Web Development Case Studies

For an in-depth look at our most interesting cases, please read from these case studies

Typo3 Website from Scratch

Client wanted a website using which users can book a parking spot for themselves before even going to that place.

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Prevent Fake Account Sign-ups & Email Data Filtering

This case is prepared to explain How RichestSoft, using Kickbox library in Laravel, filtered the fake and real email account signups. This helped the client get real emails in the database and avoid the hassle of deleting the fake ones in the server.

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Multilingual Date Picker/Calendar on a Booking Portal

Core language of client’s Travel website is Spanish. Even after doing everything right, it wasn’t getting much bookings. After analyzing the reason of low booking count came out to be the language barrier visitors were facing while selecting the date and day booking on Website.

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Importing Products From Bigcommerce To Jet.com

This Case Study has been generated to shed light on the project accomplished by Richestsoft that includes importing products from client’s BigCommerce platform to the Shopping site, Jet.com

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InventRight, LLC-Joomla

InventRight was a concept of Stephen, and this casestudy based on the procedure that RichestSoft followed to give real online existence to his concept. inveRight brings people products idea in marketing with right licensing

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