Aim of the Project

We take care to show tenants the best selection of rental apartments.

Aim of the lease31


Allows the users to sell and rent their properties with ease from a single portal. It is designed to make their experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

  • HTML CSS JavaScript E-Commerce
  • The documentation to make live requests to the API using the trial data. To get set up with the API using live MLS data, we have to use RETS credentials from the MLS with SimplyRETS.
  • DocuSign to facilitates the sending of documents for signature to complete the agreement between the tenant and landowner. Successful development of innovative platform. The success of the project was determined by the user experience which allows customers to buy or post their property for rental.
  • They can post from the comfort of their homes or anywhere, quickly and easily.
  • Allow anyone to apply as tenants and the procedure must be done directly with the Lease31.
  • Created the lease application form.
  • Cancel the cost for the user to access the web.


Our team faced one of the challenges during the development of the Lease31 website was that the page had to support the access to multiple advertisements of property based on the users' preferable location. The success of the website primarily depends on its search functionality, so our designers and developers had to keep in mind that the search was easier and faster, to make this possible they optimised the entire pages, including pictures and posts.

The website was developed using Laravel 5.4 Platform. So, we needed to assign the project to a dedicated team for the Laravel 5.4 platform and the use of RETS API and RETSconnector. The Project Manager consistently monitored team's progress to make sure that the Lease31 was made live as per the client's expectations. The focus was on creating a user-friendly website so that users can easily access its key functions and capabilities.

Weeks of Effort 18 +

Weeks of Effort

Third Party Enhancements 7 +


Reduction in Mobile Bounce Rate 72 +

Reduction in Mobile
Bounce Rate


  • The team improved Lease31 to make its features compatible with the preferable framework.
  • The website was given an elegant UI along with great responsiveness.
  • Our design team did their best to carve a unique design for the website as per the client's expectations.
  • Our developers use the RETS API to build something amazing and implemented it in Lease31. We used the RETS API to fetch data related to landowners and their properties from various MLS.
  • The client asked for the development of a feature-rich and interactive website for rent as per the clients need.
  • Transfer of money after the deal has been successfully signed and payment has been made then the payment will auto credit to the account of the landowners' account.

We developed a robust and easy-to-use website for the client to sell and rent for properties and apartment. It was fascinating to work with this client, and the end-result was the successful launch of one of our best project.

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