rapidly and nowadays we can not imagine a world without online shopping. Since COVID arrival, online shopping has been in trend, and due to this offline shopping is losing its popularity. We receive a lot of queries about how to use and what are the related apps for startups.

    development cost

    If we talk about online shopping it will increase by 63% and through eCommerce $690 billion is generated as revenue. People want to develop eCommerce mobile apps but the major problem for them is where and how to start and how to find out authentic information regarding this.

    How much does it cost to develop an eCommerce mobile app development and what are the timelines? Numerous articles are rolling over the internet for writers and developers, but there is not a single article that is written for startuppers that can give information to them what is the process of starting an eCommerce app development.

    Here we thoroughly discuss all the possible points that may affect your eCommerce mobile app development cost. We will try to give answers to the following questions in this article:

    • How much does it cost to develop an eCommerce mobile app development?
    • How long does it take to develop an eCommerce mobile app?
    • What features are required to develop a mobile app?
    • How do monetize your app?
    • Where to find trustworthy developers?

    Impact of Covid Pandemic on the Development of E-commerce Mobile Apps?

    According to  Google stats, the number of searches increased by 3 to 9 times with the word “delivery” after the impact of Covid-19 in various countries. The pandemic impact changed our ordinary life and due to this importance of online shopping in our life reaches the next level. Due to uncertain circumstances, people started to buy essential things only such as household items, and groceries items on the other hand expenditure on travel and other items has decreased.

    Benefits of E-commerce Mobile App Development

    Benefits of E-commerce Mobile App Development

    Nowadays, mobile app traffic overtook web traffic and such platforms evolved into mobile apps. Online shopping increased by 3.5 within 5 years. eCommerce provides all the essential details of every product to the users they order. Nowadays retailers put their products on websites so that their business remains up to date.

    Here are some reasons why mobile traffic is gaining so much popularity and what are the benefits of eCommerce apps:

    1. High Demand

    Nowadays people prefer to do online shopping as it offers them to compare prices of goods, and the best deals, read product reviews and buy the product eventually. As most people have their phones in their pockets 24*7.

    2. Accessibility

    Due to the availability of online shopping people can easily buy products by just clicking a button. There is no need to go to any retail shop to buy products. This fast process creates ideal conditions for easy purchasing.

    3. Customer Attraction

    For attracting customers and staying in the market eCommerce mobile app development is a good option for your business. Developing eCommerce mobile apps to attract customers and if we don’t build a website in the digital era our customers may switch to our competitors.

    4. Data Obtaining

    It is always beneficial to gather information about the market and customers’ needs so that we can update our business services accordingly.

    5. Push Notifications

    It is another form of marketing by giving information to your customers about the discounts, promo codes, above-mentioned target offers, etc. as it receives better feedback in comparison emails. 

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    Things to keep In Mind Before Creating An E-commerce App

    Things to keep In Mind Before Creating An E-commerce App

    1. Business Models  

    You should consider business models before creating an eCommerce mobile app development. You have to select one from various business models such as:

    B2B Model: B2B model stands for a business-to-business model which is beneficial in supplying goods and services from one business to another. Goods are the raw materials that are used for making other goods. For example – the selling of wood from one company to another for making paper.

    B2C Model- It stands for business consumers model in which products are directly bought by consumers and it is a widespread model in the market.

    C2C Model- It stands for consumers to consumers,  in this model consumers can buy or sell goods to each other. This model is used by eBay.

    C2B Model- It stands for consumers to the business model. this model is very less popular among the sellers but beneficial for its customers. In this model, consumers facilitate businesses by providing their services and goods.

    2. Platform

    It is important to choose a platform keeping in mind your target audience. You have to select whether you want to develop your app on the Android platform or the iOS platform. According to a report, android is mostly used by people and possesses 87% of the market share but the purchase of IOS is more often. You can also choose from any application type:

    Native app– This app is created for one platform only.

    Web-based app– These apps are available via network connections using hypertext transfer protocol.

    3. Cross Platform App

    This app is a combination of the above two apps. (putting the web-based app into the native app shell) 

    4 Security

    People provide their basic details while shopping such as a home address, credit card no., and login info so it is vital to protect data. So, providing security to the customers and making it confidential not only increase your app’s reputation but build trust among the customers.

    5. Scalability

    Make sure your app should have scalability so that it can maintain its performance and functionality when lots of users request simultaneously. An app should have a surplus band despite having an operational one.

    6. API Integration

    An app must have payment gateway integrations. so that users can easily pay after purchasing any goods. Customers can able to submit their payments by filling in their payment info in the app without any redirections. Your app should fulfill the standards of the payment card industry so that the data of consumers will be confidential all the time.

    7. Seamless Work  

    To avoid bugs and crash feedback from users is necessary that the app can be updated and modified from time to time according to the user’s convenience. For creating an eCommerce successful app bugs and crashes should not be there you can take help from QA( quality assurance services ) for fixing all the bugs and crashes before launching the app. For detecting app crashes app testing is beneficial.

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    Key Features for E-commerce App Platform

    Key Features for E-commerce App Platform

    We discuss here some key features that are beneficial for both the parties ( sellers and buyers)

    1. Registration And Personal Account

    In every app login page is there doesn’t matter app is opened by the buyer or seller they have to provide their basic information before opening the app. So it is a suggestion to the app builder that keeps it as short as possible just including email, first and last name, and a phone number. You should provide a personal info page in the app so users can change and set it up later on with more details and preferences.

    registration and personal account

    2. Catalog

    Make sure you work with an experienced UX/ UI designer, who will make the catalog easy to navigate and intuitive. Your search bar can search for a particular item and also be able to search items according to categories, like price, color, brand, etc. All in all your search results page will contain lots of elements. There should be an option for the sellers so that they can able to add new items to the list and able to attach photos and filter tags to them.

    3. Item page

    This page consists of all the information about the items that are necessary such as the name of the item with photos, description, price, delivery date, and reviews from previous users who buy those items. Make sure you disclose all the terms and conditions from the beginning because nowadays many buyers consider shipping costs and special deals before getting to the checkout page.

    item page

    4. Wish Lists 

    This feature is vital for customers as when consumers browse something, they see a lot of things and get puzzled sometimes about what to buy and what to not so they want to save some items for the future that they like and to buy nearby future – just add them to your wish list. They can bookmark the items also and whenever the price of a wish list item drops seller can send a push notification to them.

    4. Payment Feature

    You should be sure about customers’ comfort, be sure that they can able to add a product to the cart, and after calculating the total they can pay it if they don’t pay at the moment you can remind them later. For enhancing the customer’s comfort make sure your app support apple pay, google pay, Paytm, etc mode of payment.

    payment feature

    5. Order History

    The history of previous orders plays a vital role for both sellers and buyers as this enables customers to know when and what they bought any item and how much they spent on them. On the other hand, it will help the seller also track their sales and count their revenue.

    6. Customer Support Chat

    Building trust with customers is also essential and dealing on such a big platform sometimes we can’t keep eye on everything like quality. So it is necessary to have a customer support chat where unsatisfied customers so can tell you about their problems and also ask their queries. We suggest you implement messaging functionality so that customers get answers to their questions within a moment’s notice.

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    How Can an E-commerce App Make Money for You?

    How Can an E-commerce App Make Money for You

    1. Commission fee

    You can charge a sales commission through your eCommerce app on each product sold on their marketplace. For example, Myntra charges a commission fee ranging from 40%-50% depending on the product category and brand. shipping charges are part of the commission. Meesho is earning in the same way. They provide a facility to customers where they can buy dresses in bulk for resale purposes and they also provide commission to their customers who purchase products for resale purposes this makes the selling of Meesho at its peak and they can earn more. 

    2. Delivery fee

    You can make money from your eCommerce app by charging a little fee for delivery. This is the easiest and most popular way of making money. but you should also consider other strategies because sometimes, customers drop the idea of purchasing any goods if there are delivery charges.

    3. Subscription

    Subscription is also the most popular way of making money in this people get a membership in an app, and get exciting offers and unlimited free delivery. There is no bounding of payment. users can pay monthly or annually according to their convenience.  

    4. Sponsored Content

    While you add more income with this feature, you can attract more buyers by paying a little extra and can be on top of search results.

    Cost To Develop An E-commerce Mobile App Development

    First of all, we have to see all the possible factors that affect eCommerce mobile app development, and the most important factors are cost and timeframe.

    The general rule of developing anything is the bigger you hire, the more you pay. The good thing about RichestSoft is that we use react native framework that allows using one code javascript code and one team for both iOS and Android systems. It helps in saving time and money.

    Let’s consider the important factor that decides the actual cost of developing your eCommerce mobile app development:

     important factor that decides the actual cost of developing your eCommerce mobile app development

    UI/UX Design: Before understanding the importance of UX /UI design in eCommerce app development let’s find out what is  UX/UI design? Why is it used in developing apps? So, here is the answer, UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User experience. So, as the name tells, User Interface works as an interface or we can say it is used for making the interaction between customers and systems, software, and applications whereas UX deals with the user’s experience with brands, products, and services. both UI and UX are interdependent.

    Now the question arises of why it is important to use UX /UI design in eCommerce development. So, the answer is to grab the user’s attention with unique and innovative designs and for clear and better communications with the clients, and documents in a proper way.

    As UX/UI design gives a face to your app so it becomes vital to use proper fonts, colors, and style for your app. Users can relate to your app and your app makes room in their minds in a positive way you can connect through your app with lots of clients and can have loyal customers for a long time. 

    We can say that the charges of UX/UI designers in eCommerce app development may affect your budget as the high charges of the designers will add to your cost. So, it is essential to opt wisely for your UX/UI designer. For your comfort, we provide approximate charges charged by designers in different nations for eCommerce app development.

    CountryCharges per hour
    US $100 -$150
    India$25 -$49
    Western Europe$50-$99
    Central Europe$25-$49

    React Native Frontend Development: React native is used to support both the system-iOS and Android and also covers a larger market. It is a Javascript-based mobile app framework that facilitates the development of the natively-rendered mobile app. React native is important in e-commerce app development as it provides certain facilities to the developer. As we mentioned earlier also it uses one codebase for two platforms, and uses the language that you already know, growing all the time and saving time with the web app. We are providing an estimated budget here for developing a react native frontend development.

    CountryCharges per hour
    Eastern Europe$60-$65

    Hiring developers from India and Western Europe is more affordable than in North America as the living cost is also low in developing countries in comparison to developed countries.                      

    Backend API Development: What is backend API? Before this, it is necessary to understand what an API is. API is an abbreviation of Application Programming Interface that helps organizations to open up their data of applications and functionality with the business partner and internal departments of the company and also with the third party.

    Now let’s understand backend API development and how it affects the cost of eCommerce app development. Backend API development gives way for the developer so they can link up their application and software with cloud-based software. Linking up with software development kits and APIs becomes easier with the backend API development. Backend API development is a crucial part of an eCommerce mobile app development. What is the cost estimation for Backend API development in different nations? Let’s understand it with the given-below table.

    CountryCharges per hour
    US$61 – $80
    Ukraine$20 -$25

    Project Management: Project management helps solve administrative tasks and protect the project. If we go deep and analyze we can say that project management is using the specific skills, tools, and techniques that are valuable to the users. and the cost of the eCommerce app development increase or decreases according to the project management work breakdown structure that clarifies the team tasks such as design, database, server setup, etc.

    It consumes a lot of time, and hours spent on every task decide the increase and decrease the cost of an eCommerce app development cost. Here are some estimates of different countries:

    CountryCharges per hour
    Latin America$55-$60
    Eastern Europe$45-$70

    QA Testing: Quality assurance tests all the crashes and bugs and fixes them before the release of the app and also tests the usability of your app. The tools which are used for testing the quality of products and other things included in it decide the cost of eCommerce app development. If the rates of tools are higher then the cost of eCommerce app development also goes higher. Similarly, if tools are of the lower prices development cost of mobile app development automatically gets lower.

    CountryCharges per hour
    Australia$ 83.70

    We have calculated all the possible factors that may affect the cost of eCommerce Mobile app development such as UX/UI design, frontend development, backend development, and Quality Assurance. Now we are providing a unified costing for the entire eCommerce app development in the below table.

    FactorsIndia (per hour charges)Europe (per hour charges)America (per hour charges)
    UX/UI Design$25 to $49$50 to $99$170 to $220
    React Native Frontend Development$18 to $40$45 to $60$100 to $150
    Backend API Development$15 to $25$40 to $60$65 to $70
    QA Testing$24 to $29$24.62 to $28$29 to $38.42
    Total Cost Approximately$5,000 to $10,000$15,000 to $25,000$40,000 to $60,000

    NOTE: Total cost may vary from the table. Based on your requirement and the complexity of app development it may fluctuate and may increase or decrease.

    Your app development cost varies according to the hours spent on the project. If it takes less time to develop an app then your cost will reduce otherwise it can go high. Research time will also increase your project working hours as it takes around 4-5 days when we research something which affects the budget. Moreover, It also depends on the company’s location, the developer’s requirements, and the tools that are used by developers for testing quality. So, all the factors entirely affect the cost of your eCommerce app development

    How RichestSoft Can Help You In Developing an E-commerce Mobile App Development?

    As one of the best service providers in this field, we provide various facilities to our clients for the easy development of eCommerce apps such as flutter app development and React-native app development:  

    React-Native App Development

    Quality Assurance: We provide customized react-native services by providing each code assured with quality according to your business goals as we never compromise with the quality.

    Client satisfaction: Our developers have a great ability to build native apps that promise 100% satisfaction to the client. The top mobile developers of our company believe in and ensure clients’ comfort and satisfaction.

    The virtual DOM: Developers can view the changes in virtual memory rather than seeing them on a screen with the virtual DOM. which enhances a cleaner experience and high performance all around.

    Live Updates: React native framework indirectly reduces the go-to-market as live updates flash directly to the user’s application so users do not need to wait for app approval.

    Top-Notches developers: Top-level developers, and well-skilled developers of our company ensure providing the best to our clients. They are well experienced in creating unique reactive native mobile apps for Android, IOS, and other different operating systems.

    Competitive prices: We have services that will suit your pocket and fit well under your budget as per your business requirement. Your requirements decide further project costs.  

    Flutter App Development

    It also provides good services in eCommerce app development. You can also consider this while developing your app as it facilitates the given below services:

    • Quick and easy code: The flutter app provides quick and easy code to the users to fix the bugs through faster debugging and analysis. It also provides easy experimentation in the app feature that helps in improving UI functionality and richness eventually.
    • Unique Solutions: We have a team of experienced developers who have extraordinary talents for creativity and solutions. So, they will help our clients with unique and best possible solutions from which they are suffering.
    • Fast testing: By using flutter app development, the testing process becomes easier and faster as users have no need to develop different apps for different podiums which eventually increases the testing process.
    • Single coding based: With Flutter architecture developers or users does not need to create duplicate codes every time for different platforms. IOS and Android platforms can be run by a single code only with the help of flutter app development.
    • Widgets Creation: The developers can create new widgets with the help of flutter architecture. SDK has a great widget library that enables users to simply customize a widget at a faster rate. 
    • Skilled Team: We hire an experienced, skilled, and dedicated team of experts for every project in our company who help our clients and train them in their job and help to get better solutions.  

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    Q.1: Is it the Right Time for An E-commerce Start-Up After the Covid Pandemic?

    Ans: Yes of course! At present time retail mobile app shoppers are failing to meet customers’ needs because of delayed delivery of goods, increased prices, and out-of-stock items. So by starting your business online you can make several customers and earn good revenue by providing solutions to their needs. So, we can say that it is the right time to enter the eCommerce business when several vendors are failing to meet customers’ needs and struggling to find consumers, your solution can help them meet online

    Q.2: What is e-commerce mobile app development?

    Ans: E-commerce mobile app development is building a mobile application that allows users to browse and purchase online products or services. These apps usually include features such as product listings, shopping carts, payment gateways, and order tracking.

    Q.3: Why do businesses require mobile e-commerce apps?

    Ans: E-commerce mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular because they offer several advantages to businesses, including increased sales, improved customer engagement, and better brand visibility. By delivering a convenient and accessible way for customers to shop, companies can draw more customers and drive revenue growth.

    Q.4: How much does e-commerce mobile app development cost?

    Ans: The cost of e-commerce mobile app development can vary widely depending on aspects such as the app’s complexity, the number of features included, and the platform used. Creating a mobile e-commerce app can range from $30,000 to $200,000 or more.

    Q.5: What aspects affect the cost of e-commerce mobile app development?

    Ans: Several aspects can affect the cost of e-commerce mobile app development, including the complexity of the app’s design and functionality, the number of features included, the platform used (such as iOS or Android), and the location and experience of the development team.

    Q.6: What are some standard features included in mobile e-commerce apps?

    Ans: Some standard features in mobile e-commerce apps include product listings and descriptions, shopping carts, payment gateways, order tracking, and status updates, user accounts and profiles, push notifications, and social media integration.

    Q.7: How long does it take to develop a mobile e-commerce app?

    Ans: The time it takes to develop a mobile e-commerce app can vary depending on the complexity of the app and the development process. On average, it can take 6 to 9 months or more to develop a mobile e-commerce app.


    It is necessary to develop an e-commerce app as it has its own benefits as demand for mobile apps nowadays is growing due to digitalization. Its accessibility, and way of updating its users make it more popular among people. It is also beneficial for developers as it allows earning a large amount of revenue to them. However, developing an eCommerce app is a long process.

    But the fact is that it also depends on the company that where it is situated we mean in which country a company is located whether it is in a developed country or whether it is in a developing country because charges of developers in  developing countries are two times cheaper than developed countries. So, it is necessary to find out all the possible best solutions before stepping into the industry.

    Developing an E-commerce mobile app development is a complex process as it includes a lot of factors that need to be considered before figuring out the whole budget. It consists of numerous parameters that require deep research and expertise. RichestSoft is an expert organization that helps its users to attain all the possible best results.

    It has a team of experts and experienced workers that can help you in finding affordable and excellent quality. We can help you in building the best eCommerce app with a low budget as RichestSoft determines whether the cost is valid for you or not. By analyzing all the factors which are required in developing an eCommerce mobile app. RichestSoft also helps you in finding out the affordable things for developing an app such as tools, skills, and many more that can add cost to your budget.

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