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Cake php 

Cake php Solutions We Offer

Cake php

Model View Controller based open-source web framework, Cake PHP is as delicious as its name. Even it’s name is so mouthful. It is distributed under MIT License and modeled after the concepts of Ruby on Rails. You will be glad to know that some of the well-known software engineering concepts such as convention over configuration, active record, model-view-controller, front controller and association data mapping are used by Cake PHP.

CakePHP Solutions RichestSoft Offers…

  • CakePHP Web Development:

    RichestSoft CakePHP developers bake best web development solutions for clients.

  • CakePHP Shopping Cart Development:

    Have your own customized shopping cart with CakePHP. We build shopping carts for eCommerce Websites that customers like to fill with products.

  • CakePHP Custom Development:

    Our CakePHP developers can customize anything and achieve nay goal set by the client.

  • CakePHP Integration & Upgradation:

    Integrate and upgrade the platform to make it work better.

  • CakePHP Website Maintenance:

    Our CakePHP experts can take complete care of website so that your business keeps running smoothly.

  • CakePHP Plugin Development:

    Our CakePHP developers build plugins that are rich in functionality and easy to use.


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