Problems and challenges

In Today's world, every house owner knows that there is always something in the house that needs to be fixed or that need to be replaced. This never ends and getting them fixed is the Big task Itself. There is always the problem of finding the right person and then comes the problem of High Prices. People want a service that solved all the problem within few hours. The idea was to solve the day to day Home Repair Problems, and to bring a change in the lives of the hundreds and thousands of Indians and Skilled people who are jobless.

How it Works?

Logo Interface

  • Logo interface starts to list in the top left of the screen which is contain the language that the app will support

Sign up Interface- worker side

  • The worker can take a photo from a camera or choose a photo from the studio or cancel doing this option.The worker can write a brief self-biography and enter his phone number and other personal information. The Customer can also rate the worker after services.

Sign up Interface- User side

  • Here user can create account by adding all the personal details.

Service Interface

  • The logo of the service when the user press one of logos it will take him to the After choose service interface. After choosing services interface.The user can upload photos or video of the problem that he need to be fixed. The description area available to describe the problem. User must set date, time. The map is directly determining the current user location. By using Send request button, send the user information to worker and if cancelled then user return to the home page.

Accept interface – Worker side

  • Before this interface appears, there is a notification alert tell the worker about the new request with date and location. After pressing, End work button it will transfer the worker to the Receipt interface. After pressing the Reject button, the app will be resend request to other workers. It also provides a receipt interface.
Weeks of Effort 2

Weeks of Effort

Third Party Enhancements 2


Reduction in Mobile Bounce Rate 80 +

Reduction in Mobile
Bounce Rate


The Solutions

MEND App is working on a 2-way procedure. One customer can post the requirements and according to it, the customer will get a response from the workers. Secondly, customers can search worker, according to the location, such as city or current location. If they find the right one, they can contact them directly. MEND Services aims at making this imagination a reality by connecting you through your smartphone to the skillful, experienced and reliable service professionals near you at Fixed Normal Prices. Thus making you live smarter and live better. It allows locations to be enabled for both user & worker, allow notification for worker and it is option for the user. The map displays the nearest worker from us.

Android upto Oreo
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