API – Application Program Interface is a set of protocols, routines, and tools that are used for building software apps. It helps in connecting two software programs with each other. The API allows the developer to write the program as per the operating system requests. It is kind of a middleware, that connects two applications.

API Services RichestSoft Offers…

  • Internal APIs:

    REST, SOAP, HTTP and .NET APIs are some of the internal APIs and used within an organization. RichestSoft API specialists are the experts you need on your project related to REST, SOAP, HTTP or .NET API.

  • External APIs:

    APIs that are, from one end, available to the visitor/client/customer. External APIs are written on REST/JSON. Our API experts are skillful enough to accomplish any goal that needs API integration.

  • Partner API:

    These APIs are specifically for business partners to access. Some of the examples are Online Catalog, reconciliation and Ordering. Our API experts can meet your Partner API challenges effectively.

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