Benefits of Developing Real-Time Features in Your Mobile App


    Nowadays, Using real-time features in mobile applications are now becomes a necessity. This is the basic requirement that must be there in the application for any business and developed by the best mobile app Development Company.

    Over the years, with a revolution of real-time technology, it seems that it takes over the web and mobile app development industry.

    A real-time feature application replicates real-time behavior. For instance, People can access or deal with multiple tasks simultaneously like chatting with a friend while booking a cab or any other work.

    With the help of real-time feature enable application we can get connected with our friends, can share live location, message online using these apps.

    This technology is beneficial for both the end-users and companies as they have reliable and convenient communication with each other. Before moving further, let us discuss what real-time features are?

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    Real-Time Features of Mobile Application

    Nowadays, real-time features are considered as must-have features for any mobile application. Real-Time features, which are within the mobile applications and used to send the alerts to the end-users as any event is happening with the intent tasks of the end-users.

    Say, for example, if we have placed an order on any e-commerce website to purchase an item, then the e-commerce website sends me alert SMS when order is placed successfully or at the time of transportation is used to send the alert SMS as much as package covered the distances.

    Real-time features of mobile application

    So we can see that that technology helps end-users to stay alert with providing correct information on time.

    Here I can mention some of the real-time features which should be a part of the mobile application.

    List of real-time feature application:

    • Push Notifications
    • Multi-user Collaborations
    • Real-Time Feed
    • IoT Devises Integration
    • Live Streaming
    • Real-Time Messaging
    • Live Status
    • Media Applications

    Push Notifications

    This feature plays an important and crucial role in the mobile application as this feature acts as a strategic move to improve the retention of the users by giving them important updates on the happening of any event. This notification encourages the user to reopen the app and see the important features of the app.

    Multi-User Collaborations

    Real-time features gives the opportunity to enable the option of add, delete, update, and edit to multiple users simultaneously. This feature also enables us to create tasks involving various users. The popular example of this feature is the use of Google slides and Spreadsheets, which are operating in the same way by multi-users.

    Real-Time Feed

    We all are using various social media platforms. This feature is what we are seen on a daily bases on these social media platforms. These popular platforms use this feature to update the end users immediately after any new feed or content is updated on these platforms.

    IoT Devises Integration

    Internet of Things is another great example of the real times features and used for sending an alert message to end-users using text messages, app notifications, emails, etc. These alerts are sending to users if any error is there within the process of flow of information through the Internet of Things technology.

    Live Streaming

    This is another mostly used and innovative feature of real-time technology by various platforms in different industries such as Logistics, Transport, Real estate, and many more applications and businesses. This feature creates a deep user interaction by generating and delivering the information to the users. These features are also used widely in the gaming industry as well for providing real-time experience to end-users.

    Real-Time Messaging

    Real-time data is the most demanding data by the users nowadays. Real-Time Messaging feature is also referred to as the backbone of the messaging process of the industry. This feature enables the users to access messengers who are interactive and fast, and users can share various data such as media, voice calls, group chats with these messengers.

    Live Status

    This is next, which must have a real-time feature in mobile applications nowadays. Users can keep update themselves by using this feature and track the real-time status of any order placed online on various eCommerce platforms. This feature helps companies to build a strong relationship with end-users by providing them real-time statuses of orders.

    Media Applications 

    Media application is a kind of real-time feature application because news media apps basically use live location features t update the latest and important news to the people.  The people can easily see the live stream and recently done events.

    As we go through the real-time features, we come to know at this stage that how these all features are now important for mobile applications, how they are improving customer retention and customer support services for various businesses by providing real-time data to the end-users. This makes the users trust more on these business companies and helps to make a strong relationship.

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    Benefits of Real-Time Featuring Apps

    Benefits of Real-time featuring  Apps 

    Let us move further and make a watch on the important benefits of the real-time features here.

    1. These features provide the real mimic to the users for any event happening. These features enable the users to handle multi-tasking at the same time, such as doing chatting with friends along with booking the taxi for traveling.

    2. Real times features simply enable us to connect with other app users in manners that it seems natural, which talking with each other through the app. Such as sharing live locations online massaging, following the friends on the social media platforms.

    3. Adding real-time features save the cost of the maintenance and updating on a regular base to give more reliable data to the users. All data is now provided with the help of cloud storage to users in real-time.

    4. Real-time features give benefits to various industries such as health and fitness, eCommerce, Cab booking. In the health care industry, these features are used to alert the users for the timing for their workouts and exercises, In the e-commerce industry these features deliver the real data to users for placing orders and updating them on the transport of the orders placed.

    5. Real-time feature applications can engage traffic or users because the user can spend much time chatting with their friends as simultaneously they can do various important work.

    So these are the features and benefits which mobile applications can have from real-time features by adding them to the development of the application. When we innovate something which adds value more to the end-users, then there some challenges also exist with these innovations.

    Major Challenges While Making of the Application

    Major Challenges while making of the application.

    • The wireframing stage can become more complex for real-time applications due to these are dynamic in features.
    • While developing the application, there is always a fluctuation occurrence with the efficiency and performance of the app.
    • Developers need to achieve a state where apps can work accurately and should be responsive.
    • Developers have to keep in mind that the application should to user-friendly and simple to use.

    So here, we discussed the real-time features and benefits of these features by adding them to mobile applications during the development of the mobile application.

    The main objective of these features is to provide real-time information to the end-users who help further to make strong relationships with the users and force them to stay on the applications to scroll more features, and all these activities make the engagement more strong with the business.

    This is crucial for any successful business to have clear communication with the end-users. It will help to make a strong foundation between the end-users and the business through the applications. Hence the real-time features are the most crucial feature for the business apps used top mobile app development companies in India.

    Nowadays real-time features transform all the applications, whether the apps are on-demand, social media, Internet of Things applications, or any market place applications are there. All these applications are strong in building a relationship with the end-users by providing them the real-time data when an event happens, which is relative to the user intent.

    We have seen that these features are work as the revolution is the health care industry, car booking, and e-commerce industries by providing real-time data to the users.

    Users are placing their orders on the apps and get real information about the orders.

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    Q1: Why are real-time functions in mobile apps crucial for organizations, and what are they?

    Ans: A mobile app’s real-time capabilities enable the material to be updated instantly so that users can immediately get the most recent information. Customers may now receive notifications, updates, and instant action on new information, all from within the mobile app. For businesses, these real-time capabilities assist firms in increasing customer engagement, user retention, and overall customer happiness.

    Q2: How can real-time features improve user engagement and satisfaction with your mobile app?

    Ans: Real-time features in mobile apps can dramatically improve user engagement and satisfaction. People may communicate with other people online or receive news updates more quickly using real-time functionality. They can also be updated on new offerings, including services and goods, that they might find interesting. The whole customer experience is improved by having a real-time function that enables quick customer help.

    Q3: Can you provide examples of popular apps that incorporate real-time features successfully?

    Ans: Mobile apps are adding real-time functionalities. Uber, Snapchat, Spotify, and WhatsApp are successful real-time apps. Uber’s real-time location monitoring matches drivers with riders, while Snapchat’s real-time messaging has changed how people share tales. Real-time customization improves Spotify’s music streaming, and WhatsApp rules real-time texting. These examples show how effective and beneficial real-time features are in apps.

    Q4: Do real-time features in mobile apps come with any risks or complications?

    Ans: There are potential dangers and challenges when adding real-time functionality to a mobile app. Some examples are network latency, scalability, and security. You should also take into account the real-time system deployment and maintenance expenses. Another challenge is designing an intuitive UI without compromising your app’s crucial functions. Finally, adapting to new trends and technologies is essential for app competitiveness.

    Q5: What data analytics or monitoring is required for mobile app real-time features?

    Ans: Data analytics and monitoring are essential to ensure the effectiveness of real-time features in a mobile app. It can include tracking user engagement and interactions, network performance, API response times, crashes and exceptions, session length, feature adoption, user flows, and journey maps. Predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms may optimize apps by anticipating user reactions to changes and new features.

    Q6: Do you need to modify a mobile app to include real-time functionality?

    Ans: Absolutely! You can upgrade an existing mobile app with real-time interactions if you have the resources. We can design custom APIs, integrate push alerts, and synchronize data. If you use our services, you may unlock the full potential of your existing app.


    End-users can use multi-tasking and directly connects with the doctors or with the coaches to get real-time updates. Real-time features provide many benefits to users according to the intent of the users.

    These types of applications can fulfill all types of requirements.

    These apps can do long term tasks within a minute without making any interruptions in our previous work with the help of a multitasking feature.

    Real-time feature applications change our lifestyle like transportation, order food, order goods, chat with friends, etc are done by following some simple steps, But without this application, we are unable to do so.

    Hence to make a successful journey of the business, every business should have an application with the real-time feature enabled.

    For more information, you can consult, RichestSoft- one of the best mobile app development company to get the desired results.

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