Problems and challenges

At the start, when Mr. Mark approached to us had only website for their business. He wanted to create a simple and secure loyalty& rewards native Android app so that customers can get some discount while purchasing products. For this purpose, he wished to create two different accounts with Distributers Schemes Allocation to redeem user’s reward points. This project gives reward points to its users. User can Add coupon Via coupon ID. QR code scanning was the challenging task, when the coupon is scanned, the coupon ID automatically gets inserted into coupon ID field. After succussfully scanned, user can get its rewards points. Client’s main requirement was:

  • To create two accounts for Redeem Points
  • Redeemable- Redeemable Points are those which can use to buy gifts and special schemes and other items.
  • Non Redeemable Points- Non-Redeemable points are points which we get from Expired coupons.
  • Non-Redeemable points can be transferred to other users and it will go to its non-redeemable accounts.
  • User can request to Admin panel to claim gifts. Whether Acceptance or rejection, the user will notify for this.
  • User enter your card detail to transfer points.

When Adding coupon point

  • User can Add coupon Via coupon ID
  • If user wants to scan the coupon, after scanning the value of coupon code will be shown.
  • When the coupon is scanned, the coupon ID automatically gets inserted into coupon ID field
  • After coupon id is scanned or written manually then the user will click on get points. After clicking on get points, the coupon points will be shown. Moreoevr, if there is any scheme applied that points should also be shown.

How it Works?

First of all, register yourself with app.Here, we can add screenshort for each section


  • First time login with Id and Password which Admin will provide
  • Register With Valid Phone no.
  • To validate phone no. OTP verification will be here. After filling all the details the distributer/applicator can login Via Phone number. If users forgets password then user can re-obtain password via SMS. User can Login from one device, not from multiple device.

Points Summary: In point summary, it will show

  • Points Transfer from
  • Redeemable Account
  • Non-Redeemable Account - show If sent to other
  • Received points
  • Gift points Received
  • Transfer Points
  • How Many Gift received

Transfer points

  • Enter points to transfer
  • Enter CARD ID number
  • From which account you need to transfer the points
  • Reedeem Account or Non-Redeem Account
  • If there are no points any of the account, then Show POP up: No points are there in Redeem Account or Non-Redeem account.

Distributers Schemes Allocation

There are some schemes for the users. These schemes are:

If there are 10 different distributer there will be different schemes for each distributer.

  • No another distributer can see 2nd distributors schemes. Each one has its own schemes allocated.
  • Push Notifications or notifications will be sent to each distributers about schemes. All notifications will be different to each distributer.

Scheme panel is common for all the distributers.Schemeswill be shared via PDF or Jpeg file where all distributerscan see common schemes shared by admin.

Weeks of Effort 2

Weeks of Effort

Third Party Enhancements 2


Reduction in Mobile Bounce Rate 80 +

Reduction in Mobile
Bounce Rate


The Solutions

To achieve the objectives, we have created two accounts i.e Redeemable account and Non-redeemable account. User can select redeemable account to claim the gift and send requests to the admin panel for this.The points will be deducted fromredeemable account and will go to the requested gift account until user’s gets the gift. Once user gets the gift, then admin panel will deduct the point from a requesting gift account. Green symbol in the requested account indicates approval and red color indicated rejection. In rejection case, the points will go back to the respected accounts. Moreover,users will also notify regarding this.There will be different scheme for each distributor.No other distributor can see 2nd distributors schemes. Each one has its own schemes allocated.Push Notifications or notifications will be sent to each distributor about schemes. All notifications will be different for each distributors.

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