Client Requirements

The client’s requirements with this app were particular as he wanted to create a social and business networking platform for companies and entrepreneurs to build connectivity amongst them. The platform allows business organizations to create a supportive online community where they can be in touch with one another anytime without bothering about geographical boundaries.


Problems and challenges

It was never too easy to develop this specific type of social and business networking site for businesses and enterprises. The web development was completed by following seven different milestones.

The foremost challenge we faced with the development was its entire development process. No other web development service was prepared to take on this challenging task. But as our development team always stands tall for any forthcoming challenges, we took over the project.

How it Works?

The platform serves users with the following features:

  • Register: Users can register on the website by simply entering their email and creating a password.

  • My profile: Users can customize their profile under this feature. Create your portfolio by sharing your business introduction, specialization, expertise, address, previous projects, etc.

  • Network: Your added profiles will be visible under this section.

  • Notification icon: Check notifications of your network’s activities.

  • Newsfeed: See the latest posts shared by your network.

  • Poolschat: Chat with other profiles from your network.

  • Send an invitation: Invite people to join your network with a personalized message or with a quick link.

  • Create a post: Write and share your post.

  • Pictures: Upload and share pictures.

  • Videos: Upload and share your videos.

  • Link: Share and promote your business links.

  • Logout: You will log out from PoolsMagnic by clicking on this icon.


The Solutions

This innovative site is created as a social networking platform where different businesses and entrepreneurs can connect and create a network. In future, individuals and enterprise users will also be able to create job posts and connect similarly to modern-day social media platforms.

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