Problems and challenges

The quiz & survey app builder lets the users challenge their friends, colleagues and relatives, and get to know new people with shared or similar interests through your app. This app builder is easy to use, and the apps designed with it can help educational bodies in enhancing the skills and learning of their participants. Moreover, the quiz apps can help the parents in helping the children gain general knowledge or their knowledge in a certain subject thus improving their awareness levels.


How it Works?

It is a quiz app in which you can get the 6th item totally free if you buy the complete combo. It is an online app and an internet connection is mandatory for this app. In free item, you will have numbers of chapters. In each chapter, you will get 2 minutes to complete the quiz questions. At the end of the quiz, you will also get the result of the quiz and result analysis of all the quizzes as well.

Weeks of Effort 2

Weeks of Effort

Third Party Enhancements 2


Reduction in Mobile Bounce Rate 80 +

Reduction in Mobile
Bounce Rate

quiz App

The Solutions

In this quiz app first item is totally free while other apps are paid. You can buy these items individually and in combo pack as well. If you buy these items in combo then you will get the 6th item totally free.

  • 1st item is free of cost.
  • Price of 2nd to 5th items is $5.99 each.
  • We have another deal for these items. If you buy these items in a combo pack, it will cost you $19.99 only and get the 6th item totally free with it.
Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
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