Aim of the Project

Real and Fake Data filtering for the accurate data to reach the database during Email Marketing Campaign

Aim of the email data filtering
Context and Challenge

Context and Challenge

  • User input errors, inbox turnover and other problems were having a negative impact client's email marketing campaign.
  • To ensure if the information regarding emails that is collected online is accurate, before it enters into client's database.
  • To re-validate the emails after particular time interval to prune email list data again.
  • To reduce costs of sending campaigns to invalid email addresses
Achieve Goals
Weeks of Effort 16 +

Weeks of Effort

Third Party Enhancements 10 +


Reduction in Mobile Bounce Rate 60 +

Reduction in Mobile
Bounce Rate

Solutions with Email data filtering

Solutions With End Results

This Prevented fake account sign ups and ensured that every email collected in the database is valid in real-time.

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