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Landing Pages

Landing page, in simple words, is the page where you want the user to land for any offers, service, product that you have put there. It generally contains a contact form that user has to fill to use your service, download the eBook, avail the offer, buy the product or any other option that you want there.. Not all can write a good landing page content. You need to write in a way to grab audience’s attention and make them click on your call to action button.

This is a web page, often hosted in the same place as your website, which is not necessarily part of the structure of your website, which was created to give information to your customers and so get a result (often an email or a call).

Landing Pages Solutions We Offer

Educational Websites
A thank you page

We often forget to create a thank you page in this type of approach and yet this step is important. If the user has visited this page, it is often that he is convinced by your product and therefore he is attentive to your content. Take advantage of this page to allow it to “share” the good news via social media or email.

Offer Websites
Testimonials and name dropping

The addition of testimonials and logos of recognized companies are excellent ideas to convince undecided.

Portfolio Websites

The difference between the benefits and benefits of products or services is the result that it will provide to your target audience.

Non profit Websites

The main purpose of creating a landing page is undoubtedly the collection of data. It is important to have a simple form or telephone number to calculate the conversion rate of visits.

Non profit Websites
The hero of the page

Often an image or a video, this element of the content must quickly make understand the main subject of the page of the website.

Offer Websites
The title of the page

It is important to choose a precise and concise title. We normally suggest a maximum of 7 words.

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