Problems and challenges

Phonics instruction theory showed that children needed to break down a complex skill, such as reading, into its smallest components for easy comprehension. Basically, this means that children need to break up a sentence with words, then down to the letters in the words for pronunciation. For instance, a child will look at a word and dissect it into each letter's sound. Next, they pronounce the word. As they continue, they have learned how letters sound when grouped together. As a result, they may pronounce unfamiliar words that look intimidating to them.


How it Works?

This app is mainly built to teach the basics of the Engish language to the child. In this there are numbers of units to learn.

  • If you choose the study section, You can use flashcard to learn alphabets with image.
  • In word section you can learn them by listening its with audio.
  • In practice section, you can do the practice of your tasks. In the given time period, you have to complete the assignment and at the end, you will get your results.
  • In the story section, you can learn from the stories. In the test section, you can give the test by listening audio and at the end you can check your score as well.
  • If you choose from the audio, you can learn from the audio.
Weeks of Effort 2

Weeks of Effort

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Reduction in Mobile
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top phonics

The Solutions

Top phonics is a simple and exciting learning game for the young children. It will introduce the English phonics with the educational process being funny and interesting. With no effort, toddlers will learn English Phonic sounds and their first object names. The Game includes a bunch of unique of ways to teach the phonics to kids in a very fun way like words, flashcard, practice, test, story etc.

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