The application should be an iPhone application usable on any Apple device with easy to use interface. The original idea was to have specialized positions, but using an iPhone allows greater flexibility in terms of organization and scalability during the treatment campaign. As an organization for your business, projects if you have a business, projects you can create a report in PDf and Excel both in no time. If you use NDT at work, for example, at Abcd Co., you need to create an Abcd.co task in the app. Be sure to update your time as you work on the given task.



With NDT, your team is automatically notified when you finish by e-mail. You spend less time writing e-mails and becoming more productive as this app can create a work report in PDF and Excel. Available from any screen of the application, NDT centralizes in a single point the most diverse information on the contact added by the user to its clients and contractor. Working hours tracking thanks to NDT for a simple and intuitive interface allows you to enter your working hours which may contain:

  • Regular hours
  • Extra: early entry and overtime
  • An icon and a note
Weeks of Effort 1

Weeks of Effort

Third Party Enhancements 2


Reduction in Mobile Bounce Rate 85 +

Reduction in Mobile
Bounce Rate



Organizations are based on a dedicated corporate or professional App. Anyone who installs NDT on their mobile and it will automatically be added as a member of your organization. Use a work management if you use NDT for your personal tasks and goals, or if your company does not have a unique e-mail domain name then worry not as you do not need to register. Use both if you work on NDT for your business and also wants to use it for personal purposes.

  • Start and end of each job
  • Assign tasks
  • Daily and detailed notes
  • Presentation by day, week, month
  • Export data and send by e-mail in, PDF or Excel (xls)
  • Built-in backup and restore
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