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RichestSoft is the leading Parse Development Company in India. It is very well known for best-in-class app developers who indulge in developing the highest quality back-end app. These servers are called a ready-to-operate framework for the major OS.

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Knowingly parse is an effective platform to develop feature-rich applications of various kinds, including lifestyle, e-commerce, social, health, etc. We at RichestSoft provide an application that is feature-loaded and rapidly over renowned OS with flexibility.

Parse development solutions

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Storing media

  • Parse app development allows the User to access and store audio, video, or images over the feature-loaded Platform.

Apps for user experience

  • The apps developed here provide a practical and user-rich experience for making a move in the socio platforms.
Custom codes

Custom codes

  • The app we develop gives you a lot of chances to get your business higher and higher over the internet in a way by running custom code applications.
Social sites

Suitable for social sites

  • Applications developed here at RichestSoft are made suitable for operations over social platforms or social media sites.

Real-time notifications

  • User and client-friendly Apps are served. Real-time push notifications ensure that every announcement reaches the respective users of that app.

Handling local database

  • Applications are developed by keeping in mind how local databases can easily be handled using the SQLite database.

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