Aim of the Project

GiftCard allows you to buy, sell and exchange gift cards with other GiftCard members.

Business Requirements

  • User management application for smartphone
  • Easy-to-use website and Android, iPhone app for users to promote and trade gift cards.
  • Daily updated list.
  • Allow users to accept and decline the gift card proposal.
  • Live chat allows the buyers and traders to clear their doubts.
  • Sending notifications for each sell/trade.
  • Unique fully customized gallery interface.
  • Compressed images to speed up the page loading time.
  • Notify user when a change occurs during the purchase.
  • Allow customers to know the value and validity of a gift card.


With these goals in mind, we designed Android and iPhone application for tablets and mobile phones, connected to a web database. In administration mode, this application allows the user to manage the purchase and trade, to buy and exchange the gift cards easily, and post these gift cards to the list. Thanks to a pre-established color code, it is easier to identify the available gift cards.

Weeks of Effort 22

Weeks of Effort

Third Party Enhancements 6


Reduction in Mobile Bounce Rate 64 +

Reduction in Mobile
Bounce Rate


With the application available on iPhone and Android mobile phones, users now have access to the gift cards from anywhere, no matter if it is near or far, they can do search sorted by area Pincodes. It also offers a search across location marked by distance. In addition, thanks to the Twilio SMS gateway, we have integrated an SMS notification system into the application. These notifications now allow you to notify the availability of a gift card, or an entire category when a picked or watched gift card of the current day has been moved, changed, or canceled. They can better be hurry to buy or trade it.

  • Buyer-seller chat for the GiftCard Websites.
  • CroplaChat provides a better platform to chat between buyer and seller at one place.
  • It can be integrated into any kind of classifieds/eCommerce websites.
  • Make your customers purchase even more easier with CroplaChat SDK.
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