Blog/Personal Website

  • Blog or Personal Website
  • Communicate in a medium of keyboard
  • Easy and fast publication
  • Being easily "findable" by search engines
  • Build a reputation and a community

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Blog/Personal Website

Blogs and sites tend to evolve into a hybrid synthesizing the best of both worlds through CMS in general and WordPress in particular.

Blog or Personal website is all about who you are, what you do, what you like, what you have achieved and what services you are giving, etc. Weave your words into beautiful blog posts and tell us how you want it to be presented visually. We will create your website the way you want and also suggest some of the enhancements to it. Enhancements will only be implemented after your approval.

Does the distinction between blog and website still make sense? More truly thanks to a powerful, flexible and simple tool like WordPress. It has allowed these two types of internet content to come closer and closer to the point where it is sometimes difficult to distinguish them. But first, what is the difference between a blog and a website?

Blog/Personal Website Solutions We Offer

Educational Websites
  • The content is static. Updates are sporadic
  • The tone and the form are more formal
  • One-way communication: interactivity is not its primary purpose
  • It is a classic solution for institutional corporate sites or online sales sites
Offer Websites
  • The content is dynamic. It is continually updated.
  • The tone and the form are more personal, in connection with the concerns of the customers.
  • Interactive: via comments, readers’ opinions are required to feed the debate
  • A blog is a must to animate a community and develop its notoriety – even if it is still too often considered as “accessory”.
Portfolio Websites
Speed & flexibility
  • Blog is a set of short contents – articles – published frequently and ordered antechronologically.
  • Reader accesses in the first place the coolest information, the hottest content.
  • CMS is to allow the easy and fast publication of various contents (audio, video, texts).
  • Updating a traditional/static website can be long and costly if you are not familiar with editing a site in HTML.
Non profit Websites
Simplified SEO Optimization
  • A good site starts with being easily “findable” by search engines.
  • Optimization of the content of a blog is greatly simplified thanks to “pinging” which automatically indicates to the search engines that new content has just been published on your site.
  • Good opportunity for search engine robots to come and visit you and index this new content!
  • Blogs tend to be indexed more often – and faster! – that static sites.

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