It was needed to easily move the phase with your finger, or even check the moon with a calendar. The app also includes more details so you can know the current status of the Moon directly on your home screen. The beautiful images of the Moon were created by our developers. Observe the change of shadows on the craters during the month, as well as the oscillations of the Moon as it turns around the Earth.



In the calendar, you can see the moon phase for any date in the future or the past. As you approach, you will open the Lunar Atlas. It will tell you the location of the seas. We have added a new feed to help our users keep up-to-date with interesting events on the moon. Updated home screen to better display the details and increase and adjust the moon. Bugfix.

Weeks of Effort 2

Weeks of Effort

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Reduction in Mobile
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A person who is feeling the influence of the Moon on his or her body - the calendar of the Moon phases will allow you to plan important events in your life so that the Moon favors the implementation of your plans! With this application you will be able to get to know more about the world and get ready for this day. In addition, you can observe such phenomena as the Moon or the Moon, or the Moon (Earth's Farthest to the Earth) - thanks to the influence of the Moon is strongest and when the weakest! Amateur astronomy - view of the compass with the visualization of the azimuths of the Moon and the Sun will allow a better understanding of the phenomenon associated with them (at school, university or during independent observation). The compass shows with colored arches the visibility of the Sun or the Moon in the sky. Photographer - the view of the moon allows you to check when there is a "golden hour" and "blue hour", so you can take pictures and take photos.