Aim of the Project

NHP Assist is an online tool designed to help its user to select the most appropriate natural health products (NHPs) for you, your patients or your customers.

Aim of the NHPAssist


As an expert in e-commerce solutions, we have been chosen to deploy a tailor-made e-commerce solution to meet its specific needs.

From a technical point of view, the catalog has been designed to allow a refined management of the product catalog (management of the variations of contents by-products and associated stocks) but also to facilitate the search for articles on the site:

  • A search by theme (usual classification of a pharmacy retail site).
  • We have created various tables to enable the search by brand and condition of the patient.
  • he development of too many tables made the site slow, so we optimized the pages to speed up the loading time.
  • A search by symptom (presentation of the regular pathologies observed). The site provides adapted answers for each case.


  • Our leitmotif for this project was, therefore, to give a modern image of the pharmacy and highlight the proximity and advice aspect.
  • The website has been made in the responsive design to facilitate access from any medium (PC, smartphone or tablet).
  • The website offers patients to file their prescription online to facilitate treatment as per their condition and save time during their visit to the pharmacy. This site is only the first link in the pharmacy's Web strategy.
  • Our web marketing teams now accompany the various pharmacies on its Web strategy and especially on SEO.
  • We made it in CakePHP 2.6. We also used PubMed to export the combined data on the web pages.
  • Our expert used the scrip to enable the purchase option for specific products.
  • In the FileMaker, we need to create an admin, to secure the information. Through this feature, an admin can take control over the keywords, passwords and choose which data to import or export as per the requirements.
Weeks of Effort 21 +

Weeks of Effort

Third-Party Enhancements 8 +


Reduction in Mobile Bounce Rate 79 +

Reduction in Mobile
Bounce Rate


We also set up tools to automate the searches as much as possible: implementation of solutions, so at NHPAssist, users can easily search the medicines according to the condition of the patient, importing via .csv file and FileMaker numbers of follow-up with direct mail. On the online payment side, automatically redirecting the user to the e-commerce solution that sales that particular medication. By offering its customized solutions, NHPAssist saves its Pharmacy Expert client maximum time in its day-to-day management of the site. The site also now integrates the 3rd party sale of medicines following the relaxation of the legislation concerning the sale of medicines on the Internet.

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