PhotoOnBudget is an online platform that allows clients to make request for video coverage and photography for their events. This Android based mobile app and their website offers numerous services such as family photos, portraits, photography and video coverage based on their pre-determined budget.


Problems and challenges

The core objective of photoonbudget is to provide an on-line platform and resource base where customers can specify their budget estimation in advance for their event coverage whilst they are advised the range of products and services they could get. The range of services will vary, and prices may not necessarily be standardized. Key to this service is flexibility and bargain. Framing size was the major challenge to define the sizes of the frames, so that user can compare the image and frame. As a result, it is concluded that either the frame is suitable or not for the picture.

How it Works?

It is a good platform for booking photo and video services and related products like albums, photobooks, frames, DVD, MP4 and video formats etc. Their service includes:

  • 1. Platform for booking photo and video services and related products like albums, photobooks, frames, DVD, MP4 and video formats etc.
  • 2. Provide clients room to offer their budget for services required.
  • 3. Clients may also opt for open budget
  • 4. Make provision for measurements for albums and frames
  • 5. Provision for frames inventory.
  • 6. Flexible choice of products and services required.
Weeks of Effort 2

Weeks of Effort

Third Party Enhancements 2


Reduction in Mobile Bounce Rate 80 +

Reduction in Mobile
Bounce Rate

The Solutions

The Solutions

The idea of photoonbudget is to enable celebrants/customers to work within a budget, defer items that can come on later whilst taking care of the current needs. The service will enable admin to assign photographers and videographers from which they can get a bargain, and assign such to clients from the backroom. It simply defines that admin has a provision for a database of photography and video professionals. For the better frame fit, the size chart will be a good option for compare the image against frame. Therefore, if frame is having a large size and image is having small size than it will be a trouble to user. It is simple, determine your maximum budget, get advice on what that can deliver and book for the service ASAP. Pay advance of 50 – 70% and balance before delivery.

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