The control panel offers an instant summary of all your active projects, open tasks and notifications from the members of your team: all the information you need to start a productive day. The versatile ZF INSTALLATION project boards are completely CUSTOMIZABLE; Adapt them to reflect your individual workflow, whether it's a Kanban dashboard, a software sprint or a sales funnel.

  • Get instant access to all of your tasks, notes and entire project history.
  • Review all your tasks, notes, history and stored files.
  • Complete control over your tasks - track them, edit-on-the-go, exchange comments and get more things done outside your desk.


Control panel of ZF INSTALLATION it emphasis widget shows you all your pending, delayed or marked important tasks. The Popular Tasks widget shows the tasks on which your team's attention is focused. Notifications keep you up to date with what's happening on your device.

  • Add control lists, descriptions, deadlines and labels to your tasks.
  • Write comments and add ratings.
  • Upload attachments directly from your Camera, your Gallery, or any of your Documents stored on your device.
  • There is no need to create an account or register in the app.
  • Look at the complete history of each task in your activity flow.
  • Receive automatic notifications about the progress of the tasks you 'follow'.
Weeks of Effort 2

Weeks of Effort

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Reduction in Mobile Bounce Rate 82 +

Reduction in Mobile
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ZF INSTALLATION allows you to access your projects and work online. The iOS application offers powerful additional features, such as STATISTICS and REPORTS which can be sent directly to the added Email address.

With your FREE mobile app for Apple, you can always take charge of your pending tasks, even without an Internet connection!

  • Check in on your ongoing projects from anywhere.
  • Stay informed on the project progress and everything your team is working on.
  • Real-time sync. Add changes on the go and your team will receive instant updates.
  • Casual complimentary mobile app is your savvy companion to stay productive on the go and keep your project on track at all times!