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  • Better Lead Conversion Rates
  • Greater average Deal Sizes
  • Better Forecast Accuracy

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Act On

Rethink Marketing Automation – That’s what Act-On is pitching to its clients/customers. Simplifying customer experience and back-end experience, Act-On is delivering outstanding overall software experience to its clients. The groundbreaking features and facilities of Act-On are setting its users a class apart from the competitors.

Act On Solutions We Offer

Educational Websites
Analytical Reporting
  • Resourceful Reporting
  • Report Analysis
  • Point of Focus in the Reporting
Offer Websites
Customer Relationship Management
  • Tracking Potential Customers
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell
  • After Sales Survey
  • Brand Advocating
Portfolio Websites
Demand Generation
  • Attract Leads
  • Lead Capturing, Scoring, and Nurturing
  • Sales Process Management
  • Partitioning and Target Setting
Portfolio Websites
Brand Building
  • Relations with influencers
  • Press Release Categorization
  • In-house communication Process
  • BIM (Brand Identity Management)
  • Social Media Management and Event Management
Portfolio Websites
Insights, Analytical & Statistical Reporting
  • Every plan of action is reviewed.
  • Based on the insight, analytical, and statistical reports, new plans are suggested that focus on the weak spots in the previous plan.
Portfolio Websites
Platform Based Automation
  • RichestSoft Offers solutions based on the platform you wish to work.
  • Whether you wish to work on single channel or multi-channel, we can offer you best in class cross platform based automation services.

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