80,000 available assets and a common file at Pro R.E.A. Staffing, in the website they try to bring all the local agencies brings their buyers closer to your property.

  • 1st real estate network
  • More than 1,200 agencies and 6,000 employees throughout the country.
  • 50 years of success and trust
  • Since 1996, Pro R.E.A. Staffing has housed more than 4 million people!
  • 6000 employees
  • Employees who offer their expertise in all real estate professions
  • 1 sold or rented every 3 minutes

Various activities to prevent or reduce the different impacts of addiction can also be implemented by the resources of health and social services network.



The functionality of the site, although basic, is largely sufficient for most small sites and we had templates for real estate small businesses. Natively responsive, the CMS is child-friendly to use against it offers several limitations and does not apply to more elaborate developments.

  • We trained the client and helped him to configure and choose templates
  • We advised him through our marketing services to help you create quality content
  • We made adaptations of the template (HTML development)
  • We reviewed your content via a partner to optimize SEO
Weeks of Effort 2

Weeks of Effort

Third Party Enhancements 2


Reduction in Mobile Bounce Rate 80 +

Reduction in Mobile
Bounce Rate



Their real estate advisers are independent. So we created the best website for the client to represent Properties-Private in their activity. The website provides them with a set of tools and services so that they can work in the best conditions. By creating Pro R.E.A. Staffing, we wanted to respond to the new challenges of this market, innovate, and build a new generation offer! For us, the digital revolution is an opportunity! The upheavals of the market are an opportunity to challenge ourselves to invent the real estate business of tomorrow and meet the various projects of our customers throughout their lives.